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Published on 12.07.09 by Brent Trahan

Uninstall Language Packs in Windows 7

Learn how to uninstall language packs installed in Windows 7.

  1. Type LPKSETUP in the Start Menu’s search box and press Enter on the keyboard.
  2. Click Next in the Install or uninstall display languages window.


  3. Select to Uninstall display languages.


  4. Check off the language pack(s) to uninstall and then click Next.


  5. When the language pack(s) have been uninstalled click Close.


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3 Responses to “Uninstall Language Packs in Windows 7”

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  1. Icla says:

    I dould like to delete the fonts in windows 7 fonts Folder,
    I can only delete arabic fonts , but
    I can’t delete China, thay, japan and korena fonts
    I mean the fonts that they are standard in windows 7 folder not new installed packeges
    please tell me how I delete the fonts from windows 7 fonts folder

    Than you

  2. George says:

    Thanks for this article,
    I had all the lanuage packs installed on Win7 Ulitmate 64. Installing the latest service pack ended in disaster.
    It appears that the problem is in Windows Installer a memory leak problem that crashes the PC eventually.
    The language packs NEED to be uninstalled for application of service pack 1 even if you have 8gb ram.
    Be warned!
    Thanks again.

  3. dan says:

    hi, this was useful. but it took a while until i could find this page. hope it bumps up a couple of hits when google search

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