Misc Guides:

Turn Hibernation Back On in Windows Vista

Has your computer stopped hibernating all of a sudden? This guide shows why hibernation is sometimes turned off and how to turn hibernation back on in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Startup Repair Tool

Learn how to fix most startup problems in Windows Vista with the Startup Repair tool.

How-to Create a Windows Vista IIS7 MySQL PHP Web Server

Learn how to create a Windows Vista powered web server running IIS7, MySQL, and PHP.

Copy an Error Message

Learn how to copy the text of an error message in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Memory Diagnostic

Learn how to scan your computer’s memory (RAM) for errors with Windows Vista’s Memory Diagnostics tool.

Boot Windows Vista Up In Safe Mode

This guide shows you how to boot Windows Vista up in Safe Mode.

Restart Windows Vista Quicker With a Warm Boot

Shave a few seconds off the boot up time of Windows Vista by performing a warm boot when restarting your computer.

How-to Use ReadyBoost

This guide shows you how to use ReadyBoost to speed up a sluggish Windows Vista computer.

Stop the Windows Has Blocked Some Startup Programs Pop-Up Box from Appearing

Stop the Windows has blocked some startup programs pop-up box from showing up in the task bar after you run the msconfig or Windows Defender startup tools.

Understanding the Sleep Power State in Windows Vista

This guide explains how the sleep power state (new in Windows Vista) works and what to watch out for when using it.

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