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Using Windows 7's Reliability Monitor

If your computer’s been slowing down or just acting funny Windows 7 has a great tool that will tell you how stable your computer is and what programs or services are causing problems at a single glance.

Start the Reliability Monitor by typing reli in the Start Menu’s search box and then press Enter on your keyboard.


The Reliability Monitor keeps track of any errors caused by poorly running software, drivers, hardware, or services. It rates the computer from a 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and most unreliable.

If you see any yellow exclamation points or red X’s select the column of that day to see more detail about what is causing the problem.

Double-click and event under Source in the Reliability Monitor to view more information about the error.


Hint: Click the back button at the top left of the window to go back to the Reliability Monitor.

You can check for a solution to a problem by clicking Check for a solution under Action in the Reliability details section of the Reliability Monitor.

You can check for solutions to all errors by clicking Check for solutions to all problems at the bottom of the Reliability Monitor window.

If Microsoft has a solution to a problem, directions of what needs to be done to correct the problem will appear.