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Published on 03.13.08 by Brent Trahan

How-to Set Up Parental Controls

Learn how to set up and use parental controls in Windows Vista to monitor your kid’s computer usage.

Do you know EXACTLY what your kids do on the computer?

Do you know every website your kids have visited, all the conversations had by IM or e-mail, music listened to, software used, or settings changed on the computer?

Does your computer block unacceptable web sites, let you control how long and at what times your kids can use the computer, what software they can use, or present all of this data in an easy to read and organized report?

All of these capabilities and more are included with Windows Vista. This guide shows you how to implement these Parental Controls and monitor your kid’s activities after Parental Controls have been implemented.

Parental Controls

Remember: Parental Controls alone won’t protect your kids on the computer. You have to monitor what they are doing with Parental Controls and deal with issues that come up.

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  1. Amely Johnson says:

    This type of parental control makes you a time cop, so you kids need to become time killers)))). Firstly my elder one just set himself as an administratior, I found that, then he learned to prolong the given time, using something in the command string – his dad found that, and all we had looked like a cheap detective. I didn’t want to be a time cop anymore, so I bought a programm, called Time Boss (http://www.nicekit.com/), believe me, it’s much better and easier, than using Win parental control, and as it lets you not only to block, but to limit access to certain sites and applications, one day you can tell your kid about it and let him be his own Time Boss. Before that you can run the programm in “Stealth” mode )))))

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