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Published on 05.23.06 by Brent Trahan

Create a .net Passport with Your Non-Hotmail Address

Learn how to register your non Hotmail or Live e-mail address so that you can use it to chat on Live Messenger.

Did you know you can use MSN Messenger with a non-hotmail or MSN e-mail address?  All you have to do is create an account with Microsoft’s Passport (.net) network with your e-mail address and you can use that e-mail address as a MSN Messenger account to chat with people and many other Microsoft services.

Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is go to this website and click Sign Up in the top left of the page.

On the next page make sure Yes, use my e-mail address is highlighted and click continue.

Fill out your information on the next page.  Put the e-mail address you want to use to sign in to MSN Messenger where it asks you for an e-mail address.  Make sure you pay attention to the characters you have to type towards the bottom of the page.  Make sure you use capital letters if they are capitalized in the picture or it won’t work.

You have to sign an agreement on the next page by typing your e-mail address in the box and clicking I Accept.

Now you have to verify that e-mail account by clicking a link they e-mail to that account that verifies you own it.  Once you verify your e-mail address you can use it to chat on MSN Messenger and other Microsoft services with your e-mail address.

You’re done!

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6 Responses to “Create a .net Passport with Your Non-Hotmail Address”

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  1. barry mooney says:

    mothers maiden name

  2. rupak says:

    the hot mail is not live for long time.

  3. Bob Graf says:

    I found something totally absurd. I am not able to set up an Outlook Express acct with an msn.com e-mail. It just doesn’t work.
    Any ideas?

  4. Brent Trahan says:

    You need Windows Live Mail instead of Outlook Express. You can’t check live mail (hotmail) with Outlook anymore.

  5. Pete says:

    I can’t create my account on Microsoft .NET Passport services!
    It just doesn’t seem to work it out!
    There’s an error that requires me to retype e-mail adress everytime. I could creat a live.com mail account, but the website just doesn’t work with the .NET services.
    What should I do?

  6. Ravesh says:

    Thnks zat was rily helpful…

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