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Install and Configure Microsoft Virtual PC

Run multiple operating systems on one computer simultaneously with Microsoft Virtual PC.

Create a VPN Tunnel

This guide shows you how to use free software to easily and quickly create a VPN (virtual private network) between two computers.  An example of a great use for this is connecting to your computer at your house from your computer at the office and using files at your office that are located on your […]

Use the Remote Shutdown Tool to Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff a Local or Networked Computer

This guide shows you how to use the shutdown command and its various switches to shutdown, restart, or logoff local or networked computers from the command prompt, dialog window, or batch file.

Backup Your Copy of Windows

Learn how to copy your Windows CD or DVD and keep the copy bootable just like the original.

Choosing The Best Antivirus Software

Most people don’t understand how dangerous the internet can be. They don’t take having a quality antivirus software package that is properly updated and maintained seriously. Most people just don’t know any better. Most of them buy a new computer, plug it in and turn it on. They start using the computer and never give […]

How to Burn A CD Using Windows XP

Learn how to burn a CD in Windows XP without using CD burning software.

Backing Up Your Computer

Backing up your computer is a very important task you need to do on a regular basis encase something bad happens to your computer. I hate it when I work on peoples computers who lost all their photos they saved from their digital camera or any other important files. This is a very common problem […]

Remove Spyware

Spyware is the thing that slows most computers down. Spyware is exactly as it sounds, software that is placed on your computer without you knowing that tracks what you do. Most spyware comes from websites. You don’t know your getting it because it gets installed on your computer without you knowing it. Why do people […]

Automated Disk Cleanup – Manual

Note: This manual assumes you’re using Windows 2000 or above and Internet Explorer to surf the net. OK using this tool is very easy. First of all you need to download Automatic Disk Cleanup (ADC) if you haven’t done so already. You can download it here. When you download ADC you will be prompted with […]

Automated Disk Cleanup

One feature I really liked about Windows 98 was the ability to run a tool that would automatically run a scan on your hard drive for errors, get rid of all the junk, then defragment the local drives. Since Windows 2000+ that is not the case. I wanted a tool that did the same thing […]

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