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Published on 09.24.08 by Brent Trahan

Windows Media Center Visual and Sound Effects

This guide shows you how to tweak Windows Media Center’s visual and sound effects.

Go to Tasks and then select settings in Windows Media Center. Select General and then Visual and Sound Effects.

Navigation Effects

Use Transitional animations: This setting enables smooth transitions between menus and screens when enabled. Disabling transitional animations might help give a struggling video card a small performance boost.

Play sounds when navigating WMC: This setting enables sound effects when you navigate through Windows Media Center.

Color Scheme

Select a Windows Media Center color scheme. Your options are:


High contrast white

High contrast black

Prevent Screen Burn

If an image stays unchanged for a long time on some screens a faint remnant (called screen burn) of the image will remain on the screen when the image changes. You can minimize screen burn during video playback by changing the color of the lines that might appear on the left and right or top and bottom of the video. The video background color can be changed from black to different shades of gray to white.

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4 Responses to “Windows Media Center Visual and Sound Effects”

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  1. Rich says:

    Good guide. Very easy to follow :)

  2. Michael says:

    I no longer have sound when I navigate Media Center. I’ve toggled the setting described above to no avail. Any suggestions? Could I have accidently moved the sound files from their default locations?

    • Nathan Sheff says:

      I had the same trouble – all sound in MCE stopped even though I could hear it everywhere else – such as Media Player. After spending $50 with HP who took over my machine and installed and uninstalled lots of stuff nothing worked. However, a workaround might work for you as it did for me. Don’t ask me how, but I set up a new user account and voila’ the sound works in the new user account, but still not in the original user account. hope this works for you.

  3. Lara says:

    I have tried this but it doesn’t work. Still have that awful navigation sound even though I have deselected that “play sounds” box. How else can I get rid of it? I have also turned off all the system sounds in control panel but it’s still there!!??? Help!

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