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Published on 02.10.09 by Brent Trahan

Display the Full Path of Files and Folders in the Title Bar

Learn how to show the full path of files and folders in the title bar in Windows 7.

Note: You can only display the full path of files and folders in the title bar when using the Classic theme.

Show Full Path of File/Folder in Title Bar

  1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Open Folder Options in the Control Panel.


    Note: If Folder Options is not available, change View by to Large icons at the top right of the Control Panel.

  3. Select the View tab in the Folder Options window.


  4. Check off Display the full path in the title bar (Classic theme only).


  5. Click OK to save the changes.

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5 Responses to “Display the Full Path of Files and Folders in the Title Bar”

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Welll… very fine. But YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Sorry for Caps-abusing… this “tweak” only helps if you activate the classic folder view. It does not work in the new Aero design. As shown in the screens. How can I show full path in the title bar of Aero?

  2. Tim says:

    I can’t get Explorer to display the drive letter, which I need because I’m constantly copying files between drives (on the computer, USB drives, and network drives).

    Also, the menu doesn’t explain what “Classic folders” are or how to turn them on. I desperately want back the Explorer features of Windows XP. Windows 7 lacks nearly every feature I commonly use. It’s like a huge downgrade.

  3. Berton says:

    Before Computer or Windows Explorer [not to be confused with Internet Explorer] can show a drive it has to have a drive letter assigned. Right-click Computer, click Manage and in the Disk Management section assure a drive letter is assigned to all drives or partitions on drives, C: should be there by default. Then the drives have to be partitioned and formatted [a drive needs at least one partition].

  4. Art says:

    I’m new to Windows 7.
    Thanks, this did exactly what I needed.

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