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Published on 02.11.10 by Brent Trahan

Using Additional Calculator Functionallity

Learn how to use Windows 7’s calculator Scientific, Programmer, Statistics, Unit Conversions, Date Calculator, and Templates functions.

The new calculator in Windows 7 has been improved quite a bit.  It now supports different modes of operation that make it very powerful and useful.

Calculator Modes

The calculator has many modes that make it a very powerful tool.  Here’s a quick explanation of Windows 7’s calculator modes:


This is the standard calculator that adds, subtracts, divides, and multiplies just like any old calculator.


Select View and then Scientific to use the scientific calculator.


Select View and then Programmer to show the programmers calculator.  The programmers calculator is used for calculating number format conversion (hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary), data type conversion (BYTE, WORD, DWORD, and QWORD) and the like.


Select View and then Statistics to show the statistics calculator.

Unit Conversion

Select View and then Unit Conversion.  The unit conversion calculator allows you to calculate angle, area, energy, length, power, pressure, temperature, time, velocity, volume, and weight/mass conversions.  Each unit has specific options:


Convert to and from: Degree, Gradian, and Radian.


Convert to and from: Acres, Hectares, Square centimeter, Square feet, Square inch, Square kilometer, Square meters, Square mile, Square millimeter, and Square Yard.


Convert to and from: British Thermal Unit, Calorie, Electron-Volts, Foot-Pound, Joule, Kilocalorie, and Kilojoule.


Convert to and from: Angstrom, Centimeters, Chain, Fathom, Feet, Hand, Inch, Kilometers, Link, Meter, Microns, Mile, Millimeters, Nanometer, Nautical Miles, PICA, Rods, Span, and Yard.


Convert to and from: BTU/minute, Foot-Pound/minute, Horsepower, Kilowatt, and Watt.


Convert to and from: Atmosphere, Bar, Kilo Pascal, Millimeter of mercury, Pascal, and Pound per square inch(PSI).


Convert to and from: Degrees Celsius, Degrees Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.


Convert to and from: Day, Hour, Microsecond, Millisecond, Minute, Second, and Week.


Convert to and from: Centimeter per second, Feet per second, Kilometer per hour, Knots, Mach (at std. atm), Meter per second, and Miles per hour.


Convert to and from: Cubic centimeter, Cubic feet, Cubic inch, Cubic meter, Cubic yard, Fluid ounce (UK), Fluid ounce (US), Gallon (UK), Gallon (US), Liter, Pint (UK), Pint (US), Quart (UK), and Quart (US).


Convert to and from: Carat, Centigram, Decigram, Dekagram, Gram, Hectogram, Kilogram, Long ton, Milligram, Ounce, Pound, Short ton, Stone, and Tonne.

Date Calculator

Select View and then Date Calculator.  The date calculator provides various date/time calculations.  It can find the difference between two dates and add/subtract days to a specific date.


Select View and then Templates. The templates display shows various calculation such as:


Where you can calculate: Down payment, Monthly payment, Purchase price, and Term (years).

Vehicle Lease

Where you can calculate: Lease period, Lease value, Periodic payment, and Residual value.

Fuel Economy (mpg)

Where you can calculate: Distance (miles), Fuel economy (mpg), and Fuel used (gallons).

Fuel Economy (L/100 km)

Where you can calculate: Distance (kilometers), Fuel economy (L/100 km), and Fuel used (liters).

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