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Published on 03.17.08 by Brent Trahan

Create and Burn a Slide Show to DVD Using Windows DVD Maker

Learn how to create a slide show, add music to it, transitions, pan-and-zoom affects, and burn it on a DVD that plays on most DVD players using Windows DVD Maker for Windows Vista.

This guide shows you how to create a DVD slide show that plays on most DVD players complete with music, transitions, and pan-and-zoom affects.

Touch Up Photos

Before I create a slideshow DVD I like to touch up the photos. I like to remove red eyes, maybe make the colors more vibrant, sharpen, or even create a panoramic photo from multiple photos.

Create and Burn Slide Show DVD

  1. Import the photos into Windows DVD Maker.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Pick a menu style from the list.
  4. Customize the menu.
  5. Click Slide show so that we can change the slide show settings.
  6. You can add music, make the slideshow as long as the music, manually set the time between pictures, the type of transition between pictures, and whether or not to use pan and zoom affects.


  7. Click Change slide show when you’re finished customizing it to save the changes.
  8. You can preview the slideshow by clicking Preview at the top of the Windows DVD Maker window.
  9. Once you’re happy with the slide show click Burn.

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  1. vfox says:

    Windows DVD Maker is great dvd slideshow maker under Vista! For WinXP, you could try Wondershare Movie Story to make photo slideshow and directly burn slideshow videos, matched with songs, to DVD for TV playback.


  2. Amy Lefevre says:

    Hi, I’m trying to create a picture slideshow with music using the Windows DVD Maker. I’ve added 240 pictures. When I preview the pictures, it works fine. But, when I add music it doesn’t work at all. I’ve read about filters, but I don’t understand it. I’ve looked in the options button, under compatibility and there isn’t any kind of list in the box to unmark. The music I’m trying to use is what I’ve downloaded from Amazon. Can you please help me?

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