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Optimize Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is a fairly complex system. To keep Windows Media Center running at optimal speeds it’s a good idea to let it optimize itself every day. This guide shows you how to set Windows Media Center to optimize itself and a few extra things to keep things moving smoothly.

Optimize Windows Media Center

  1. Go to Tasks and then select settings with your Windows Media Center Remote Control [1], mouse, or keyboard (select by pressing the space bar).


  2. Select General.
  3. Select Optimization.
  4. Check off Perform Optimization, change the time to optimize if needed, and then select Save.


So what does “Performance Optimization” in Windows Media Center really do? When WMC optimizes itself it restarts the WMC shell (ehShell.exe) to clear any errors that might be slowing down its performance. The shell will never restart if you are watching, listening, or recording content in WMC.

Defragment Your Computer

Since Windows Media Center handles lots of data it’s a great idea to make sure your computer defragments itself on a regular basis [4].