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How-to Create a Home Video DVD

DVDs are the new VHS. This guide points you to all the guides that help you export your home videos from your video camera, edit them, and then burn them to DVD complete with menus and all that will play on pretty much all DVD players.

What You Will Need

Video Editing

Import Video

If you’ve purchased a new camcorder within the past few years chances are it’s a DV camcorder that has a DV output.

Use the Windows Vista’s Video Import Wizard [6] to transfer the video from your video camera to your computer. When importing the video you want to import the entire video tape and choose the Audio Video Interleaved (single file) format. This is the highest quality video import possible for a non-HD video camera. You always want to work with the highest possible quality video.

Don’t worry if you import video you don’t want to burn on DVD. That can be cut out later.

Edit Video

  1. Open Windows Movie Maker (Start orb, All Programs, Windows Movie Maker).
  2. Click Import Media located at the top left of the Windows Movie Maker window.

    windows-movie-maker1.png [7]

  3. Browse to the location of the video file(s) you want to import, select the video file(s) and then click Import.

    windows-movie-maker2.png [8]

    Hint: You can select multiple files at one time by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then clicking each file you want to import.

  4. Add the video clip(s) to the Windows Movie Maker story board [9].
  5. Now you can clean the video clip(s) up by trimming [10] it. You can also add effects [11], transitions [12], and titles and credits [13].
  6. When you’re finished editing the video, publish [14] it in AVI-DV format.

DVD Creation

Now you can burn the video(s) to DVD using Windows DVD Maker.

  1. The first thing you need to do is import the video(s) into Windows DVD Maker [15].
  2. Next, set up a few options [16] and create a DVD menu [17].
  3. Now you can finally compile and burn the DVD by clicking Burn.

Note: The compile and burning process can take a long time depending on the speed of your computer.