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Add a persistent route in Windows 7

Every computer has a local routing table that routes network traffic based on the network configuration. If you use a “sandboxed” network for testing or you have a very large complex network, a persistent route is needed sometimes to bridge the networks together.

How to add a persistent route

So if you have a sandboxed network ( that you want to bridge with your production network ( and your production network’s gateway is, this would be the syntax to add a persistent route.

Route Syntax: route –p ADD [sandboxed network] MASK [subnet mask] [gateway ip address]

route –p ADD MASK

Now all traffic to the sandboxed network ( from the computer you added the persistent route to will be directed to the gateway (

Note: Don’t forget the –p to make sure this route is saved for good. Persistent routes are saved in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ System\ CurrentControlSet\ Services\ Tcpip\ Parameters\ PersistentRoutes in Windows 7.