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Published on 01.12.07 by Brent Trahan

Add Titles and Credits in Windows Movie Maker

Add titles and credits before, during, and after your movie in Windows Movie Maker.


Adding titles and credits to your movie in Windows Movie Maker for Windows Vista are easy. This guide shows you how to get this done.

Add Titles and Credits

  1. I’m assuming you already have clips loaded in the Story Board of Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Click Titles and credits under Edit in the Tasks section of Windows Movie Maker.
  3. The next window asks you where you want to add a title or credits.
  4. 1add_title.PNG

    Title at the beginning: Adds a title with a color background at the beginning of the movie.

    Title before the selected clip: Adds a title with a color background before a selected clip in the Story Board.

    Title overlay on the selected clip: Adds a title with a transparent background during the beginning of the selected video clip.

    Credits at the end: Adds credits just like in the movies to the end of your movie.

Editing Titles and Credits

Title at the Beginning


You can have a title with one or two lines. If you choose the title with two lines, the second line will be smaller than the first.

Add the text of your title under Enter text for title.

If you want to change the title animation, click Change the title animation.


Scroll up or down and select the type of animation you like. Make sure you select an animation for the appropriate type of title or credits.

You can change the font, text size, text color, background color, background opacity, and more by clicking Change the text font and color.


You can change just about everything you want dealing with the looks of the title or credits in the window shown above.

Title before the selected clip

Same as explained above.

Title overlay on the selected clip

Same as explained above.

Credits at the end


You can add something like “The End” and the names of people like the screen shot above.

If you want to change the font and things like that do the same as I explained above.

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