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Published on 01.12.07 by Brent Trahan

Add Effects to Clips in Windows Movie Maker

Learn how to add effects to video clips in Windows Movie Maker for Windows Vista.


You can add effects to video clips in Windows Movie Maker. Some common effects are; fade in or out, slow motion, grainy old video look, and many more.

Add an Effect to a Clip

  1. I’m assuming you have clips imported in the Story Board already.
  2. Click Effects under Edit in the Tasks section of Windows Movie Maker.
  3. 1add_effect.PNG

    A list of effects will appear. You can double-click each effect to see an example.

  4. Drag the desired effect and drop it on the video clip of your choice.

Hint: To drag a file, select the file with your left mouse button. While holding down the left mouse button drag the file to where you want to drop it. Let go of the left mouse button to drop the file.

You can remove an effect by right-clicking the star located on the bottom left of a clip and selecting Remove Effects.

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