Customization Guides:

Run a Program with Administrative Privileges without UAC Prompts

Learn how to create a shortcut that starts a software package with elevated rights without the user account control (UAC) boxes that normally appear.

Apply a Folder View to All Folders of the Same Type

Learn how to set a folder view of all folders of a certain file type in Windows Vista.

Set Your Computer to Shutdown at a Specified Time

Learn how to make Windows Vista automatically shutdown at a certain time.

How-to Disable a Service in Windows Vista

This guide shows you how to disable a service in Windows Vista.

Hide the Clock in Vista’s Taskbar

How-to hide the clock in Windows Vista’s taskbar.

Create a Shortcut That Quickly Opens the Network Connections Folder in Vista

Learn how to create a shortcut that opens the Network Connections folder.

How to Create Symbolic Links

Learn how to create relative and absolute symbolic links in Windows Vista.

Configure Windows Driver Update Settings

Set up how you want Windows Vista to install drivers when a new device is connected to your computer.

Set the Thickness of the Blinking Cursor

Learn how to set the thickness of the blinking cursor in Windows Vista.

Change the Command Prompt Font

Learn how to change the default font of the command prompt.

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