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Published on 05.02.07 by Brent Trahan

Burn an Audio CD Using Windows Media Player

How to burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player that can be played on most CD players.


This guide shows you how to burn a CD using Windows Media Player from music in your library that can be played on any CD player.

Burn a CD in WMP

  1. Open Windows Media Player.
  2. Insert a blank CD.
  3. Click the burn tab in WMP. Notice the burn column on the right side of WMP.
  4. Drag individual songs or entire albums from the library to the burn column.


    Hint: You can quickly drag an entire album to the burn column by dragging its album cover.

  5. Click Start Burn to burn the CD.


  • Clear Burn List: If you want to clear the list of songs to be burned click the red X in the burn column.
  • Shuffle: You can shuffle the list of songs in the burn column by dropping down the list to the left of the red X and select Shuffle List Now.
  • Sorting: You can also sort the songs by Title, Album, Artist, Release Date, Rating, and File name by clicking the drop down list to the left of the red X, point to Sort, and then choose you sorting.

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  1. Karen Adams says:

    I have downloaded some music from the internet through a program called limewire, I would like to burn it onto a cd, some of it will not burn and all of it when it downloaded said for an mp3 player, how do i fix the problem, I heard that useing windows media player will convert it if so will you please give me the instructions on how to do it please.

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