Maintenance Guides:

Optimize Windows Media Center

How-to optimize Windows Media Center for Windows Vista.

Run Check Disk from System Recovery Options

This guide shows you how to run the check disk (chkdsk) command from the System Recovery Options included on the Windows Vista DVD.

Remove Old System Restore Checkpoints and Complete PC Backup Images

Learn how to remove all but the most recent system restore checkpoints and complete PC backup images in Windows Vista.

Defragment the Boot and Application Files in Windows Vista

This guide explains how to defragment the boot and application files in Windows Vista.

Run a Reliability and Performance Diagnostic Report

Learn how to run a Diagnostic Report to troubleshoot a computer problem using the Reliability and Performance monitor in Windows Vista.

Automate Windows Vista’s Disk Cleanup

This guide shows you how to automate Disk Cleanup in Windows Vista using the Task Scheduler.

Using Windows Vista Disk Defragmenter

Learn all about the Windows Vista Disk Defragmenter and how to use advanced options.

How to Use Check Disk in Windows Vista

This guide shows you how to use the Check Disk tool in Windows Vista.

Stop a Scheduled Disk Check

This guide shows you how to stop a scheduled disk check in Windows Vista.

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