Misc Guides:

Windows Experience Index Score Explained

This guide explains what the Experience Index Score is and how to use it when buying a new Windows Vista computer.

How-to Import and Export Power Schemes

This guide shows you how to export and import power schemes in Windows Vista.

How-to Setup Disk Quotas in Windows Vista

Learn how to configure disk quotas in Windows Vista to limit the amount of disk space a user can use on a single computer.

Create a Striped Volume

Learn how to double your hard drive throughput by creating a striped volume in Windows Vista.

Convert a MBR Disk to a GPT Disk

Learn how to convert a Master Boot Record (MBR) disk to a Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table (GPT) disk in Windows Vista.

Record Sound in Windows Vista

Learn how to record sound with a microphone using Sound Recorder in Windows Vista.

How-to Change a File Extension

Learn how to change a file’s extension in Windows Vista.

Extend a Volume in Windows Vista

How-to increase the size of a volume (drive or partition) in Windows Vista.

Shrink a Volume in Windows Vista

How-to shrink a volume (drive or partition) in Windows Vista, create a new volume from the unallocated (empty) space created, and then format the new volume.

Turn Hybrid Sleep On in Windows Vista

Learn about Hybrid Sleep in Windows Vista and how to turn it on.

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