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Published on 04.02.08 by Brent Trahan

Turn Off User Account Control

Learn how to turn off User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista.

Why You Shouldn’t Turn UAC Off

User Account Control can be annoying, but it’s an extra layer of protection that protects your computer from viruses, hackers, and poorly written software.

UAC lets you know when someone or something is trying to change a setting or install/uninstall software on your computer. It also removes administrative rights from software making it harmless to critical system files and services.

Before UAC, settings could be changed and software could be installed/uninstalled without you knowing. Software running under an account with admin rights also had full admin rights which gave it full access to critical system files and services.

Turn Off User Account Control

You must be logged in as a user with admin rights to turn UAC off.

  1. Click the Start orb and select Control Panel.
  2. Click Classic View on the left side of the Control Panel.
  3. Open User Accounts.
  4. Click Turn User Account Control on or off.

  5. Uncheck Use User Account Control and then click OK.

  6. Restart your computer.

Turn User Account Control On

Follow the instruction above and check off Use User Account Control in step 5.

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3 Responses to “Turn Off User Account Control”

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  1. Mike Wright says:

    This is the first time it happen to me and never had this before. It automatically blocked my 2 programs that been used all the times. Now I cannot able to uses my 2 programs. So I went to UAC to changed it and guess what I cannot clicks any of the four sheilds symbol because there is no response to the click I hit. So I don’t know what to do. I need help to solved the problem. Also the other problem I have is that i cannot able to print anything from the websites and from my email letter box. What do I need to do to get this fix????

  2. Corbey Warner says:

    Unfortunately you cannot relieve this problem without taking your PC to a proffesional computer technician if you can please avoid turning UAC off because it can affect your computer and to get it fixed it is not free.

  3. David Moore says:

    Thankyou CORBEY WARNER for telling me i took it to my nearest technician and he fixed it in no time and it only costed $5

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