Delete a User Account

Learn how to delete a user account in Windows 7.

Delete User Account

  1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Open User Accounts in the Control Panel.


    Note: If the User Accounts item is not available, change View by to Large icons at the top right of the Control Panel.

  3. Click Manage another account.


  4. Select the user account you want to delete.


  5. Click Delete the account.


  6. Choose if you want to keep or delete the user’s files.


    Note: If you keep the user’s files, they’ll be copied into a folder on your desktop.

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14 Responses to “Delete a User Account”

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  1. Joe says:

    You are using a different system than me because when I hit which account i want to change it only allows me to turn it on or off or change the picture.

    what is the problem with my system

  2. Tim Goodspeed says:

    I have two user accounts. Both are Administrator accounts. I want to delete one. However, the option “Delete the Account” does not show up in the list of options when I select the account that I want to delete. It is available for the account I want to keep, but that does not help me. I want to delete the other account. Why is the delete option unavailable on one account and not the other?

  3. kay says:

    I have the same problem, how to do ?

    Can’t delete the first user account which is also administrator


  4. Rich says:

    Same problem here. Windows 7 pro. Delete user account does not show up as an option…….

  5. Quang says:

    1. Create another administrator account and then log off current account.
    2. Login using the newly created account.
    3. Use the above method (manage other accounts) to remove the old admin account, you’ll see the delete option.

  6. Duke says:

    1st by what you see above in photo #4 if he would of clicked on the Guest you would only be able to turn it on or off. (Not delete) as he shows in photo #5, I made another Admin and was only able then to delete one or the other. Window 7 is nothing more than a mix of Vista an XP more Vista than XP. bugs and more bugs same with the Aero in Window 7 cant get it back keeps telling me I have a mirror divers running and ask if I would like to shut them down but does not. It does not tell me how to find them or how to turn them off myself. So far not happy with the windows 7!

  7. Michael Marvel says:

    I posted this question, and you answered, on Yahoo Answers. I think you did not read it carefully. Please, if you have the time, read it carefully and completely.

    Someone gave me a laptop with Windows 7. Before they gave it to me, they added my account as the system administrator and supposedly deleted theirs. When the computer boots they are not on the log on screen, I am. Problem is all the processes are in their name. When I create a document in Word, it says they created it. I went to control panel, my name is there as administrator, theirs is not there at all. I went to windows explorer found the users file. Their name is listed like “users/myname/theirname” . When I check the attributes it is marked as “read only”. When I try to undo that, it says that I must have administrator privileges. But I’m the administrator. Whats Up?

  8. Joseph Stevens says:

    Heya, me and my girlfriend use the same computer but had different user log ons. This created a few problems when using some programs, so we decided to use one logon for the two of us. I was going to back up here files, but then Windows 7 said it would save her files to my desktop when i deleted her profile, thus saving her documents.
    This did not happen, and there were some important work documents there, is there anywhere they might have been saved on the hard drive? is there a default location they could have been saved to other than the desktop?
    This is a big problem and Windows 7 clearly didn’t do what it said it would!!
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  9. Jordan says:


  10. Lenard says:

    I left my administrator account open and my board-mate used it. I was out for work. when I returned home, His user account prompts for a password (he had no password set). My admin account also asks for a username ( I did not set a username ). Now I can access my admin account, but the user acct cannot be opened; so I deleted it. to my surprise, it still show up in the desktop screen still asking for password. I successfully created a new user account but the same does not appear in the desktop screen. I created still another user account, but just the same does not appear in desktop screen.

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