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Published on 08.16.12 by Brent

How to change a file’s extension in Windows 8

View and changing file extensions in Windows 8.

On rare occasions you might need to change a file’s extension. A file’s extension is a combination of letters and/or numbers preceded by a period after a file name. For example: a Microsoft Word document’s file extension is .docx. File extensions are used by Windows 8 to know what program to use to open a file.

Note: Changing a file’s extension doesn’t convert the file from one file-type to another.

Learn how to change a file’s extension in Windows 7

Enable Viewing of File Extensions

Before we can change a file’s extension, we need to be able to see it.

  1. Open the folder containing the file that you want to change the extension.

  2. Click View in the folder browser.

  3. Click Options all the way to the right of the View ribbon.

  4. Click the View tab in the Folder Options window that pops up and then uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

    Click OK to save this setting.

Now you should be able to see the file’s extension.

Changing A File’s Extension

Now that you can see the file’s extension, this is how you change it.

  1. Select the file once, pause for a second, and then select it again.

    Notice how the name of the file is highlighted and ready to be changed.

  2. Click after the last character of the file’s extension, erase the extension, and then type the new extension. Press Enter on the keyboard or click anywhere other than on the file to save it.

  3. A Rename box will pop up asking you if you’re sure you want to change the file’s extension. Choose Yes.

And now your file’s extension has been changed.

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    omfg, thank you.

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    I’ve been wanting to know for awhile minecraft pre-release here I come!

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