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Published on 03.21.08 by Brent Trahan

Speed Up IE 8 by Increasing the Connections Limit

Learn how to speed up Internet Explorer 8 by increasing the connections limit in Windows Vista and XP.

When a web browser (IE 8 or Firefox for example) connects to a website it establishes connections. Each connection downloads one thing whether it is the html of the page, an image, or ad. Connections are used as a throttle that’s being held back to keep web servers and the internet from getting overloaded.

By default IE 8 only establishes six simultaneous connections at a time to download a web page. The six simultaneous connections limit is specified in the HTTP standard. The six connections limit can be changed on your computer through a registry edit.

Increasing the maximum allowed simultaneous connects from 6 to 16 can increase the speed of some web sites because the sites are downloaded in larger chunks at a time. Keep in mind that this won’t work on all web sites because the number of connections limit can be controlled by the web server.

Don’t expect this hack to make IE 8’s download speed super fast, but it will make some more advanced web sites more responsive.

Increase IE8’s Connections Limit

Warning: Increasing the connections limit requires editing the registry. Edit the registry at your own risk.

Note: You must be logged in with a user account that has administrative privileges to edit the registry.

  1. Download this registry entry and save it on your computer.

    If you’re not comfortable with running this registry entry on your computer, feel free to right-click it and select Edit to view the file contents. You’ll see it does nothing more than change two registry values dealing with your internet connection.

  2. Merge the registry entry by double-clicking it and agreeing to the two information boxes that will appear.
  3. Restart your computer.

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  1. Mtaram says:

    nice work friend!
    Thank u

  2. idham says:

    does it work…
    i was so afraid to do that…

  3. idham says:

    does it gonna be work ??

    • Kan says:

      zero bytes of used space and zero bytes of free space duh how stupid is that?It plays all other types of files iincudlng all audio mp3, wma, wav and aac files and mpeg4 etc.I also have no problem burning CDs or DVDs with Nero8Is this a driver problem. a registry problem or shat and how do I fix it?

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