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Published on 09.10.07 by Brent Trahan

Restore Your Entire Computer from a Backup

How to restore your entire computer from a Complete PC Backup Restore Image in Windows Vista.


This guide shows you how to restore a backup created by Windows Complete PC backup and Restore Image.

Warning: When you restore this type of backup everything you’ve done since that backup was created will be lost. This includes new programs, settings, and all files like pictures and music.

Restore a Backup

  1. Insert your Windows Vista DVD and then restart your computer.
  2. Press any key to boot to the DVD.
  3. Select your language and then click Next.


  4. Click Repair your computer.


  5. Select which operating system you want to restore (there’s usually only one) and the click Next.


  6. Click Windows Complete PC Restore.


  7. By default the Complete PC Restore wizard picks the latest backup to restore if there’s more than one to choose from. If you want to restore the latest backup, click Next.


    You can restore a different backup by selecting Restore a different backup and then press Next. Pick which backup to restore from the list and then click Next.


  8. Click Finished in the confirmation window to start the restore process.


  9. Click OK on the warning box to start the restore.

    restore_entire_pc8.png restore_entire_pc9.png restore_entire_pc10.png

  10. Your computer will restart and the restore will be done.

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One Response to “Restore Your Entire Computer from a Backup”

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  1. steven M says:

    Thanks for the above information. However, I bought a new HP Notebook 64-bit last year with Vista Ultimate. It came with a System Recovery DVD and an Application & Driver Recovery CD.

    All was working well and then two weeks ago, a complete crash occured. Luckily, I had everything backed up to an external hard drive. However, it seemed like the System Board needed replacement. I have a 4 yr warranty with the notebook. I sent the notebook and external hard drive to HP and asked them to repair the notebook and also to restore to the back up on the external hard drive. They repaired the computer to orignal factory settings but did not do the restore from the external hard drive. So, I followed Vista Help instructions:

    -hit F8 key
    -Repair Computer
    -Advanced Options
    -Restore from a complete back up
    -It recognizes a complete back up on my external hard drive but then states needs the DVDs that came with the notebook and to use these to do the back up
    -So, I did, and all this does is set the notebook to the original factory settings and could not restore my back up from the hard drive

    My questions are:

    Is this because in your description I require the original Windows Vista Ultimate Discs?

    Is there anything else I can do to restore from my hardrive?

    Thanks for your asssitance!


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