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Published on 06.04.07 by Brent Trahan

Remove Red Eyes from Digital Pictures with Windows Photo Gallery

Learn how to use Windows Photo Gallery for Windows Vista to remove red eyes in your digital pictures.


A very common problem when taking pictures with a flash is the red eye effect in the eyes of people or animals.

This guide shows you how to use Windows Photo Gallery for Windows Vista to easily remove the red from people or animals eyes.

Why Do Eyes Turn Red in Pictures

The intense light of your cameras flash happens too fast for the iris of your eye to close the pupil to adjust for the intense light. The red you see is the blood in the retina of the eye.

People or animals with blue or grey eyes are more susceptible to the red eye effect because they have less melanin which lets more light pass through the retina giving you the red eye effect.

Fix Red Eyes in Pictures

  1. Open Windows Photo Gallery.
  2. Open a picture with the red eye effect in Windows Photo Gallery.


  3. Click Fix at the top center of Windows Photo Gallery.
  4. Click Fix Red Eye on the right.
  5. Draw a box over the eyes by pointing at the top left of the eyes, hold down your left mouse button and drag your mouse to the bottom right of the eyes.
  6. When you let go of the left mouse button the red eyes will be fixed.


  7. Click the Next (Right Arrow) to save the changes.

How to Prevent the Red Eye Effect

  • Don’t use a flash.
  • Have the person in the picture look at the person’s shoulder taking the picture instead of directly at the lens.
  • Increase the lighting in the room so that the person’s pupils close reducing the red eye effect.
  • Use a flash that is away from the camera’s optical axis.
  • Use a bounce flash. A bounce flash is pointing the flash at the ceiling of a wall instead of the person in the picture.

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