Backup and Restore Guides:

Restore Deleted Files or Folders in Windows 7

Learn how to restore deleted files or folders in Windows 7.

Restore a File to a Previous Version

Learn how to restore a file that has been backed up using Windows Backup and Restore to a previous version in Windows 7.

Restore Windows 7 to a Previously Backed Up System Image Using a System Repair Disc

Learn how to restore Windows 7 to a previous point in time by re-imaging the computer using a System Repair Disc and a previously backed up system image.

Manually Create a System Image

Learn how to manually create a system image of Windows 7 and save it on a second internal hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive, DVD, or network location.

Change Where Backup and Restore Saves Backups

Learn how to change where Backup and Restore saves its backups in Windows 7.

Set Backup and Restore to Only Backup User’s Data Files and Settings

Learn how to set Backup and Restore to only backup your data files and settings in Windows 7.

Set Backup and Restore to Only Backup System Images

Learn how to set up Backup and Restore to only create a system image when backing up in Windows 7.

Free Up Space Used By Backup and Restore

Learn how to reduce some of the space used by Backup and Restore in Windows 7.

Change Backup and Restore’s Automatic Backup Schedule

Change how often Backup and Restore should backup your computer in Windows 7.

Turn off Backup and Restore’s Automatic Backup Schedule

Learn how to turn off Backup and Restore’s automatic backup schedule in Windows 7.

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