Log On Windows 7 as Administrator

Learn how to logon Windows 7 as Administrator.

Enable the Administrator Account

  1. Open the command prompt with elevated privileges by clicking the Start orb, All Programs, Accessories, right-click Command Prompt and then select Run as administrator.
  2. Type net user administrator /active:yes and then press Enter.


  3. Restart or log off your computer and log in as Administrator.


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124 Responses to “Log On Windows 7 as Administrator”

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  1. Jan says:

    Perfect help – thanks

    • janrob says:

      thanks for the guide…simple and short

    • ALEXIS says:

      I can’t run as administrator it show me access is denied i dont have any password for my administrator or for my user account i cant open even my hard disk with the windows folders and also i cant run any programm that is installed in my c hard disk can you help me plz beucase i try lot of things i get angry!!!
      thanks a lot!!

    • ALEXIS says:

      I can’t run as administrator it show me access is denied i dont have any password for my administrator or for my user account i cant open even my hard disk with the windows folders and also i cant run any programm that is installed in my c hard disk can you help me plz beucase i try lot of things i get angry!!!
      thanks a lot!!

  2. Review Boss says:

    I just installed Windows 7 ultimate and wanted to login as admin to make changes to System32 folder. Followed your instructions… works like charm…

    Thanks for your advice…terrific :)

  3. vix says:

    work great!

  4. Nettik says:

    Thank you!

  5. Raju says:

    the help was just great! otherwise i was going from one advise to another without any results

  6. Jo says:

    Thanks for the tip on how to enable the Administrator login in Win7. It was a perfect help.

  7. Wormsauce says:

    I tried doing this but I keep getting “system error 5 has occured” Access is denied.

    • urwelcomeforhelp says:

      all u have to do to fix this is go to
      control panel>user controls and family safety>user accounts> change user account control settings
      then turn OAC off

      • Robert S. says:

        I tried going to control panel and changing the OAC setting but it will not let me in without administrator permission. I am here in the Mountains of Central America and am going insane with this problem i can’t even sign into windows web site

    • NFx IIEleMeNTzZ says:

      I get the same. I only have one user on my computer which is me and I thought it would work.:S

    • ramesh says:

      dear r you get the solution of it.

  8. KO says:

    Wormsauce: You probably ran as an account with in the Administrators group, but not as _THE_ administrator. At least that’s what I did initially and I saw the same error. Do the “Run as administrator” as listed on this page and it works like a charm.


  9. Jim says:

    Thanks, I could have easily done this in XP but not windows 7. Still Windows 7 is better than Vista.

  10. kapi says:

    WINDOWS & is the best of all OS

  11. Win7 Newbie says:

    Worked great. I’m curious. What is the difference between the command line method and using the computer Management console to disable/enable the Administrator account?

    • Brent Trahan says:


      Thanks for reminding me about that. I completely overlooked it. I’m adding it to this guide.

      • Jerry says:

        I have an issue where i cant run anything as an elevated admin the run as option is missing when i right click on CMD .. how did i confiure this away and how do i restore this back .. currenlty running win 7 ult build RTM

  12. Robert says:

    How do you run this script through CMD with Task Scheduler at system start up before login.

    I’ve been able to set up the schedule, triggers, and rights I want, I just don’t know how to get cmd.exe to run “NET USER ADMINISTRATOR /ACTIVE:YES” when it’s activated.


    • Robert says:

      Update: I was able to get the script to run by making .bat file and simply having the Task Scheduler run the .bat at startup, but the command didn’t seem to run before login. I had to login in and then switch users to see the Admin account. Anyway to remedy this?

    • Brent Trahan says:

      You only have to run the command one time to activate the Administrator account. Once the Administrator account is active you log in to it just like any other account. You don’t have to run the net user command every time you want to log in with the Administrator account.

      • Robert says:

        Sorry I guess I didn’t explain.

        Yes, you only have to set it up once, that is assuming you want to leave it running all the time. But if you want to shut it down, and only open the netadmin on certain events, such as system start up on a particular date, then you would have to write it into the task scheduler.

        This was for our son’s new computer we bought him for his upcoming birthday. He’s a smart and computer savy teenager and we (well me more then the better half) would like to keep a back door open incase he bypasses parental controls and tries to lock us out. In the end it seems nearly impossible to control a computer if they physically at the computer, but this is what I was thinking when I saw this page.

        We could set up this netadmin to run in the task scheduler on system startup, but limit it’s startup and expiration to a single day on a date we decide. Either something far away like Jan, 1st, 2050, or a previous day, like earlier this year, that way even if we are locked out of admin control we could reset the bios time back to the previous date, or to Jan 1st, 2050 and the netadmin would be activated. Once were done checking up on what our son was doing we could simply reset the bios, and have the Task Scheduler run the disable netadmin command on every other possible date other then the single day we allowed the original command to load.

        Well, I’ve been trying that out, and it works pretty well with a few issues. First I have to log into an account and switch back to users to see the admin account appear. It seems that they script is running, but login only grabs user info once and isn’t instantly updating with the new avaiable account. Hence why I have to log in and come back out to the login ui. It doesn’t need to be an admin account and even the guest account works to reset the login ui.

        Next I’ve been able to set up a few netadmin task schedules to remove the netadmin. I’ve tried event triggers of different dates, when a user locks the workstation, and I was hoping for when the system shutdown, but I didn’t understand system id’s to figure out how to make that last one work. Locking a user account seems to be the most reliable as having the date change causes a similiar issue when start up happens, where the netadmin account is still visible until you login and switch back out, to which at the point it is removed.

        I also tried the elevating admin rights shortcut, to see if I could run the .bat files I made on a non-admin account. I would have thought that for admin purposes if you set up a task to run reguardless if the user was active or not to be able to get this to work, but it seems it doesn’t want to run in a non admin account even when I clicked on the exact same shortcut from both accounts.

        But it seems that this all might not work anyway if our son changes his password from the one we would give him. It would seem that all these tasks would stop working, since they ask for the admin password from the user that these would be running under. If our son did change the password the only last fail safe I could think of was setting his computer with daily back ups that can selfextract incase of complete system failure. Then we could use a admin reset system to get a new password, and once we were finished checking the system we could just restore from the last back up image removing any traces of our snooping.

        Unfortunately parent controls have turned out to be less then effective. They either blocked too much or not enough, and reguardless if we were informed or not, he would find a way to bypass them anyway. It seemed anything that we did could be bypassed because our son could search about it on the internet and find a way around it. The best we can find out things he doesn’t know about it. As soon as he knows that we can check his computer he will find a way around that. Control is only as good as it can be unknown.

        I know this all sounds like we’re terrible parents, but really if someone (even if you love them) is determined enough they will do anything to get what they want. It really used to be more of a preventive measure when he was younger. But now that he won’t be using the family computer anymore, we don’t feel we really need to restrict him too much, we just want to be able to reserve control of his gift if he’s really out of line, and the only way we will be able to do that is if he never knows he ever lost control in the first place.

        Thank you Brent for replying so quickly. If you have any suggestions on how to imrpove the task scheduler ideas I had or with UACless Elvated rights on a nonadmin account, please let me know.


        • Robert says:

          I do apologize if my english is hard to read, it is not my first language. Thank you again for your time.

        • John says:

          What you need is a copy of ophcrack or another boot CD program that will allow you to crack his passwords without him ever knowing. End of problem.

          • asdf says:

            then if he’s clever enough to set passwords in BIOS then you can’t boot into the password utility CD. You would then (if possible with version/maker of BIOS/mobo) have to reset the BIOS password (with jumper) in order to gain access. Then he will assume that someone did so unless you get crafty and disrupt a BIOS flash and act like it just got corrupted by itself in which case you would have to reflash with a floppy or USB (depending on your version of BIOS/mobo). I think that what John said plus this BIOS deal could be the simpler bottom line solution. Just crack his admin password to gain access (which there are ways for him to know if someone else logged into his account) then if he sets BIOS passwords, reset them to gain access, then corrupt his BIOS firmware and act like you didn’t know it happened. There are always ifs and buts and anything that can be done can be undone so it can ultimately come down to a battle of motives

  13. Chunk says:

    That really seems like an overly complicated and convoluted way to keep your son locked out. There are simpler and more elegant ways to do what you’re trying to do, but that’s not really the point of my reply.

    Why go to such effort to make sure that he’s not looking at anything “wrong”? By acting so weird with that kind of stuff, all you’re doing is fetishizing it, making it out to have some sort of weird power, so that when he’s old enough that you can’t keep him out anymore, he’ll be more likely to become addicted.

    Even given that, I don’t think that anyone is going to turn into some sort of perverted or violent monster because of something they saw on the internet when they were 14. If they do end up that way, I think there are other explanations.

  14. khanw says:

    I am getting different error message (Windows 7 home premium)

    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

  15. Mark Jones says:

    Khanw – you need to type the whole thing in, so yours would read:

    C:\Windows\system32>net user administrator /active:yes

  16. Austin says:

    hey how to you turn administrator log in off just active:no? i hope this doesn’t make it so I can’t use administator at all just a thought that came through my mind

  17. Naveen says:

    Great solution.

    Hey I need all the updates for Windows 7 and all the needed commands like this net user

    Thanks yaar……..

  18. Bryce says:

    I have just loaded Windows 7 Ultimate and my account has been locked out. I tried running the command net user administrator /active:yes from the command prompt in the repair mode option. It come sback and says that the commend was completed successfully but when I restart I do not get the option of logging in as the administrator. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong


  19. Oliver says:

    Same Problem As previous poster. Any ideas?

  20. Albert says:

    I have done all the things but I can’t make an administrator command because he give me that he didn’t recognise the command.
    I tried both things
    C:\Windows\system32>net user administrator /active:yes and
    C:\Windows\system32>Run as administrator

    I have a czech version of windows 7, can that be the problem?

    • Todd says:

      The command is:

      net user administrator /active:yes

      The rest of the line is an example of the prompt you should see before entering the command. If you successfully found the Accessories menu under Start, All Programs, Accessories,
      and right-clicked “Command Prompt” and then selected “Run as administrator”, you would see the black command console with the prompt similar to above. Then just type the command.

  21. Madden says:

    How to make the Administrator account in Windows 7 only visible in safe mode?

  22. rod says:

    I have no idea whats going on. I am the sole user and owner of my new pc.
    I am constantly being told I am a User Account (which is what Windows 7 recommend) but whenever I want to install something it brings up Administrator password request.
    When I go to Accessories, Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator it then asks for my Admin Password?!?!
    I have no idea what this Password could be or how to simply login as Admin?

  23. Jesse says:

    Alright you guys,

    I am having a hard time getting the administrator option not working. Ill go to the cmd program, right click, comparability but everything is grayed out. I cant select run as administrator on it. Anyone knows why? I looked at my account and I’m under administrator… So why wont it let me do it?



  24. Jesse says:

    Can’t edit my previous post, but I meant, I can’t get the administrator option working. Please ignore the ‘NOT’. lol



  25. Michelle says:

    If that doesn’t work you can use this site: http://helpmerick.com/stop-the-microsoft-office-agreement-eula-from-popping-up-every-time-you-start-outlook-or-word-or-excel.htm

    I know it says Vista but it worked for my 7 too. The only difference if that instead of clicking on the Program Files folder, you have to click on Program Files(x86). Worked really quickley and I’m not being bugged anymore.

  26. rod says:

    Michelle can you explain the relevance of this? We are talking about administrator stuff and your talking about popups from microsoft?
    I dont understand?

  27. Stephen says:

    I love it when things work. Thanks for the helpful instructions w/graphics no less.

  28. Mobymom says:

    Thank you so much! Your fix is a life saver!

  29. Vijay says:

    Thanks for the tip on how to enable the Administrator login in Win7. It was a perfect help.

  30. thumbs up says:

    Great tips short and very helpful!! thanks

  31. DavidH says:

    I am having administrator permission problems. I am being frustrated in my attempts to copy an “*.exe” file on an external drive to my network file server (a NAS). When I try to copy the file I am stopped with the following message:

    “You require permission from the computer’s administrator to make changes to this file.”

    The external drive was the boot drive to another system and the boot files became corrupt, so I am just trying to backup certain files and data before reinstalling the OS. I am using a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. I tried running Windows Explorer as an administrator, but I was stopped with the same message.

    I figured if I logged on as Administrator I would be OK. I followed this tip and ran Windows Explorer under the “Administrator” user account, and even opened Windows Explorer with Administrator privileges. Same result.

    How do I provide “permission” from the Administrator for a copy and paste command to copy a file over to another drive?

  32. rajesh says:

    hi, can any one help me out… i have used pendrive in my friend’s system which is running windows 7 in his absence, my query is can he come to know wat all i ve trasferred data from his system into my pendrive?

  33. Boetjeuh says:

    Verry verry short and to the point!
    Thats the best! thank you for sharing this with us all.

  34. cory says:

    just like on vista. thanks.

    by the way, its helpful to run a cmd window as Administrator (rt click cmd and click run as administrator).

    Also, if you type in the above line and it gives you a password error, type in “net user administrator thenyourpassword” hit enter and then retype “net user administrator /active:yes” and then press Enter.

  35. Al says:

    Windows 7 trying to ensure guests did not change things and …….
    unable to run as administrator I am shown as Administrator have one other user (wife) and Guest.
    command prompt right click will not let me run as administrator (I am the administrator)
    no enter password when trying to access anything as administrator?
    command prompt “net user administrator thenyourpassword” computer just says “System error 5 has occurred” Entry
    tried, net user administrator /active:yes and then press Enter.
    “System error 5 has occurred” Entry
    I’m at a loss please any suggestions?
    thank you

  36. Helpless says:

    i’ve got a same problem as Al. somone please help me. it’s driving me nuts

  37. mike says:

    i got same as AL

  38. Mathi says:

    Somebody can tell me how to do it as a standard user?

  39. ha says:

    thanks a lottttttt

  40. that’s it. thanks a lot….

  41. Hasknight says:

    I get three types of errors:Create Device0 failed
    :Create render windows failed
    :Invalidate perimeters

  42. Toby says:

    nice work mate, worked a treat for me – needed to be an admin to install and uninstall itunes v9.2 on Win7 Ultimate x64 – go figure right!

  43. Sam says:

    but i am getting error access is denied

  44. Javiera says:

    Thank you!!! you’ve just ended my misery.

  45. Yy says:

    Good Job. Thank you.

  46. Himan001 says:

    Works fine…. Thanx very much….
    only one question… How to Deactivate it?

  47. josh says:

    if u are having truble doing this make shure you have a space betwen the administrator and the /active:yes
    net user administrator /active:yes
    space goes here

  48. Najibullah says:

    if there is password on user account in windows vista and i can not log in to system, then how i can access my administrator account,


  49. NMD says:

    Great works fine…

  50. g says:

    thanks alot for the information!
    now we r able to log in as admin and access everything!

  51. Thanks for this information just what I needed. Sometimes I feel like I’m jumping through hoops to get things to work on windows. Like setting up IIS7. Your info saved me hours of trying to figure changing to administrator out. Thank you!

  52. anir says:

    i cannot enter the administrator..
    it shows access denied

  53. van says:

    will the Administrator account hide if i wrote like this in command prompt:

    net user administrator /active:no


  54. Murali says:

    I… am using windows 7 professional. in that i created 2 accounts 1 for me with admin rights and another 1 for user with parentel controls. unfortunately my account has been disabled. how can i solve this problem please guide me.

    • Brent Trahan says:

      What do you mean by “disabled“? Was your password changed, or the account has been deactivated?

      • Murali says:

        I Don’t know perfectly what they did.. I think they login into my (admin) account and they did changes through “netplwiz”…..
        There is only 1 user showing in Welcome screen. Ctrl+ Alt+ Del command didn’t work here and this user account haven’t the permission’s to do the changes………..

  55. Murali says:

    How to enable my (admin) account witout repair or reinstall of OS…. Please give me the guidence…

  56. Melissa Chappotin says:

    I have been trying to install printer driver software for a week on my Windows 7 Home Premium computer. I have done the above steps to enable the administrator and logged in as the administrator. I am still getting the error message that I need to login as the administrator to continue. I also get this error when I right click and opt to “run as administrator”. Please help – I have a huge headache over this and I’m guessing I will have the same problem when I install other software.

  57. sujai says:

    I am having two accounts in my system one with administrator account and another with limited account..
    I changed my password on new year eve and forgot my new admin account password today.. I could not run cmd as administrator in limited account.. is there any way to reset the password.?

  58. Elias says:

    We use ctr+alt+del to get log on box and admin account in xp’s but how we get in win7?

  59. Nick says:

    It won’t work, it keeps saying, disalbed by admin, i can’t get on anything to fix it either, control panel, action center, properties, etc. I think Sams put those there in case of theft, because i couldn’t access control panel the first day i got on it

  60. art says:

    Where the START ORB can be found? Wouldn’t it be better to explain everything step by step? I have no idea where to click, what to open, e.t.c. HELP”””””!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine I’m just a five year old, so, guide me trough all and where everything is.

  61. avcd says:

    how do i remove the account from when i log in

  62. noel says:

    I have a problem need help
    i forgot my Administrator password
    and i can’t do anything this page suggested
    error 5
    acees denied

    tried everything to reset password i just want my computer back to normal plz help!!!

  63. noel says:

    plz help

  64. Kevin says:

    Thanks!!!! It works perfectly.

  65. T Dee says:

    I am having problems installing a program. I was able to install the program on other 2 computers with Windows 7 Home Premium.
    One computer with WIN7 Professional – The installtion started then it DISAPPEARED.
    The tech support said it has to do with ADMIN right.
    My main account – It SAID ADMIN right but when I go to COntrol – user and it it STANDARD user. If I clicked on ADMIN then the button SAVE is not active so I can not change it.
    If I create a new account and give it ADMIN priviledge and it will go back to standard user. This is a new computer and I am the only one who set up and use.

  66. sadf says:

    Many thanks

  67. nida says:

    system error 5 has occurred when enabling administrator……..
    sir i accidentallay remove my admin account …. but at the same time i realize wt i did so i created another admin account but disable it…. plz help me to unable it using limited user account…
    i got system error 5 when activating through all describe procedures …….plz help me

  68. nida says:

    system error 5 has occurred when enabling administrator……..
    sir i accidentallay remove my admin account …. but at the same time i realize wt i did so i created another admin account but disable it…. plz help me to unable it using limited user account…
    i got system error 5 when activating through all describe procedures …….plz help me

  69. abhinav says:


  70. evilripper says:

    thanks! it works fine for me and i saved my time! :-D
    lol administrator is without password!

  71. dhaniztic says:

    Great!!! Thank’s bro….

  72. saurav gautam says:

    there is no option for run as administrator… I have login as limited user…. i went to NETPLWIZ at run and removed my administrator from there… i know administrator password but i have no interface through which i can login as administrator… Please help me

  73. Anonymous says:

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium and have been setting up access control. Now I have locked myself out of C: Drive. Is there anyway for me to enable the hidden admin account?

    I am unable to add new accounts, setup parental controls, use the administrative tools, use cmd.exe, etc.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  74. Aaron says:

    I can’t because when I click command prompt it says it has been disabled by my administrator

  75. Sandy says:

    Getting Following message
    system arror 5 has accurred
    access is denied

  76. aloobama says:

    If you often change your Windows password or your memory isn’t good, it is normal that you forget the password. To help you remember, or on the lowest to help you be in control and know your password, why do not you obtain a software program plan that will reset the password for you? The software program plan is capable of resetting and positively removing the more mature password in purchase for you personally for getting in a location to available your operator account. Why do not you consider a glance at this software program program? Please visit: http://www.passwordseeker.com

  77. windows abuser says:

    Please help me out with this little problem, if I want to login to a locked windows 7 and the administrator’s password has been changed how do i do it?
    Please reply

    • Dean Smith says:

      You will need to recover the password with a password recovery disc (if you have one). If not, you can always ask the Administrator for help.

  78. vaughan says:

    Hiya, I,m a silver surfer, and bought a 2nd hand Fujitsu Amilo, equipped with windows 7.
    I cannot log onto my home wireless network, and have traced it to the default setting on the firewall.Public network is allowed home and private are blocked, altho the firewall is on for both. I have got as far as advance settings , but cannot find anything that is applicable to home network.
    I cannot, repeat cannot change that setting.I have tried for 2 days now, and no forums can help, can you?

  79. sheershoff says:

    1. Thank’s a lot
    2. Thank’s god the command works in the repair with command prompt mode
    3. if you’re using non-english version – then probably the built-in administrator account is named according to your locale. Checked this by running “net user administrator”. If the user is not present it will prompt for a help msg. For russian version use “net user администратор /active:yes” to activate it in logon screen.
    4. I was able to Win+L to administrator account right away.

  80. Todd Turner says:

    I tried a couple of other sites that Google offered me,but the others didn’t tell you that you had to open cmd with a right click which made the prompt show up as “user>system32″which made it work the other way i was getting error code 5…I’ve always trusted what you and your tech’s publish in your magazine Maximum P.C.

  81. Bishal Shrestha says:

    I mistakenly logged off my administrator account so now i can not access to it. Everytime I entred my password in adms account,
    The user profile service failed the logon
    user profile cannot be loaded.. written display on the screen.. Please help. Its my Windows 7 ultimate laptop… please help me ASAP

  82. Hiend says:

    Thanks for your post to teach us how to log on Windows 7 as administrator. But this method is not supply to all Windows users. Then I followed another way to log on. More details:

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