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Published on 04.04.07 by Brent Trahan

Logon Windows Vista as Administrator

This guide shows you how to enable and log on to Windows Vista with the Administrator account.

If for whatever reason you must login Windows Vista with the Administrator account this guide will show you how it’s done.

Note: If you’re trying to stop User Account Control (UAC) popups when you change settings or install software you should try disabling User Account Control before logging in as Administrator.

Warning: Running as Administrator in Windows Vista bypasses all security (UAC) and is NOT recommended. If you decide to use the Administrator account don’t complain when you start having problems.

Learn how to log in Windows 7 as Administrator too.

Enable the Administrator Account

  1. Open the command prompt with Administrative privileges by opening the Start Menu, and typing cmd in the search box, and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter or click the Start orb, All Programs, Accessories, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  2. Type the following in the command prompt and press Enter after:

    net user administrator /active:yes

  3. Restart your computer and logon as Administrator.

Note: You might want to set a password for the administrator’s account for at least a little protection.

Disable the Administrative Account

To disable the Administrative account run the Net User command demonstrated above while logged on an account with administrative privileges but not as the Administrator account and replace yes with no.

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184 Responses to “Logon Windows Vista as Administrator”

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  1. Paul Marga says:

    Thanks a lot for your hint, saved me a lot of trouble. I am still amazed what Microsoft did with this admin account, which is actually needed by some applications.

  2. iNNdrit says:

    Thankkks a lott man u r tha best ;)

  3. Paul says:

    This does not work what a hoax.

  4. Brent Trahan says:

    @Paul If you’re having a problem, try asking for help next time instead of trying to discredit this guide.

    I’ll be more than happy to help you out Paul.

    • Onaca says:

      i tryed to do this to run as administrator but it keeps giving me an

      system error 5

      how do i run as admin?

      with this error?

      • Squall01 says:

        Run the cmd as an administrator…use the following steps

        go to start–>accessories–>Run

        Right click run and select run as admin….

        • dennis says:

          net user administrator /active:yes

          remove the space so it is….

          net user administrator/active:yes

          • Bryan Clark says:

            no the question is how does he make it run as administrator when he can’t open it as administrator

          • Stephen says:

            had a similar issue. was able to bypass the permissions error. i could NOT use RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and the ctl/shift/enter didn’t work either. UNTIL i restarted (F8 on startup) in SAFE MODE.

            THEN i was able to run … ctl/shift/enter … net user administrator /active:yes

            i still don’t get RUN AS ADMINISTATOR … i guess the ctl/shift/enter did it for me.

          • Jens Hochapfel says:

            Very comprehensive instructions, particularly the F8 during startup -> safe mode procedure saved my day after having made a friend’s computer unacessible by playing wit the net user command without really nowing it yet; so thank you Stephen, thank you Brent Trahan, you’ve saved my week.

            me suggest u instal spel an gramar buttons on ye page 4 friends like Paul…
            ..seriously, posts with those same elements – poor language, poor understanding of the topic, failure in applying instructions, discouragement of forum public – are found all over the help blog sphere whenever something really effective is getting published, with such regularity as to make the phenomenon seem systemic, if not systematic. (viz. ,i.e. Panda’s blog on their USB vaccine)

            one more cheer for your quality in both content and moderation -J.

          • Marco says:

            theres two command prompt
            1st c:\users\me>
            2nd c:users\me\system32>
            which onw i choose and what i write ?
            user administrator /active:yes like that with this spaces and in the same line ?

  5. Achakru says:

    This article was clearly explained and was very useful wen cracking into my friends system (in front of him to show off ;)) Thank you very much

  6. luka says:

    i do not understand the ctrl+shift+enter it doesnt work to open can u explain it more clearly like do i have to select it first then do it or what

  7. Brent Trahan says:

    Type cmd in the Start Menu’s search box and then press and hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard. While holding down the Ctrl key press the Shift key. While holding down both Ctrl and Shift keys press the Enter key (Ctrl+Shift+Enter).

  8. Rob says:

    How do you set a password?

  9. Brent Trahan says:

    @Rob http://www.maximumpcguides.com/create-a-new-user-in-windows-vista/

    It shows you how to set a password halfway down the guide.

    • corey says:

      i have a Acer Laptop and it has Window vista home premium and when you log onto windows it has a lock and you can’t get in to windows the cpu, was giving to me and i have no idead how to do it any help would be appreciated thanx..

  10. stan says:

    Don’t know what that dude PAUL is complaining about. Worked on the 1st try for me.


  11. dez says:

    another way for admin prompt

    type cmd (right click it)
    open as administrator

    follow above as required.
    the above works indeed, as ive just done it, and
    ive got whitnesses lol
    but this method is for the less button pressing alternative.

    good tutorial

    p.s paul? if this is ur site id just delete the post
    as they clearly dont follow instructions and become
    moronic user afterwards.
    aka (him: it doesnt work you:how? him:i dunno…)

  12. Bob says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  13. moe says:

    im trying to get into administrator just so i could download something, apparently im not administrator im im affraid that its goin to ruin my computer if i try this out.
    what kind of problems could you get?

  14. Brent Trahan says:

    Do you need administrative rights to download and install software? You can give your user account admin rights by following this guide:


    Enabling the ability to log on as Administrator won’t hurt anything. Once you’re logged on as Administrator all protection like UAC is disabled leaving your computer wide open.

  15. marius says:

    Man!!! This is a nice move i appreciate the hint it save my day. May i have your mail for more discussions.

  16. Steve says:

    Is there someway to hide the admin account like on windows xp. On windows xp pro you type ctrl+alt+delete two times and you can then type in the administrator account, but it’s not a button on the login screen. That’s how I want it on my vista machine.


  17. Tyler says:

    Does this only work with a certain version of Vista? I have home premium and it still says access denied when i try to enable… I’m new to vista, but i’ve been around microsoft and previous versions for a long time.. thanks.

  18. Brent Trahan says:

    This does work on home premium.

    It might not be working because you’re not opening the command prompt with admin rights.

  19. ViPo says:

    i have a problem… i can’t open the prompt with adminn rights.
    the ctrl+shift+enter combo doesn’t work and the right-click->”open as admin..” doesn’t work.
    do i have to be on an admin account to do this?

  20. Brent Trahan says:

    No, but it will ask you for the password of an account with admin rights in order for those admin rights to be temporarily passed to your account.

    If you don’t know the password you’re out of luck.

  21. DizzyX says:

    Hi guys, i opened the cmd fine…but when i go to type in and hit enter it says *System error 5 has occurred.* * Access is Denied* :(:(:(, can someone PLEASE help me?!, i don’t get why it wont work…i am typing it in correctly.

  22. Brent Trahan says:

    Did you run CMD as Administrator?

  23. DizzyX says:

    yes i did :/

  24. DizzyX says:

    When i do the above instructions, i get that error *System error 5 has occurred.* * Access is Denied*…even when i restart still says the same.

  25. Brent Trahan says:

    You might have a firewall issue, or the Admin account is already enabled.

    This might help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555644

  26. Steven Hertz says:

    great post…looked all over got bad info or info that only worked in vista ultimate. worked like a charm first time in home premium.

  27. Rich Gehring says:

    I was able to log-on as adminstrator but I still can’t delete the user folder (costco majors). This is an hp portable purchased at Costco. I deleted all the files in the folder but can’t delete the actual folder.

  28. Joanne says:

    i’m locked out of my vista laptop already.. somehow someone managed to tap into my laptop and changed the password with me knowing.. ideas?

  29. Brian says:

    This worked so perfect and fast!! Thanks A Lot. In other words you can break into anyones vista system just by using the provided net user ad in the Dos command and being logged in as a only a guest? WTF?

  30. Brent Trahan says:

    @ Brian: No. It’s not that easy. If you would have read the guide you would have read that you need to be logged in as a user with administrative rights to enable or disable the admin account.

    Enabling and disabling the Administrator account is nothing new. This has been available in numerous previous versions of Windows. The only difference is that Vista is the first client version of Windows with the Administrator account disabled by default.

  31. Brian says:

    Thanks Brent. I had already discovered my error after writing my post. This did work for me and I was able to delete files installed from a program I downloaded that was not Vista compatible. I was unable to do this from my own acct. So is there any way to change my named account to an admin account ( I have only one account on my computer) and if not what is the reason for this? This is a bit confusing!! Again Thanks for your help!!!!!!

  32. Kid says:

    Very Useful, but in reality the reboot/restart is not needed. All that you have to do is Switch users or Log off of the currently logged in account. Pressing Windows+L will allow you to switch users.

  33. hendra says:

    anybody have a problem about login 2 administrator Win vista?
    cause i was success login it, and shown administrator while log on. I am used vista home basic.

  34. Pops says:

    It worked when I navigated to \Windows\System32 and right clicked on CMD(.exe) and chose Run as administrator. Then the net user command shown at the top worked.

  35. Bobulon says:

    Doesn’t work for me either. Putting ‘cmd’ into search results in nothing?

  36. amitesh kumar sinha says:

    Thanks for help.Through your help I am able to logon with administrator account

  37. phebe says:

    Easy instructions to follow. I found that it is important to follow the instructions of how to access CMD line in the original post. Windows key+R and then type “cmd” in Run box gets you to a different path (C:/User/username vs C:/Windows/system32). The first path leads to failure. The second, and correct one, leads to success.

  38. kenny says:

    you must first disable the UAC. Then only go to the command prompt and type in “net user administrator /active:yes”. Then restart your machine. The “administrator” will automatically appear.

  39. Brent Trahan says:

    You DO NOT have to disable UAC to enable the Admin account. You have to open the command prompt with admin privileges though.

  40. Dan says:

    Wtf when I do the:net user administrator /active:yes. to windows system32 it just says: username can’t be found ftw??? please help me. I really need to log in as administrator.

  41. Dan says:

    I even copied the net user text and attached it to commandprompt please help me :( not fun.

  42. Brent Trahan says:

    What version of Windows are you using?

  43. Me says:

    Beware that if UAC is turned off you will not be asked for credentials or permission when trying to run as administrator, and therefore the above will not work. It happenned to me and it took me a little while to figure it out – I have UAC turned off as the pop-ups are too annoying. I was able to active the administrator account when logged in with a logon that has administrator privileges alright, but when tried to log in as “guest” and tried the above, didn’t work because of the UAC being turned off. Hope this helps.

  44. Steve says:

    I have a problem in that I have no active users with Administrator rights, so cannot enable UAC or active the Administrator account. Any advice?

  45. Steve says:

    Steve adds:
    Sorry – Further to above: The user which DID have Admin rights was demoted to Power User (as a security measure!) This was before I found out that the default Administrator was disabled. There seems to be no way back!

  46. Dan says:

    Can someone here still help me please, I already posted my problem I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium.

  47. Harris says:

    I have tried your solution on installing software on Vista 64 bit. But I am still having an issue. I am admin of my laptop(the only user) for some reason Vista will not let me install software or delete files. I have to take ownership of my hard drive (c:\)everytime that i want to install or delete a file or folder, and when I connect any USB external hard drive i have to do the same thing to it. then once I reboot its find until the next time I turn it back on. I never had this problem until I hard drive crash when vista went into Hibernation mode adn then blue screen on me. I hae blow away the partition and install fresh copy Vista. Anys idea before I call and get a new hard drive?

    thank you in advance

  48. Sreejith says:

    thanks dude now i can enter in to administrator….

  49. Philip says:

    I was able to do all this above and reboot.

    But I dont see the username “administrator” after I reboot and I am back in my username called “philip” account.

    Where is the administrator profile? “philip” is the administrator

    I was going to use this to delete a file, but after I log in, the files are gone. I went to task manager is to see what has a grip on that file and I cannot find it under the “command line” column.

    This Vista x64 thing is crab! The only reason why I am still in Vista is because I got a 8 GB memory!

  50. Phil says:

    Not working for me, it says
    < the syntax of this command is:

    [username [password : *] [options]] [/domain]
    username /add [options\] [domain]
    username [/delete] [/domain]
    username [/times:]


  51. Umaga says:

    I had the same thing. Was a syntax error.
    Dont forget the space between “administrator” and “/”
    >> net user administrator /active:yes
    Good luck

  52. mike says:


    Im trying to delete a file in the system32 folder.
    Ive logged in as administrator but it still says access denied when i try to delete.


    vista premium.

  53. Lokesh says:

    oh my god.. u saved me… a lots n lots of cost .. n time… god bless u..thankx

  54. Ken says:

    you are the best!
    much thanks :)

  55. Greg says:

    Hi. I have been trying to update windows and I am told I must run as administrator to do this. I am worried about the caution about leaving your computer wide open. What kind of risk is there in this?

    Sorry – I’m very new to this.

    many thanks.

  56. Front says:

    The problem for me is I was administrator and one day my account changed to a guest. I have no way of turning off UAC. When UAC pops up the is no box for entering a password and no “continue” button. I can turn off UAC without administrative privileges and I have no way to get them back. I can’t run anything as administrator so I can’t use the command prompt methods either. So I guess it is really a problem with UAC. Is there a way to fix this.

  57. v b says:

    this does not work

  58. A says:

    Reason you get an error might be:
    net user administrator /active:yes didn`t work =Error
    but net user administrator/active:yes did work,no gap before slash!
    Might help.

  59. mcgyver says:

    This worked great, thank you

    Hey Paul…I think you need to switch back to OS/2 warp or something

  60. floydthecat says:

    A nice little piece of free software called “Unlocker” will also delete a folder upon rebooting your computer. Right click, select “unlock”. You will get a message stating that there was no locking handle found, what would you like to do with the folder? Choose “delete”. You will be told that it can not delete the folder at this time, would you like to delete on the next reboot? Choose “yes”, reboot your computer, folder gone, bang done.

  61. mill says:

    I have enabled vista “administrator” account and it will automatically appears on login.

    But when i login as administrator I still seem not to have all admin privilages. I cannot delete nor save new files in most directories, except /user.
    For example I can not delete nor save new file in WWWRoot directory creted by IIS7. Now it appears as if i don’t have administrator privilages. I’ve got message: not proper folder permissions.

    soemone have idea how to solve this problem with admin foledr permissions>
    thank you

  62. Silvestre says:

    i have been having problems learning with my vista computer system. but the biggest challenge is for my causin that barelly knows how to use a computer at all. i have manage in the past to help remotelly to other poeple, but this time it has been challenging because i am needing IP address which i have an network name. i do not know how to tell my causin to find that for me..
    Any advices with this to remote?

  63. Bryan says:

    Hi I have the same question as Steve about hiding an adminstrative account I know how to hide a regular user account but the adminstrative account doesnt seem to hide. I have read about it and it says that it wont hide cuz of some settings but it doesnt say if it can be hidden. Even if u knew how to bring up a login window on the login screen so i can manually enter name in password thatwould be helpful. On win xp u just hit Cntrl+Alt+Del 2 times and it pops up. Is there a way to do this on Win Vista.

  64. Fernando says:

    here’s what some people are having problem and none is understanding.
    when you iinstall VIsta you are the ADMIMnistrator-BUT if you dont create a password, and then you try to create another user(for your WIFE specially) but of course you wanna take the ADMINISTRATOR previleges OUT,then you are demoting the only ADIMINISTRator in the system. because you dont have a password, anything you try to do is gonna have that box to put the password but the OK BUTTON is GRAY…
    and all these stuff with CMD bla blabla /active:yes, will NOT work.
    WHat worked (and this is crazy) I used the UNLOCKER idea but without any software, tryed to erase the Mydocuments of the only user inthe system, and the computer FROZE. Then i did a FORCED reestart, and FINAALLY the ADMNINISTRATOr account appeared on the LOGGIN, and i could do all the changes ….UFFA

  65. Del says:

    I now have the Admin account showing but it wants a password. I have never created a password for the Admin account and leaving it blank leads to an Access Denied message.

    Am I missing something?

  66. Yvette says:


    I tried your tutorial but I got “user name could not be found”. Any help would be appreciated. i just want to remove some viral files but keeps saying i need permission.


  67. Doug says:

    Thanks. Very helpful and it worked for me. When you get to Command Prompt be sure you right-click or you’ll get the “Error 5” message.

  68. Sander says:

    Hi! I’m having this very strange problem with my windows vista. Every time I login with my account a bluescreen appears. Then my pc restarts perfectly fine, I login again, everything works very well but after 5 seconds I get the same bluescreen again, and so on…
    So I tried to login with my administrator account and the same problem persists!

  69. BJ says:

    but it can not work with Vista Ultimate , please help me how it is possible logon windows vista Ultimate as administors, my partner locked my laptop .

  70. Laura says:

    Brilliant tutorial, thanks, saved me a lot of time.

  71. clayton says:

    I’ve tried this for the second time now, but without success. I’m sure I ran as administrator, I typed it in right, but when I restart or switch users, it only shows my current account. I can’t find anywhere or anything that would let me log on as administrator. Advice please?

  72. Doug says:

    Brent, Thanks for posting this tutorial. Correct me if I’m wrong, but (after doing steps 1 and 2 exactly as explained) instead of restarting the computer as an administrator it seems to be sufficient to log off Vista and then log back in as the administrator account, perform whatever task I need to do in the administrator account, and then log off.

    Then I log back in as me, the user, instead of me, the administrator, and my administrator privileges are disabled, and the UAC is again functioning. It’s a lot quicker than going through the restart process.

  73. mack says:

    i still can’t run cmd as administrator because it has be blocked by group privacy

  74. DIMPY says:


  75. Brent Trahan says:

    I don’t think there is a classic log on screen in Vista Dimpy.

  76. Binnur says:


    my account which was on my name as ‘binnur’ shows that it was the administrator account. But when I try to uninstall a programme or try to update my laptop it used to give me an error saying that i had to log on as an administrator account. So i did all the steps as it shown on the video and restarted my laptop. I now have one administrator and ‘binnur’ account. My question is how can I delete this administrator account and run my laptop on my name account as an administrator?

    Thank you in advance

  77. Brent Trahan says:

    You can’t delete the Administrator account. Your computer needs it to function, even if you can’t use it.

    You can disable the Administrator account by running net user administrator /active:no while logged in as binnur.

  78. Malcolm says:

    I tried to follow your instructions but my computer only lets me get to the Command Prompt and there is nothing else to select ie: run as administrator. any idea’s

    Open the command prompt with Administrative privileges by opening the Start Menu, and typing cmd in the search box, and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter or click the Start orb, All Programs, Accessories, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator

  79. Malcolm says:

    Hi again, I managed a bit further, I miise the fact that I had to use the right mouse toget to the run as administrator bit, so know it’s working. giving me a new problem all my existing programmes are on my own user name which I still can’t download what I want but I can if I use the administrators one, so more investigating lol

  80. Aike says:

    Thank you so much! This works magic!

  81. nick says:

    i have the same problem as mill. I done as this guide sais (ran cmd prompt as administrator and everything) but when i log on as the administrator acc it still sais “you need permision to preform this action”. I have also tried entering a command that lets me right click and “take ownership” of files, however is till have the same problem.

    This is really frustrating, my os stops me from controlling MY computer.

  82. Refu says:

    Awsome i had some trouble with COD4 would not run and when i did manage to install the game it couldnt read the dvdrom…i tried just about everything to fix this problem to no avail. i dont even know how i came up on this website but im sure glad that i did because not only was i able to reinstall the game i was also able to play it for the first time on my new Sapphire ATI RADEON HD 4870 :) ive played the game before but not on 4870 looks beautiful. Anyways whoever posted this THANK YOU !

  83. Bradz says:


    basically i have been having a big problem with my sstem since tuesday now, i have no admin rights on my administrator account, i cant install anything or access the user accounts etc, so i tried your tutorial and as expected when u click on run as administrator i get the access is denied error, any ideas? thanks

  84. peteb says:

    i have followed these instructions fine but i still get the following message when trying to install software “you do not have sufficeint privilages to complete this installation for all users of the machine. Log on as administrator and then retry this installation”,
    surely having followed the instructions i am now in FULL ADMINISTRATOR MODE so why won’t my program load?

  85. Brent Trahan says:

    The software is probably not compatible with Vista. Vista is a completely re-written operating system.

  86. peteb says:

    the program is a bluetooth connection for my phone, the disk is the drivers disk, when i plug in the dongle it loads the drivers. i can verify the drivers over the net as being the latest available, but as it will not show the bluetooth connection or dongle i cannot argue with your comment. So, any idea how i now connet my mobile phone to the PC via bluetooth?

  87. Jim says:

    If people could only read and pay attention to details the would see it all works as smooth as silk. Some people can’t see the forest for the trees

  88. mit says:

    hi everybody.
    ok, the fact is that,this command(net user administrator /active:yes) works only with the account that already has administrative right.
    so with a standard user ,i could open “cmd” with administrator right.
    though this command works with my account,wchich has administrative account, but what if a person lost administrator password???
    have ERD commander introduced for VISTA?

  89. Graham says:

    I followed everything step by step but then it says “system error 5 has occurred…Access is Denied”. Is there any possible way of getting around this. My account was changed from Administrator to Unknown account type which leaves me with VERY limited admin privilages. Please HELP!!!

  90. itwillalwaysbewithme says:

    Hey there. Ive followed the instructions in CMD and got the ‘Command completed successfully’ message.

    I can’t see the admin user button though in the log in screen.

    Any ideas?

  91. mcligam says:

    when i try that method it works right up until i try to log on it lags up and it wont log on at all as admin

  92. mcligam says:

    oh yeh any help would be apreciated also i was wondering if theres anyway to remove user accounts and make it just one profile without the need to logon

  93. Eric says:

    System error 5 has occured.

    Access is denied.

    What I typed above is all I see when I enter in the command “net users Administrator /active:yes

    I am on Vista Home Premium and currently am not an Administrator. The Admin account has a password on it unkown to me. If you know a way to backdoor this and grant myself Admin please post here. Thank you.

  94. Joao says:

    Hi, I’m trying to install an editing software and it doesnt allow me, it says I dont have administrators powers. But theres only one account and when I checked it going to the control panel, it says I’m the administrator.
    Still, I followed what the video above says and I got the message saying the user couldnt be found.
    Any ideas on what I should do?

  95. Roberto Mundo says:

    Cheers Brent! Nice tip.

    On another note, why is my ordinary user account labeled as having administrator rights? Clearly I am not able to execute 100% of things that I need to, even though the account is labeled admin, and have to resort to loading the ‘true’ admin account…. so confusing….

  96. Dave says:

    How can I get to the “defualt user” login account, If I don’t have an administrator account. The comptuer just shows, Guest and one other User, which has administrator rights(my teenage son). The Defualt user account (I assume has administrator rights) I’d like to get to that account so I can install keylogging software. How can I get to the default login screen.

    • Brent Trahan says:

      The first account created when Windows is installed (the account your son is using) is the “default user” account. If you’re trying to enable the Administrator account or create a new administrative account you’ll need to log in using your son’s user account. There’s no way around this.

  97. Dave says:

    Default user login is hidden

  98. Dave says:

    It lists Andrew, Guest and Administrator as seperate accounts when I run ophcrack. But I can’t find a login screen for Administraor(which has no password).

  99. Brent Trahan says:

    The Administrator account is disabled by default for security reasons in Windows Vista and 7. You can enable it from any user account that has administrative privileges by following this guide.

  100. Daniel Gittens says:

    i have just recently used the acount but i have tryed to disable it but when i try to disable it it just says access is denied
    what do i do

  101. Scott says:


    I did logon as admin. and it worked, but some of the quicktime programs like quicktime help still can’t be deleted. I’m having issues installing the latest version and one of them is that some programs still need permission. Can you help?

  102. Daniel Gittens says:

    the adminstartion acount
    i have followed the steps and i type no instead of yes but it just says access denied

  103. Maxbeep says:

    I have vista installed. I am using the default account that has been created during the installation time. Every time I want to install a new software or want to add a new file into system directory I receive an error message like this “System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied”. What should I do? It happened on each and every program. I need Immediate help. Its very first time I am using the Vista. Its going to pissed me off.
    I really need help.

  104. Alfread says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to make the vista administrator account to only appear in safe mode. Please help, I’m trying to hide it from my siblings.

  105. ceejay says:

    tnks, i work well, i neva tot it cud b dis easy, just a touch of a button……………..GRACIOUS

  106. bingutface says:

    hi, is this will help my problem when I try to install the drivers to my ASUS K50IJ laptop, i got the error “You must have administrator rights to complete this action” eventhough I’m already login as an Administrator. =( Please help….

  107. Dwellar says:

    If your logged in as administrator you can also go to start-> control panel-> administrative tools-> Computer management-> local users and groups->expand to users in the right pane right click on administrator goto properties and uncheck account is disabled. Delete your files or folders then go back and recheck it..

  108. signe says:

    Hi all. This guide is really good but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve done all that then I get this error ;
    “system error 5 has occurred. access denied”
    This happened when I installed the genuine WindowsBlind, then I decided to remove it/uninstall it, because I don’t like it. So currently I’m logged in as a guest! And it says that I’m not even an Administrator. I can’t uninstall any program, can’t access into my documents, delete any files, can’t change the dword value or anything at all. I’m using this computer now, as a guest with my name on it, same as I am before, “Signe Zolten”.

    Can someone please help how I can fix this? Please email me at [email protected] . Thank you.

    Sorry for my bad english. I’m from Canada, originally Switz.

  109. lakkimakki says:

    i get– access denied —

    not cool ;(

  110. BJD says:

    It’s not working for me either. I get the Administrator prompt but when I type in “net user administrator /active:yes” it simply responds with:

    ‘net’ is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    Any ideas?

  111. george says:

    there is no search box on my start menu what should i do

  112. Robert says:

    Im havin real problems here. I logged in as an administrator because i was having problems deleting an empty folder. I tried to delete the file but i still couldn’t, and after logging in as an admin, it’s completely changed all my settings or something. My toolbar is in the classic view, i can’t get on the internet because it says “the dependency service or group failed to start” and i can’t even diagnose the problem, because the Diagnostics policy service isn’t run, and i can’t start it manually… please help me out here.

  113. airliestar says:

    ILOVEYOU!!! you saved my life! thank you

  114. Dave says:

    Thanks! This solved a problem I was having – all good now! Cheers, Dave

  115. Brian says:

    OK i did as you said,im still having problems getting into a folder.When i try to open it i get the error message saying…..You dont have permission to open this file.Contact the file owner or an administrator to obtain permission.

    Ive been racking my brain and searching everywhere trying how to get it to open.Is there any advice you can give on how to open it please.

    My OS is windows vista home premium 64 bit.I am registered a sthe administrator,and also there are three other accounts on this PC too.They have nothing to do with the folder,i down loaded on my account from the internet myself.Any advice would help me alot please. Thank you

  116. Dwellar says:

    I had the same problem with a program even though I admin. I think I had to top the service for that program before it would let me in but not sure its been a while. ctrl-alt-delete goto processes find the program and stop it try to enter folder.

  117. kevin says:

    HELP… HELP… !!

    I have problem.
    My ‘C:\’ is not shown up.
    I can’t access the ‘system properties’.
    It always said that access denied.
    I found this tutorial and willing it will work..
    but.. i got problem.

    I can’t select ‘Run as Administrator’. It’s only had choice ‘Open’.

    Oh ya.. I have only 1 account on my Vista.

    Any advise?

    ps: sorry my english is not very well. hope u can help my problem..

  118. Terri says:

    Ok…I did the net user admin active:yes and when I rebooted it didn`t give me an option to login as administrator!!! Now what!!! :P

  119. alok says:

    keep it up

    lage raho…………

  120. jay says:

    ive got a dell latitude that runs windows xp pro ,,,its also under a domain…….i fogot my password and i cant login using admin. iether—it says that the domin is not available….i cant get past the log in screen…….what do i do?

  121. Brandon Lee says:

    Hi brent, im just curious as to why this is importan any more, as i read all the comment, it seems that you can only do this with an administrator account, so if you were trying to do a task,why would you not just perform it on the current account, or sneakily change your other account to administator from that account, really this guide explains how an admin can log onto another admin. Kind of pointless from what i see.

  122. cyclops8123 says:

    hey um brent, im havin trouble, i copied and pasted wat u have and it sais access is denied….need some help… thnx

  123. talisha says:

    I recently sold my laptop to a friend. I took everything off. And deleted my account which was the administrator. I then set the guest account as administrator.it will not allow her to change guest to standard and to create a new account.do I follow your tutorial and it will allow her? Or is it a way to set everything back to orginal settings .bc it only shows a guest account.

  124. azz says:

    i changed another profile from an administrator to a regular user but now when i get the prompt for the administrator password i cannot type anything. i cannot download anything because of this. I want to change one of the profiles to an administrator again. any ideas?

  125. jay says:

    Hi, my ex-partner changed the password on my laptop. It is running windows 7 ultimate. Is there any way for me to get in? I tried running safe mode and command prompt but cannot find an administrator account. Tried ctr alt delete and thatt does nothing.PLEASE HELP!

  126. lisa says:

    Worked well! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. drainey6 says:

    I am what is called a “snow bird” at present I have a isp called road runner when in summer location Charter is my isp — I have a desk top computer

  128. zoe says:

    i need help it says i need to get permission from my administrator to reinstall adobe reader 9.3 and i have no idea what to do can someone help me :D

  129. Sumeet says:

    Thanks a lot. It really helped me a great deal to get cygwin running with vista.

  130. Dale says:

    Vista Home Premium, I have enabled the administrator account using the methods described above no problem. However, I still can not change any user profiles to Full Administrator Privelages. All new users created as Administrator Accounts default back to Standard User Priveleges. Any ideas what has happened and why I can not promote any user even as Administrator?

  131. VIJAY GUPTA says:

    Helped me ………..a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. krishna says:

    If I forgot the administrator password,how can i run CMD with admin privilages i will not be able to even log in as administrator.

    I can login to the system using guest account. Now can I reset the admin password?????

    • To all USERS:

      PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: in case u can’t reset the admin pass for Win XP, 2003,2008, vista, and 7 – you HAVE A CHANCE TO USE ONE GREAT UTIL,

      Use site:

      make small linux CD (burn the iso image which is available there, about 4Mb); Boot your PC from this CD;
      Follow simple instructions, and reset your admin pass to the bank (one of the OPTION, also you can change the pass or unlock account)

      I have try to use a lot of things before, i.e – commands net use – but (w/o admin CMD it’s not WORKING); also a lot of sites will ask you for MONEY -SO DO NOT BE SILLY AND DO NOT PAY for simple admin account unlock!
      That’s all – if you r not lazy & if u really need to reset your pass, try it. Hope it will help.

      BR/[email protected]

  133. usman says:

    I created the administrartor account but when i try to disable it, it won’t work, it say ‘administrator’ is not recognised as an iternal or external command

  134. Billy Bob says:

    I am having problems with the Admin account (UAC)and now I’m having problems I can’t explain… It would of been nice to have some kind of WARNING.
    You need something that says this Plainly. Now I lost everything and I’m not sure what else to do… PLEASE GIVE A WARNING OF SOME SORT FOR THIS ADVICE BECAUSE IT SUCKS TO LOOSE EVERYTHING!

    PS. Does this sound like you? GET A CLUE The warning was IN BOLD LETTERS AT THE TOP!

  135. pradeep says:

    i am opening command prompt but in my system that time also asking admin password

  136. Deborah says:

    Thank you so very much I wish I had checked before about this script error as throughout the years from Windows to Windows Vista I have encountered this error at odd times. This time it would not go away so I searched and your directions and advice worked like a charm. I will say that I did not have to do the control-shift-enter process as once I typed in “cmd” the dos window opened and I just typed in the command.

    It is really a simple matter of following your instructions which are direct and easy to understand. I have to admit that I think I am computer literate but I assumed since this is my personal computer that I was always signed in as the Administrator-surprise but now I know how to log in as Administrator.

    Thanks again!

  137. Jean says:

    I just wnated to say thanks for your help! I tried alot of what you guys said when I was tring to unistall avg – here’s what worked for me;

    -right click ‘cmd’
    – click ‘run as adminitrator’
    -type exactly this: net user administrator /active:yes
    *make aure you include all spaces*

    – Restart your computer
    -there should be an option to either log in to your normal account or admininistrator
    -click administrator
    – delete the files you need to

    *Im not a computer tech (actually I know nothing about them) I just filtered through all the posts and thats what worked for me…. so if it doesnt work for you – im sorry i cant help you :(

    I hope this helps :):):):):):)


  138. Corey says:


    I’ve activated the admin account and I’m logged in as admin but I’m still unable to delete the desired folder. Is there another solution?

    • Thor says:

      Is it a file from an application you have previously removed manually instead of uninstalling or is it a virus?

  139. Fred says:

    A great big thank-you !!

    After hours of problems with a Java install, dealing with a known error,

    asking me to delete a sub folder, Vista just would not let me.

    I tried your suggestion and it worked ‘ first time ‘ :-)))

    It was so simple and straight forward I was amazed, Vista was the

    problem all along.

    I’m going to keep my Admin Account with a password. It’s easier than

    Safe Mode.

    If this is a bad idea, could someone let me know??

    Thanks, once more.

  140. Surian says:

    It really wasted my time to read the whole comments….
    Its sucks & not at all helpful…..
    Y u guys cant reply that if no admin rights then how come one can use run as admin to get the permission…
    Any Any one who knows How to active the admin permission
    Still ans are missing

    no the question is how does he make it run as administrator when he can’t open it as administrator

  141. Anonymous says:

    The Administrator Account Enabled

    A farewell to UAC’s annoying popups

  142. Eric says:

    I am logged in under adminstrator, trying to download a particular item. It pops up the error code saying I cannot download as I do not have adminstrator rights. I tried turning off the UAC and that did not make a difference. How can I get this item downloaded to my computer?

    • Brent Trahan says:

      What are you trying to download? Is it a program, file, or something else? Where are you trying to downloading it from? Or you at home or work when you try downloading it? Are you using Internet Explorer to download it?

      • eric says:

        Trying to download a coupon printer from coupons.com from home and using IE. Have signed in as adminstrator, disabled firewall, and disabled the UAC thing. Still says no adminstrator rights. Also have spybot, AVG and Ccleaner installed on the computer…would they affect anything? I have not turned AVG off.

  143. Aaron Davis says:

    When I try to type in net user administrator /active:yes, I get system error 5 has occured. What now?

  144. andyy says:

    hey guys just wondering Ive done this 2 days ago and this is my 2nd time doing this, it worked the 1st time (net user administrator /active:yes) but the 2nd time i cant it says C:/WINDOWS/system32/cmd.exe the last time i did it it had a ADMINISTRATOR in front of the C:windows… and it doesn’t work when u right click run as admin.. how do i get it so i have the admin cmd and not the other one?

  145. C says:

    What is up? You can boot cmd in windows 7 if you have a compaq presario or a hp pavllion.

    1. Just press esc on boot.
    2. Press f11.
    3. Go to the option in the middle colum.
    4. Click the command prompt option.
    5. Click next.
    A command prompt will pop up. Now you can do administrator commands.

  146. Thor says:

    Ok, I am trying to use my CMD for defragmenting my computer as I have to done it in 4 years. So I am required to use an administrator user account to rune defrag.exe . So I followed the instruction given and this was what happened to me

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
    Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxx>net user administrator /active:yes
    System error 5 has occurred.

    Access is denied.

    Thus, I can’t run defrag.exe . I do not like the disk defragmenter given as it won’t show the % completed in the defragmentation. I am using Windows Vista, and I dare say defrag in Windows Vista is different from Windows XP. Can anyone help me solve my problem please? Thank you.

  147. sinned_nister says:

    is there a way to have an admin privilege in standard user account?

  148. Guy says:

    Thanks for this, I can now make my add ons inactive in Outlook 2007 and stop it from only starting up in safe mode.

  149. adrian says:

    hey there one morning when i got up to use my lap and the pass word wouldn’t work i have tried it over and over again but it wont work what to do is there some way i can restart the hole lap to since it is a newish one and only had it for 3months and then this happened . its a windows vista home basic one what can i do ?

  150. debo says:

    i can’t log on to my administrator name…when i try it says Group Policy Client service failed the logon.
    Access is denied.

    i tried that cmd thing from my user side and all i get is “system error 5 has accurred. access is denied”

    and if i try it without the space between administrator and the / it just says

    [username [password : *] [options]] [/DOMAIN]
    username {password : * /ADD [options] [DOMAIN]
    username [DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
    username [/TIMES:{times : ALL}]

    those are the only two things that come up for me….and only once after i messed with it for a few minutes and little box popped up and said that i did not have permission for whatever it was suppose to do

    i need another option to try…hopefully without having to take it somewhere and pay or buy and expensive disk

    any suggestions or ideas on what to do???

  151. JERRY says:

    I had a pop up that said . Another computer on this network has the same IP address. how do fix I that ?

  152. Clotilde Laitila says:

    You are doing a great job and you put on the project a lot of work, its amazing the new daggerfall look!

  153. ankit says:

    i suppose dell provides great techical support for any dell product issue

  154. this website says:

    Right here is the right website for everyone who would like to find out about this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tough to argue
    with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on
    a topic that’s been discussed for decades. Great stuff, just wonderful!

  155. Josep lasu says:

    I have turn my laptop computer on and the windows is starting but is not after i had finished typing my password is giving me the user profile failed the logon

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