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Published on 08.26.08 by Brent Trahan

Set Up Your TV Signal in Windows Media Center

Learn how-to set up the TV signal(s) and Programming Guide in Windows Media Center for Windows Vista.

One of the first things you want to do when you get your media center PC up and running is watch TV on it.

This guide will show you how to set up your computer’s tuner(s) and programming guide in Windows Media Center for Windows Vista.

In this guide I’ll set up one digital (HD) antenna and programming guide for my area. Setting up a cable or satellite connection will be similar to this guide.

Set Up WMC’s TV Signal

  1. Start Windows Media Center (WMC) by going to the Start orb, All Programs, and open Windows Media Center.
  2. Navigate to Tasks, and select settings in WMC.

    Note: Once WMC is running, navigating WMC with a Windows Media Center Remote Control is the best way to experience WMC. You could also use your mouse to point and click or your keyboard’s arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to select.

  3. Select TV.
  4. Select Setup TV Signal.
  5. Select Next in the Set Up Your TV Signal section.
  6. Select Yes, use this region to configure TV services if the Region is correct and then select Next.

  7. WMC will download up-to-date TV setup options for your region.

  8. Select to Configure my TV signal automatically in the Automatic TV Signal Setup section and then select Next.

  9. WMC will scan for Cable, Satellite, and Antenna signals.

  10. If everything goes well WMC will pick up your connection(s). If everything is right, select Yes and then select Next.

  11. Let’s set up the Program Guide by selecting Next in the Programming Set Up Guide.

  12. Select Yes when WMC asks you if you want to use their guide.

  13. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Terms of Service, select I agree, and then select Next.

  14. Enter your ZIP code and then select Next.

  15. The programming guide for your ZIP code will be downloaded from the internet.

  16. When the download is complete, select Next.
  17. If you’re using a digital antenna it’ll give you the option of adjusting your antenna and programming guide.

    Select Next.

  18. The next screen shows you all of the channels you could catch according to the programming guide you just downloaded.

    WMC will scan for every channel listed in the guide and tell you the signal strength of each. Uncheck each channel with a low signal so they don’t show up in the programming guide. You can also use the signal meter to adjust the antenna. Checked off channel are continuously scanned and updated for signal strength. Click Next when you’re done.

  19. That’s it! Select Finish and you’re done.

Click the green button on your Windows Media Center Remote Control or click the green orb in the top left corner of the WMC screen to go back to the main WMC screen. Go to TV + Movies, select guide.

Select the program you want to watch and you’re in business!

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12 Responses to “Set Up Your TV Signal in Windows Media Center”

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  1. Dan Vina says:

    Everything OK up to step 10. Then the next screen is not about the
    “Guide” but next screen is:
    TV Signal
    Select your Set-top Box Signal
    What kind of TV service does your Set-top box receive?
    [choice of] Cable or Satellite
    I select cable and after that goes on and with the setup of the remote and the channels on the Media Center.
    At the end, after it recognizes the set-top [Motorola] it give me 17 different tries to change a 3 digit channel with my remote or the keyboard. After no one changes the channel, it tell me to review all again and if if does not work, just give up!!!
    The thing is, the remote or the keyboard changes the number OK, but the channel does not change in the screen!!!
    I am running a HP Pavilion with Windows Vista Home [Media Center].
    Any help will be appreciated!

  2. engel says:

    Hey Vina, I am having the same problem. I am searching the web for an answer, if I get any I’ll let you know.
    same, if you find something let me know.

  3. Andy Roden says:

    All looks so simple. However, I have a problem where by all goes well upto step 8. I don’t have step 8. My system goes straight from step 7 to step 10 informing me that the signal is a TV signal.

    I had the SAME hardward running under Vista 32bit but now upgraded to Vista 64bit with the like 64bit driver but cant configure for tv and composite or just composite.

    I have a Pinnacle Dazzle Stick (330e) and a set top box. I can get the Tv tuner to work fine but need to access the compsite feed.

    Any suggestions?

  4. James Breaux says:

    Step 10 says “if everything goes well”… well what if everything doesn’t go well?
    There’s no links here on what to do if everything doesn’t go well.

    I have a good cable signal, but windows doesn’t detect it.

  5. Brent Trahan says:

    If everything doesn’t go well, you should contact the manufacturer of the computer or TV input card to get help.

    Media Center computers are very complicated. There is no way I could write about all things that could go wrong.

  6. Shakil says:

    I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh.
    My Operation System is Windows 7 Ultimate.
    My TV Tuner is AverTV Hybrid+FM Volar (A828)
    I am facing the same proble.
    Maybe there is no TV guide for Bangladesh region.
    My tuner scan all the channels from Cable (69 Channels)
    but display only one channel which is not clear.
    I cannot change channel. I do not have any additional remote for windows media center except AverTv.
    Do not understant how to set live TV from cable line onto my monitor.
    If anyone have an idea please let me know.

  7. Dave says:

    I have no step 8!!!! Help please

  8. Dave says:

    step 8 is missing on mine! PLease help!!!

  9. dave says:

    if you are not in the US (or other country with EPG) then you will not have step 8 and this guide is useless to you

  10. Sam says:

    Microsoft made it so complicated after add region infect there is no need of region. It should just ask you to select your tuner and then scan channels. Right now Windows Media Center is USELESS….

    No other software working with f**king windows7. I am planing to go back to XP

  11. tdidymas says:

    I have Win 7 64b enterprise. I used this on my USB tuner. But when it showed signal during setup, and found 74 channels, when I try to watch TV, only 2 channels show, and all others show “no TV signal.” What a bummer, I can’t seem to fix it.

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