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Published on 05.04.07 by Brent Trahan

Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Vista

Burn a CD or DVD without using additional software in Windows Vista.

Most people think they have to go out and buy software to burn CDs and DVDs. Windows Vista has the ability to burn CDs and DVDs without any additional software built into the operating system.

Burn A CD or DVD

There are two very different ways to burn a CD or DVD in Windows Vista.

The default is called Live File System and lets you use the disk just like you would use a USB or hard drive. You can burn files to a Live File System disk and add more files to the disk at a later time. If you’re using rewritable CD or DVDs you can even erase files from the disk. A disk burnt using the Live File System is not readable by DVD players for playing movies on TVs. Most computers (Windows XP on up) can read Live File System disks.

The second way to burn a CD or DVD is called Mastered. A mastered CD or DVD is a onetime burn that can’t be changed or erased. A mastered CD or DVD can be read by most DVD players.

Live File System

  1. Select a batch of files to burn.

    Hint: Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click each file you want to select one time. If you want to select a bunch of file that are in the same spot, click the first file and then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click the last file in the batch.

  2. Click Burn in the blue bar located at the top of Windows Explorer.
  3. Give this disk a name in the Disk title box.


  4. Click Next to add the files to the disk. The files will be burnt to the disk.


To add additional files the disk from now on simply select the files, point at Send to and then select the drive. You can also drag and drop or copy and paste the files in the drive.

You can see how much space you have left on the disk by clicking Start and clicking Computer. It will show you how much space is left on the disk with a bar graph on that drive.

Note: Be patient when ejecting a Live File System disk. Your computer has to finalize a few things before it can eject the disk.


  1. Select the files you want to burn.
  2. Click Burn in the blue bar at the top of Windows Explorer.
  3. Give your disk a name next to Disk title.


  4. Click Show formatting options.
  5. Select Mastered.


  6. A window will open showing you what is in the burn image.


    If you want to add more files to this disk you can still do so at this point by following steps 1-6.

  7. When you’re ready to burn the disk click Burn to disk in the window that pops up in step 6. If you closed that window you can always open it by double clicking the CD or DVD burner drive.
  8. A burn to disk window will pop up. Give your disk a title, select the speed to burn the disk at and click Next to start the burn.


Hint: If you’ve added files to a Mastered disk and you have not burned them yet you can remove a few of the files by double-clicking the drive you’ll use to burn the files and delete them from there. You can also remove all the files from the image by right-clicking the drive you’ll use to burn the files and select Delete temporary files.

Music CD

If you’re trying to burn a music CD for playing in a CD player you need to use Windows Media Player to burn it. See my Burning an Audio CD guide.

Still need help? Ask your computer question now.

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77 Responses to “Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Vista”

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  1. Andreas says:

    I did some mastered burns using vista basic and media player etc, but they surely did not play on most dvd players. In fact I cant play the mastered burns on any dvd player I have in the house and I have about 4 different ones. regards. Andreas.

    • don says:

      I have read most of the messages below !
      No one here or out in the world likes Vista, it appears Vista
      should be recalled and everyone get a refund or replacement of
      a computer that works. As far making copies of code protected
      media…then…for audio , run it through your hi-fi and tap the
      outputs. Now , video, near the the same way but somewhat differently.
      I know how disappointing it is , when all you are trying to do is
      preserve and archive family photos ! I guess an angry mob could sue
      the Vista people !

      • Gary says:

        Even Windows 7 has the same dvd burning problems as Vista. I can burn photos (up to 2.4 GB of them) to a dvd, and as long as I don’t remove the dvd from the drive, the photos can be read and copied, but as soon as the disk is removed from the drive, and put back in again, the drive sees a blank dvd and asks what I want to do with it!

        How do I get around this? I can only burn 700 MB to a cd. So that’s about 5 cd’s worth of burning, but at least I can read and copy files from them afterwards.

        My guess is that this has to do with Explorer and any other directory software that I’ve used (they have the same problem) suffering from some kind of memory buffer over-run. I don’t feel like buying more RAM since I already have 4 GB.

  2. Brent Trahan says:

    You’re doing something wrong.

    Make sure you’re using the correct type of DVD media (+R or -R). Some DVD players are picky about that. What are you burning on DVD to play on DVD players? You might be burning something that most DVD players can’t read.

    • Miss Mouse says:

      I am using the correct DVD’s. THey won’t play on my PC either. I have been doing this for years and I haven’t had any problems until recently. I am not the only one either, I ordered this computer through work since my boss was updating his computer as so was a couple of co-workers and they are having similar problems.

  3. dan says:

    make me 2nd
    5dvds and only one has been read by my dvd player, and it does not have the dvd menu or files in any order. the personal dvds I did two copies and one copy did not have pictures. So Vista is no nero that is user friendly

  4. Luis says:

    I’ve tried to burn dvd’s in mastered format in the same way it was explained.
    Although I specified mastered format, the properties of the dvd show UDF.
    Looks like windows vista refuse to burn mastered format. Is there a way to set mastered as default format?.

    Thank you


  5. Bob Orr says:

    Can you copy a folder onto more than one CD in Vista?

  6. Brent Trahan says:

    Sure, but you have to repeat the whole process for every CD you want to burn.

  7. Eric Nguyen says:

    yeah i can burn
    but then the dvd player wont read the dvd
    (im using +R)
    i tried like 6 dvd players and it didnt work.
    were we supposed to use -R?
    and maybe in those 100,000 people
    only few people ever tried to comment

  8. Jay says:

    yes DVD-R is required, the DVD+R is something different and not compatible with most peoples computers

  9. John D says:

    Yes Im havibg the same issues above …in fact I tried burning after selecting the video files I wanted from a home made video and the file type said it was “windows media file” ??? Anyway i did follw the steps and selected the master format and still no luck with playing in my DVD player. Lost 3 discs after trying three scenarios.

  10. Martin B says:

    Why could I burn DVD’s for years with my XP machine and havent been able to burn one DVD in 12 months with Windows Vista. This is meant to be an upgrade?

  11. lilly says:

    if I used this method to burn dvd am I gonna b able to play it with my dvd player
    cos I’ve tried of applications but they where helpless

  12. Brent Trahan says:

    It depends on what’s on the DVD. If you’re trying to copy a movie DVD, this won’t work. Parts of the disk are encoded and won’t copy. You’ll need software to rip and decode the DVD to copy it.

    If you’re trying to burn video you own (home videos) you need to see my guide on how to create a home video DVD.

  13. JEN says:

    I followed the directions to the tee and it did not work, would not play in my dvd player and on the computer was not in order. i have been trying for weeks to figure this out and have gone through dozens of dvds. i quit this sucks

  14. Guru says:

    We have same problem.I have burn a disc & remove it from DVD writer.
    I try to play on DVD player & it was working fine.
    I add some more files,video & photo on same dvd and burn it then try to see on my DVD player but can not see new files.
    I can see in other computer but not on DVD player.
    I use master option but it didn’t work.
    What could be the problem?


  15. Dave says:

    I have an .avi file that I downloaded. If I follow your instructiosn and copy to a DVD -R disc should this play on my home dvd player ?

  16. Brent Trahan says:

    Maybe. It depends on the DVD player. Some DVD players are capable of playing .avi files, but others are not. Try it out and see.

  17. wayne says:

    we have windows vista but dont know how to pull up live file or mastered to burn it please respond back and help us

  18. Nick says:

    What a pile of crap this Vista burning system is! I can’t find the option to choose the mastered file system – I chose it before and my pc ‘forgot’ the setting and now uses the MS proprietary system. The MS support site tells me to “2. In the dialog box that appears, click Burn files to data disc.”, but no dialog box appears. This FAQ tells me “3. Give your disk a name next to Disk title” but this dialog box – which has the “Click Show formatting options” – never appears. There appears to be no way to choose the mastered file system.

  19. Joe says:

    where the hell did you find the Windows Explorer? Vista sucks hardcore. Im buying a mac.

  20. Cynthia says:

    Can someone please help me as to how to burn from my pictures… At xmas I burnt a CD of pics, all I did was click start, then pictures. I selected which pics I wanted and then I clicked Burn. then something pops up and asks me what I want to do and then I say write them or something to that effect, NOW I try to do the same and it is not working what the hell happened and why isnt it popong up and asking me it doesnt tell me that there are files waiting to be written PLease help me this is bugging me


    • dave says:

      the only way i have found to copy my pics to a cd-r is to get my media play to add to its libery by searching my pc and the selecting the file i wont to burn selct burn data cd and then drag and drop the items over and commence burn this allows you to watch your pics on your normal dvd player as well if it plays dvd or cd r,s i hope that helps you i have been struggling with this proplem for the last 3 months since i up-graded from xp to vista and only just found the solution

  21. Cynthia says:

    Sorry I forgot to say that I have a dell windows vista inspiron 530 os. Someone please get back to me

  22. Simone says:

    I tried the above instructions using Vista- first burning a whole folder, then just an avi file. I now have 2 disks that will not play in either of my home DVD players.
    I only have a sample version of Nero, which will not burn a DVD unless I pay to upgrade Nero first.
    Has anyone got any ideas for me? I am using DVD-R disks.

  23. John says:

    I have the same problem. My home dvd player can’t play the AVI files in a dvd+r disc that I burnt using Windows Vista’s live file system. Yes, my home dvd player supports AVI files. It has no problem playing AVI files in discs that I burnt using nero under XP.

  24. Brent Trahan says:

    You need to burn it Mastered instead of Live File System if you want it to work in most DVD players John.

  25. jackie says:

    Im having the same problem. Vista also. Brand new 1 week old computer. Dvd-r. mastered format. Drag and drop file. When I click burn, a search box appears? My dvd player says error. Thanks Vista for updated technology!!!

  26. Cynthia says:


    Can some one help me with this issue,. It used to work, I have no idea what is wrong, the burn button wont work nothing happens and no sialog box pops up and asks me what i want to do, the cd writing wizard balloon doesnt show up either HELP

    Can someone please help me as to how to burn from my pictures… At xmas I burnt a CD of pics, all I did was click start, then pictures. I selected which pics I wanted and then I clicked Burn. then something pops up and asks me what I want to do and then I say write them or something to that effect, NOW I try to do the same and it is not working what the hell happened and why isnt it popong up and asking me it doesnt tell me that there are files waiting to be written PLease help me this is bugging me


  27. Filiep says:

    Well the Vista burning system is a good name for it. It has burned $ out of my pocket by screwing up multiple CDs and DVDs. It also formatted double layer DVD but then screwed each one up and stopping the burning process at around 2G. When you burn multiple files using the live file system and a burning error occurs let’s say with file # 11 then all the files that were already correctly burned to the CD/DVD vanish or put plainly you lost your time and your media.
    And some computer geeks call this Vista live file system and intelligent system. Well I guess it depends on how you define intelligence. Must be that some of the geeks don’t have very high standards for their definition of intelligence.
    Thanks MS for another major screw up. My next PC will be a Mac.

  28. Leusoj says:

    Try burning disks at speeds lesser than 4x – preferably at 1x.
    Some DVD players are choosy, most won’t even play disks burned at speeds greater than 4X. Also, higher speeds often results in unreliable burns.

  29. colin leach says:

    I have tried the vista to burn pictures to dvd-rw and you can’t read them on any dvd players the only way the vista works is to download Roxio Creator then it works on any dvd

  30. EIP says:

    Can I somehow make “Mastered” the default option? I have a friend who wants to record DVDs readable in his home DVD player, and he hates changing the options. He is a bit computer-challenged, so I need to set up the most straight-forward way for him. Seems like I can’t – he will have to choose “mastered” each time.

    Why all those “user friendly” interfaces are still so hard to use? Not everyone needs “live file system”. Why the hell is it an unchangeble default?

  31. Martin B says:

    That’s it!! I’ve given up. It is impossible to burn a DVD on Vista that will play on a normal DVD player, or even the DVD drive of the PC it was burnt on.

    I now copy my file to an external hard drive, walk across the room, plug it into an XP machine and burn from that.

    I’ve wasted hours and dozens of DVD’s with Vista. I cannot put into words how I feel about this system.

  32. Phani says:

    Hi,I burnt some files into my DVD+R DL in mastered format. Can I add more files to the disk? I think I can do it if it is Live format. I am bit doubtful about mastered. Please help.

  33. Tara says:

    As you told… Click Burn in the blue bar located at the top of Windows Explorer…then give this disk a name in the Disk title box…I did it in the same way, but after I clicked next it is formatting the CD and then its prompting me the msg “Windows was unable to complete the format”. and it ejects the CD…I’m using Live File System format, y its not working? please help me in this. give me some suggestion..

  34. Brent Trahan says:

    Make sure you are using the right blank disk and that it’s not damaged.

  35. JDennis says:

    I tried burning a file via HP running on Vista on a DVD DL but my Apple Powerbook won’t read it. It is being treated as a blank disc and automatically opens Roxio Toast, Mac bruning software. What gives?

  36. Brent Trahan says:

    I don’t know much about Macs.

  37. Jack says:

    I used my laptop to burn a life file system dvd. I can play files from it right after I burnt the dvd but when I took it out and put it in again it wont read the dvd.
    Is there some thing I need to change on my dvd player?

  38. Mark says:


    This is how you burn a DVD so that it will play on a DVD player.
    Do not listen to this guy and try to master the DVD!

    What you have to do that will make it all easier is to go into WINDOWS DVD MAKER on Vista.
    There you just copy and paste the file onto it.
    It will then show you a picture of the video (preview), so just click NEXT
    It will then begin to ENCODE, so just leave it to go by itself, it might take a while depending on the size of the movie etc.

  39. Jo says:

    Just made my 1st Windows DVD (Vista Home Premium) following Mark’s directions; very easy, works EXCEPT it will not play the 2nd of 2 songs OR will it repeat the 1st song. The music length and slide show length are identical (I checked the “Change slide show length to match music length” box)

    Losing my hair–help would be appreciated! Making DVDs for Mom’s Day.

  40. freddyb says:

    heres my problem with vista dvd burning, I burn torrent movies to dvd+rw. i have had one work out great, the rest i play in my dvd player have this funky picture/pixels that look like a cartoon or something, im i using the wrong disks? the torrent files are dvdrip, but i dont understand why the picture data is so wierd. HELP PLEASE….

  41. sangbonam says:

    I’ve burnt several dvds using the mastered format, and they all work in my dvd player, but I can’t get them in the right order. This is especially annoying when I’m burning shows and they are all scattered. It’s not a major problem, but if there’s a simple way to fix this, I’d really appreciate it.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I am having problems buring pictures to a CD. I can get them onto the CD just fine but when it comes to finishing the cd I run into problems. When I push the eject button nothing happens- as in nothing. It won’t finish the cd or open the drive. After 45 minutes of trying I used the manual eject button (paperclip trick) and tried again with a 2nd CD and the same problem

  43. Mike says:


    I am trying to burn an audio/picture slideshow onto a DVD so that I can play it on my DVD player. I follow your instructions for burning a mastered DVD, but the dvd will not play on my (or anyone else’s) DVD. What am I missing?

    Thank you

  44. Mike says:

    Continued from last above post,

    When i insert my mastered DVD-R into my DVD player, the DVD player reads “no audio data” and does not play anything. Can ANYBODY PLEASE HELP?

  45. Brent Trahan says:

    What format are you burning the audio/picture slideshow to the DVD?

    Are you creating a slideshow using Windows DVD maker, or are you just putting pictures and music files on the DVD?

  46. Mike says:


    I am creating my slideshow via Windows Movie Maker.

    I am not sure what you mean by “format” =/. I save my project (through movie maker) in the Video section of my Windows Explorer. Then I follow your process for creating a Mastered DVD-R. I retrieve my slideshow via windows explorer before burning.

    How should I format my slideshow to make it compatible with playing in a DVD player once mastered?

    Thank you for the fast response!

  47. Mike says:

    I also searched my vista computer (through the “search” option) for Windows DVD Maker, and it appears that i do not have Windows DVD Maker. =(

  48. Mike says:

    Also, should I “publish” my slideshow with Windows Movie Maker? If I do publish it (which i have not yet), I am able to publish it onto “this computer,” “Recordable CD,” “E-Mail”, and “Digital Video Camera.” There is no option for my to publish onto a DVD player…

  49. Brent Trahan says:

    The video file you created with Windows Movie Maker needs to be formatted for a DVD player and burned using something like Windows DVD Player.

    A DVD that’s playable by a DVD player needs to be formatted a specific way.

  50. Mike says:

    Thanks again!

    1. How do I format my video file for a DVD player?

    2. How do i access Windows DVD Player (it is not on my computer)?

  51. Mike says:

    I know i need to format my slideshow under AVI…but how do i do this?

  52. lance says:

    i cant format my dvd. it says “windows was unable to complete the format”

    then i used windows media player to burn. its completed, but its not written in the dvd.

    i used drag and paste. successfully burn, but then again its not save in the dvd.

    what is wrong? im using dvd-r 4.7gb 16x

    i already used this before, it worked then.

  53. hanna says:

    i want to use this on a tv so i need it in dvd form ive tried hundreds of times but it still wont work!

  54. Todd says:

    Got me a new laptop, which helped me get 3 A’s last quarter, sweet. Downside: still have not burned a single successful DVD. Tried lots of things. On my old computer, all I needed was XP and nero, ’twas easy, and because XP has been so damn good to me for many years, I almost paid the extra 100 bucks for the laptop with XP installed. Sadly I was a cheapskate and went with the Vista that they were pimping. For the past few months now, I copy .VOB files from this computer to my flash drive, then walk over to the living room, copy them to my wife’s computer (hers has XP of course) and then burn the files to a DVD-R. It plays every time. Except, of course, on days like today when I say “why can’t I get the burner on my brand new Vista laptop to work?” and then I google for solutions, and this time landed on this page, followed the instructions to the letter, only to be again disappointed. Seems like a massive waste of a DVD drive, considering I don’t have any other use for it. A few years ago I bought a DVD/VCR recorder which can dub either direction, and it was also handy for recording TV shows directly onto DVD-RW, however, the DVD-R discs are cheaper so I dub a full DVD-RW disc over to a DVD-R and then format the DVD-RW for the next round of TV shows. A great system, and because the recording is homemade, there is no encryption, thus no decoding necessary. Just a straight-across data burn. The DVD-RW discs come out of the DVD recorder completely playable on other DVD players, and therefore a direct copy onto DVD-R always yields the exact same menus and everything… EXCEPT when I try to do it with Vista. So here I am today, a few more wasted discs and a few more wasted hours, reminded why it is that I’m STILL copying discs on my wife’s old (and very slow) XP computer instead of my brand new Vista laptop. And I have a pathogen presentation due in lab tomorrow, and now hours less to get it done, only because VISTA CANNOT BURN A PLAYABLE DVD-R. Thanks Vista! I only hope my memory of the frustration lasts longer this time, so the Pollyanna in me doesn’t pop up again next month and say “maybe THIS time it’ll work”. The only good thing about finding this website is learning that I wasn’t the only one. I feel better knowing that Vista is the problem, not me, and now I’m much less likely to waste any more effort on this fruitless endeavor. Enquiring minds want to know: If Vista CAN burn to DVD-R, then why is it such a secret? Definitely not user-friendly.

  55. cris says:

    yep, I got a lot of problems with this burning issues. Anyway, can anybody answer this ?. If a movie you download has about 700mb and a dvd has about 4.7g. does that mean that you can fit at least about 5 700mb movies on a dvd-r? how does this work? thanks.

  56. Alex says:

    “You’re doing something wrong. You’re the first of over 100,000 people viewing this guide to tell me it doesn’t work.”

    What an entirely arrogant reply! There are many reasons the disc might not be read in different DVD players from disc manufacturer to disc type used (+/- R) to session closing on some players to the media format saved upon the disc (likely the cause of many of the comment issues above) to the type of media (some players can view images and not only movie filetypes. These are to name but a few reasons which could account for hundreds of different errors or causes of “won’t play” scenarios.

    Your initial reply indicative of “my article is perfect and lists all the information you need idiot, read it again as you’re obviously doing something stupid and out of the ordinary” is completely arrogant, ignorant, unhelpful, condescending and uncalled for.

  57. Iain Macbriar says:

    I’m having the same problems as Todd was talking about on 2009 June 2. I was trying to get Vista to write to a DVD. I was doing this by copying some files and pasting them to the DVD drive in Windows Explorere. Each time I get an error message saying

    Windows was unable to complete the format

    (and in the best Vista traditions, there’s no ‘click here for more information’ button!).

    I’ve tried this with brand-new DVD-RW disks, brand-new DVD+RW disks, but neither work. But it does work with CDs.

    My system is a Dell XPS-M1330 running (alas) Vista Business SP2. Processor is Intel T5700 running at 2.2 GHz with 2GB of memory.
    DVD drive is a Matshita DVD+-RW UJ-857G ATA device. It’s “working properly” according to the device manager. Driver is Microsoft version 6.0.6002.18005 of 2006 Jun 21. If I click on [Update driver], then I’m told that I’m using the most up-to-date driver.

    So I’ve googled the error message and ended up here. I’ve tried working through the instructions at the top. But when I click on the [Burn] button, nothing happens. With a DVD inserted, without a DVD inserted, nothing happens.

    I’m obviously doing something fundamentally very stupid – but can anybody tell me what?

    • Uknow says:

      I have the same issue. When i follow the steps to burn a dvd, vista tries to format it, then all goes to hell. Vista destroyed so many dvd’s before i even started to burn. I wasted so much money, it’s agitating just to remember. All this happened when i upgraded to Vista. I was able to burn dvd’s with xp. Ah the good ol days.

  58. Jeff says:

    I think I have the same problem jackie reported on February 14, 2009 at 1:24 am. If I try to create a “mastered” CD, when I click the “burn to disk” button, a (totally useless) search window pops up (Titled “Search Active Captions”). There appears to be no way to get it to burn a mastered CD.

    If I say “live file system”, it copies the files on as I drag them, and then closes the disk on eject. But I really want a mastered CD, so it can be used in other machines.

    • Nic says:

      The program Phototag Express was causing the problem for me. I uninstalled the program and after that the DVD burner worked perfectly.

      • Dim says:

        This is amazing to me. How can you tell a certain program is interfering with such a thing? Is this just real hardcore troubleshooting? This helped, I didn’t even remember I had phototag express on my machine. But I removed it and now it works :D

  59. Blahguy says:

    Using Vista 64 ultimate SP1, DVD-R.
    When I try to create a mastered DVD after copying the files to the “Files to be written” window, then clicking “Burn to disk” I get a message telling me “No files to burn”.

    Am able to create live DVDs, and have used some freeware, (DeepBurner), to burn DVDs, (same brand/type). No “help” from the help section, just the same instructions – There is obviously some problem.

    The instructions you give are just regurgitated from the help files anyway.

  60. Steve says:

    Can burn pictures to master copies of CD’s and will play on DVD player. when attempting to burn pictures to master DVD’s it appears to work ok but will not play on dvd player,the player shows not formatted.

  61. dave says:

    the only way i have found to burn pics to disk to go on to my media player select library select add files by searching computer then it will add all your pics that are on your pc then you select your picture option in your media player choose the file you wont choose burn choose data cd then drag and drop the items you wont to burn to cd commence burn and let your pc do the rest it will eject when its finnished burning and then you can watch your pics on your home dvd player hope that helps everyone that as had this proplem

  62. nonnie says:

    I want to burn a movie and it says its 5 minutes over disc space. how can i put it on 2 dosc that will be read by my dvd player

  63. Brent Trahan says:

    You’ll need to trim the video and then burn the two shorter videos to separate DVDs.

  64. solomondavid says:

    i am using Vista basic. each time i try to use it to format dvd+rw it keep telling me that “window was unable to complete the format”.even after seting the UDF to 2.5. The dvd is sony. can anybody help me please

  65. Greg M says:

    I burned some files Live format on two CDs which I cannot retrieve because the disks will not open.
    Strangely, I did retrieve a file from one of the disks a week ago, but now it will not open.
    Have no problems with mastered format disks.
    Vista 32 Basic. PC is 21 mos old.

  66. Jim Locke says:

    Vista’s motto should be “Burn in H***, because you can’t do it here”.

    I’ve been searching ALL over for a way to set “Mastered” as default, as many of you have, and am convinced that Microsoft simply won’t allow us. Our moderator hasn’t once answered the question “how to do it?”, and he knows his stuff. We CAN’T. (Gee, I don’t sound bitter or anything, do I? LOL)

    Found a perfect solution to all my DVD & CD burning problems…

    Screw Vista. Got myself a cheap secondhand PC, nuked the 40 gig HD and installed XP and a new DVD drive. With a $7 switch box, I hooked the tower up to my current mouse, keyboard, and monitor. I then got an 8 gig USB thumbdrive (they’re less than $13 *delivered* on buy.com right now), and now whenever I need to burn discs, WHAM-O! Just like the good ol’ days. No bull**** wondering whether I clicked “mastered”, or what kind of discs were on sale (the cheap ones always work best). Is it a pain copying the files from one PC to the other? Of Course! But Vista is NOT worth the Pain In My Butt that it’s been causing every time I click the word “Burn”.

    BTW, if you can get your hands on “DVD X Copy”, WinXP will suddenly be your best friend. This program, banned for sale in 2003 because it backed up DVDs *too* well, will not work in Vista because Microsoft WANTS it that way. The site dvdxcopy.com still exists and offers some good alternatives, but none as good as the original. :)

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