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Published on 07.09.07 by Brent Trahan

Stop the Windows Has Blocked Some Startup Programs Pop-Up Box from Appearing

Stop the Windows has blocked some startup programs pop-up box from showing up in the task bar after you run the msconfig or Windows Defender startup tools.


After you run the msconfig or Windows Defender startup tool and stop a program from running when Windows Vista boots up, an annoying pop-up will appear repeatedly next to the time in the task bar.

“Windows has blocked some startup programs.

Windows blocks programs that require permissions to run when Windows starts. Click to view blocked programs.”


This guide shows you how to stop this pop-up from showing on your computer.

Stop the Startup Programs Pop-up

  1. Click the Blocked Startup Programs icon located next to the time on the taskbar.
  2. Point at Run blocked program.
  3. Select System Configuration Utility.
  4. Check off Don’t show this message or start System Configuration when Windows starts in the System Configuration window and press OK.


Now you’ll never see this pop-up message again.

I usually don’t link to sites here but I have been looking around for a fix for this and ran across it on itsvista.com.

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17 Responses to “Stop the Windows Has Blocked Some Startup Programs Pop-Up Box from Appearing”

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  1. john says:

    Thanks! That’s sorted my problem. I’m still on the “I know how to do this in XP, how do I do it in Vista” curve and that was really helpful, thanks.

  2. Joe Jeanes says:

    Thanks, that also took care of the very annoying problem.Again,thank you.

  3. justin says:

    jesus christ thank you so much. i hated that message it annoyed me

  4. Adam says:

    Thank you!!!

  5. Peter says:

    Is it really nessasary to swear like that?
    And shame on the owner of this site for not deleting it.

  6. Computer says:

    I don’t see anything called “System Configuration Utility” when I point at “Run blocked program”

  7. Brent Trahan says:

    Then run any other programs that are listed as being blocked instead of System Configuration Utility.

  8. Stephen Hardy says:

    thanx that was annoying

  9. Techie Zone says:

    I was trying a lot to remove this bloody pop up frm my PC. It is really annoying. Now I am relax that I got to know how to do this.

  10. Ajay says:

    Wonderful..Thank you so much..

    problem got solved,,,thanx

  11. Bill says:

    That’s great thanks. There is a long page on microsoft’s site about this and it’s TOTALLY useless.

  12. anon says:

    Oh God thank you… I’ve been dealing with that message for about a year now x.x … I thought I was stuck with it forever…

  13. tealpear says:

    Great! That was bothering me since ever since!

  14. cheetahfast says:

    many thanks! great fix to an aggravating notification.

    Peter: shut it already.

  15. Khali says:

    After pointing at “Run blocked program” i don’t see System Configuration Utility , instead it says Register Editor. I don’t know much about this but can someone and if someone can please tell me how to resolve this and get it removed. This suddenly started to appear one night as i opened my computer and I did not do any changes before that..kinda strange. If someone can help me out, that will be great.


  16. Joe says:

    Thank GOD! So tired of that stupid pop up! Thanks!

  17. Dom says:

    OMG thank you! Why would they put rubbish like this?

    its enough to make jump out your office window.

    So thank you ya have saved my life lol

    “employee under stress pushed over the edge by ms config pop up box”

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