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Published on 03.15.07 by Brent Trahan

Windows Home Server Beta 2 Screen Shots

View lots of screen shots of the upcoming Windows Home Server.


Windows Home Server is supposed to be released sometime at the end of 2007. This post shows you a few screen shots from Windows Home Server Beta 2 and gives you a few short descriptions of what it does.

What Is Windows Home Server?

Windows Home Server is built on Windows Server 2003 SP2 technology and is meant to do the following in a small home network:

  • Backup each computer.
  • Share files between all computers and make them searchable.
  • Allow remote access to all computers from anywhere.
  • Access shared folders from anywhere.

It will be sold as an appliance to most people, although it will also be sold as an installable OS for people who want to install it on their own hardware.


The majority of people will never see this part because they will buy Windows Home Server already installed on a special appliance.

windowshomeserver_install1.jpg windowshomeserver_install2.jpg windowshomeserver_install3.jpg

windowshomeserver_install4.jpg windowshomeserver_install5.jpg windowshomeserver_install6.jpg

windowshomeserver_install7.jpg windowshomeserver_install8.jpg windowshomeserver_install9.jpg

windowshomeserver_install10.jpg windowshomeserver_install11.jpg windowshomeserver_install12.jpg

windowshomeserver_install13.jpg windowshomeserver_install14.jpg windowshomeserver_install15.jpg

windowshomeserver_install16.jpg windowshomeserver_install17.jpg


This is what’s installed on each computer. You use this to access the server and configure it.


windowshomeserver_console_login1.jpg windowshomeserver_console_login2.jpg

Computers and Backup

windowshomeserver_console_computers1.jpg windowshomeserver_console_computers2.jpg windowshomeserver_console_computers3.jpg

User Accounts

windowshomeserver_console_users1.jpg windowshomeserver_console_users2.jpg windowshomeserver_console_users3.jpg


Shared Folders

windowshomeserver_console_sharedfolders1.jpg windowshomeserver_console_sharedfolders2.jpg windowshomeserver_console_sharedfolders3.jpg

Server Storage



windowshomeserver_console_settings1.jpg windowshomeserver_console_settings2.jpg windowshomeserver_console_settings4.jpg



These are screen shots from within IE7. You can access your home server from the internet if your setup is properly configured.


windowshomeserver_login1.jpg windowshomeserver_login2.jpg

Home Page



windowshomeserver_computers1.jpg windowshomeserver_computers2.jpg

Shared Folders

windowshomeserver_sharedfolders1.jpg windowshomeserver_sharedfolders2.jpg windowshomeserver_sharedfolders3.jpg

windowshomeserver_sharedfolders4.jpg windowshomeserver_sharedfolders5.jpg

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