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Published on 09.28.10 by Brent Trahan

Enable Animating Controls and Elements in Windows 7

Allow Windows 7 to animate buttons, taskbar icons and popup windows, start orb, copy window, and more.

Allow animation in controls and elements will enable:

  • Subtle blue pulsating color on active buttons
  • Glow that follows the mouse in the taskbar icons
  • Animations of the taskbar popup windows
  • Smooth animation of Start Orb glow
  • Animation in the Copy window and others like it
  • Animation inside the Start Menu
  • And others I haven’t found…

Enabling animating controls and elements basically gives the subtle elegance of Windows 7.

Enable Animating Controls and Elements

  1. Type adjust perf in the Start Menu’s search box and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. Check Animate controls and elements inside windows
  3. Click OK to save the changes.

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  1. Jon says:

    This setting also affects the animation of progress bars. It adds smooth updating plus a whooshing effect as a glow moves right to left.
    Personally, I don’t care for either of these features. The former one often makes it so progress bars never reach 100% before closing. The latter can be very distracting when a progress bar are used in applications in non-standard ways, i.e. they are always visible to indicate something relatively static such as percent usage of some resource.

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