Set up Windows Vista’s Speech Recognition

This guide shows you how to set up Windows Vista’s Speech Recognition for the first time.

When you first use Speech Recognition in Windows Vista you must set it up before it’ll work correctly.

Setup Speech Recognition

  1. Open Windows Vista’s Speech Recognition by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Ease of Access, and then open Windows Speech Recognition.
  2. The setup wizard will automatically start so you can set up Speech Recognition. You must set it up before you can use it for the first time. Click Next to start the set up process.


  3. Select the type of microphone you will be using and then click Next.


    Note: You can always re-setup your microphone by opening Speech Recognition in the Control Panel (classic view) and then click Set up microphone.

  4. Follow the instructions on setting up your microphone and then click Next.


  5. Read the sentence out loud and watch the bar move as you speak. You want it to reach at least half way into the green but not into the red. When you are satisfied with the results click Next.


    Note: If you’re soft spoken like me and you need to adjust the microphone’s volume, visit the microphone volume adjusting guide.

  6. Click Next on this window to continue the set up process.
  7. Next, choose if you want to let Speech Recognition review your documents and e-mail. If you let it review your documents and e-mail it’ll study them and learn how you speak by what you write. Click Next.


  8. The next screen gives you an option of printing a reference card on how to use Speech Recognition. Click Next when you’re done.


  9. Choose if you want Speech Recognition to start when Windows Vista is booted up or not. Click Next.


  10. At this point you could use Speech Recognition but it will not work very well. Click Start Tutorial to learn how to use it correctly.


    Note: You can always view the tutorial again by going to Speech Recognition in the Control Panel (classic view) and then click Take Speech Tutorial.

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