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Using Jump Lists in Windows 7

Jump Lists work like this: instead of opening an application and then opening a file from the application, Jump Lists allow you to directly open the file through a Start Menu or Taskbar shortcut’s Jump List.  A few examples of Jump Lists will give you a better idea of how they work.

Using Start Menu Jump Lists

Open the Start Menu and hover the mouse over a shortcut that has an arrow to it’s right in the frequently used or pinned section of the start menu.  The Start Menu will expand and reveal the shortcut’s Jump List.

The most recent opened files will be listed in the Jump List.  Simply click on an item in the Jump List to open it.

Using Taskbar Jump Lists

Right-click a pinned program on the Taskbar to reveal it’s Jump List.

Its most recently opened files will be listed in it’s Jump List.  Click any item in the jump list to open it.

Pin Items to Jump List

If there are items you always want to appear in a Jump List you can pin the item to the Jump List by clicking the thumb tack that appears to the right of the item when you hover the mouse over it.