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Published on 01.04.06 by Brent Trahan

How to Burn A CD Using Windows XP

Learn how to burn a CD in Windows XP without using CD burning software.

Did you know that Windows XP is capable of burning a CD without third party CD burning software? It’s easier than you think. Windows XP has a wizard called the CD writing Wizard that uses the Roxio CD burning engine.

This guide will show you how to burn a folder full of photos to a CD for safe keeping. You can use the same technique taught in this guide to burn just about any file or folder to a CD also.

The first thing you need to do is place a blank CD in your CD burner. If you see a window popup like the one below just click Cancel.

Go to My Computer and open your CD burner drive. It will most likely be D, E, or F. When you open the drive with the blank CD in it notice how there is nothing there. Below is a screen shot of my CD burners drive open with a blank CD in it.

In this example I’m going to assume you are going to burn a folder filled with photos that is saved inside your My Pictures folder that is inside your My Documents folder. The first thing you need to do is maximize your window that has the folders with the photos you want to burn to CD (in this case your My Pictures folder).

Note: Maximizing a window is making that window take up the whole screen by clicking the button next to the X that looks like 1 square in it that’s located in the top right of the window. If the button has 2 little boxes in it, that means the window is already maximized.

Now that you have the folder maximized with the folder(s) containing the photos you want to burn to CD you need to open your CD burners drive.

What you want to do with the window that shows your CD burner drive is make it smaller so that you can see the folder(s) you want to burn and the CD burner’s drive window on your screen at the same time. If you need to resize the CD burners window simply point at the lower right of the window until your mouse changes from a pointer to a diagonal arrow that is pointing in both directions. When your mouse changes to the diagonal arrow click with your left mouse button and while holding down the left mouse button drag the corner of the box out to make it smaller.

Once you are done your desktop should look something like the one shown below. You can click on the screen shot below to get a better look if you need.

Click here to get a better look.

Once your desktop looks something like the one shown above you need to drag each folder you want to burn from the My Pictures folder (the large window) into the CD burner’s folder (the small window).

You drag a folder by pointing at the folder, clicking the folder with your left mouse button, and while holding down the left mouse button moving the folder with your mouse to where you want to put it. When you get to where you want to put the folder, let go of the left mouse button.

While dropping folders in the CD burners window you might get a screen like the one shown below.

Check the box next to Repeat my answer… and then click Yes.

Once you drop the folder(s) in your CD burner’s window it will look like the one below.

Notice how the folder(s) look dim and have a down arrow on them. That means those folders are not on the CD yet. They are still being held in memory until you tell your computer to burn the CD.

To tell the computer to burn the CD click back on the CD burners window or just go to My Computer and open your CD burners window. Right-click on the CD burners drive in the My Documents folder and select write these files to CD.

Now you should see a window similar to the one below.

Type what you want to name the CD or you can leave what Windows XP automatically adds under CD name. What you name the CD appears to the right of the drive letter when you browse to the CD in your My Computer Folder.

Once you’re finished naming your CD click Next. When you click next you might get a window similar to the one below.

This box asks you if you want to make a highMAT compatible CD. A highMAT compatible CD is a CD that has either photos or music that can be played on a device like a DVD player. If you want this select the top option that says convert files if necessary. If you don’t want this click the option that says do not convert files. Click next.

The next window that pops up simply shows you what’s going on during the burn process. Below is an example of what you might see.

When it’s finished burning the CD, a window similar to the one below will popup.

This box lets you know it’s finished burning. Right about this time your computer probably ejected your new CD. I would stick it back in and go to your My Computer folder. Notice how the new CD shows up in My Computer as the name you gave it.

Open that drive and make sure you can see and open the files you just burned to that CD.

That’s it!

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