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What is the Application Experience (AeLookupSvc) service?

What does the Application Experience (AeLookupSvc) service do?

The application experience service was first introduced to consumer PCs with Windows Vista. Windows Vista was a big change from XP when it came to software and driver compatibility. The application experience service watches in the background when you install software or a new device. If the installation fails, it pops up and asks you if you want it to try installing it again using workarounds it’s been taught by Microsoft.

Application Experience (AeLookupSvc) service details

Does my computer need the Application Experience (AeLookupSvc) service?

Your computer doesn’t need the Application Experience service, but it sure makes installing old software and devices easier in Windows 7.

Should I disable the Application Experience (AeLookupSvc) service?

First off, I have to say that it’s best to leave service optimization up to Microsoft. With that said; if you have a new Windows 7 PC and all of your devices and software are the latest and greatest, I don’t see why you shouldn’t disable this service [1].