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Published on 01.06.07 by Brent Trahan

Resize Windows Vistas Desktop Icons

This guide shows you how to resize the icons on a Windows Vistas desktop.


The desktop icons in Windows Vista can be as small at 12 X 12 pixels to as large as 256 X 256 pixels.

Small, Medium, or Large

You can quickly set the desktop icons to small, medium, or large by right-clicking the desktop, select view, then select small, medium, or large icons.


Below is what the small, medium, and large icons look like.

2resize_desktop_icons.png 3resize_desktop_icons.png 4resize_desktop_icons.png

Finer Control of Size

You can also change the size of desktop icons by clicking the Ctrl key on your keyboard and while holding down the Ctrl key roll the ball on your mouse (the middle button that scrolls web pages up or down when rolled) up or down.

Below are examples of the smallest and the largest desktop icon that can be set.

5resize_desktop_icons.png 6resize_desktop_icons.png

Note: You can change the size of icons in any folder using these techniques also.

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6 Responses to “Resize Windows Vistas Desktop Icons”

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  1. Tim Nicholson says:

    I have a Lenovo X61 notebook which has the little rubber pencil-tip mouse (which I love BTW). How can I resize the icons using that?

  2. Brent Trahan says:

    Can you scroll up or down a web page on your notebook like the wheel of a mouse? If so, hold down your Ctrl key and scroll up or down.

  3. Aprinto says:

    Small icons (size 16) is still big for me. I want smaller icons or change desktop look.
    Like Windows Explorer, we can select icon viewing : large, medium, small icons, thumbnail, list, detail, etc.

    How can I use “list” display setting to set my desktop icon?

  4. David Lender says:

    Cool! I never knew that! Thx!

  5. msk says:

    Kewl .. but the spacing between each icon remains almost the same.
    any way to reduce that?

  6. Jim says:

    How do you change the size of icons smaller than “classic” with a trackball mouse? I only have R/L buttons.

    Sorry…earlier question had bad email address.

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