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Published on 05.19.06 by Brent Trahan

Import & Export Internet Explorer Favorites, Feeds, and Cookies

Learn how to import or export your Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) favorites, feeds, and cookies.

Internet Explorer 7 makes it easy to import and export your favorites, feeds, and cookies with an import and export wizard.  This guide shows you how it’s done.

In this guide I’m going to show you how to export and import your favorites.  The same applies to importing and exporting your feeds, and cookies.

Open the Import/Export Wizard

At first glance the Import/Export Wizard might be a little hard to find for most people.  To open the wizard you need to be able to view the classic menu.  By default it’s hidden in Internet Explorer 7.

To view the classic menu right-click in the empty space just to the left of the home button in Internet Explorer 7 and select Classic Menu.

Now that the classic menu is accessible click File, then click Import and Export.


The first screen you’ll see when the Import/Export Wizard opens is shown below.

Click next.  In the next screen you need to decide if you want to import or export your favorites, feeds, or cookies.  You can only import or export one at a time.  In this example I’m going to export my favorites.

Select Export Favorites and click next.

The next screen is where you decide what favorites you want to export.  By default the root folder (favorites) is selected.  That means all the folders and favorites inside the root folder (favorites) will be exported.  You can select to export certain folders or favorites only by selecting them.

Once you selected what you want to export click next.

The next window is where you decide to save the exported file.  By default it’s saved in your My Documents folder and named favorites, cookies, or feeds.  You can change where it’s saved by clicking browse and picking a place to save it from there.

When you click Finish on the next window the export will take place.

A little box will popup and tell you it was successfully exported.

That’s it!


In this example I’m going to import my favorites I just exported in the previous example.

Open the Import/Export Wizard.  Click next on the welcome screen.

Select to Import Favorites in the next screen and click next.

The next window is where you decide where to import the favorites from.  By default it looks in your My Documents folder.  If you need to import the file from another location click browse and select the file from there.

Since I am importing from the default location I’ll click next.

The next window asks you what favorites or folders you want to import.  You can import some or all of them simply by selecting them in this window.  Since I’m importing all of them I’ll leave the root folder (favorites) selected and click next.

When you click Finish on the next window the import begins.

When the import is finished a window similar to the one below pops up.

You’re done!

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