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Published on 06.26.07 by Brent Trahan

Windows Vista Hangs At a Black Screen When Booting Up

This guide shows one method of fixing Windows Vista if it stops at a black screen when it boots up.


A common problem I’m seeing is Windows Vista hanging at a black blank screen when it boots up. This guide walks you through one simple attempt to fix Windows Vista and get it to boot up again.

This guide assumes Windows Vista was working fine previously.

Warning: Using this guide could cause a loss of data although it’s a very small chance. What do you have to lose? You can’t boot Vista anyway.

Last Known Good Configuration

I’m going to walk you through booting Windows Vista using its last known good configuration. Since Windows Vista reverts to a previous version of the registry, you might lose data that was worked with since your last successful boot.

  1. Make sure your computer is powered down.
  2. Turn your computer on and immediately start pressing F8 on your keyboard repeatedly until you see a black screen with white writing that gives you a list of boot options.
  3. Use the down arrow on your keyboard to select the Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) option.
  4. Press Enter on your keyboard and cross your fingers.

Good Luck!

Still need help? Ask your computer question now.

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285 Responses to “Windows Vista Hangs At a Black Screen When Booting Up”

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  1. John Collins says:

    Hey that worked well. Boots up fine now. Thanks for the tip.


  2. BlackCow says:

    If that doesn’t work you could also put the Windows Vista CD in and do a system fix.

    • ryan bateson says:

      i havent got a vista cd as we moved houses and left it there accidently any other options rather than downloading or purchasing a copy of windows vista home premium… Thanks

  3. marilyn says:

    thanks for the tip! i sorta freaked out when I found my PC messing up within a week of buying it. Works fine now though :)….

  4. josh says:


    i keep getting a black screen with a flashing _ at the top left hand corner of the page. i pressed f8 rappedly but it just keep making this anoying beeping noise.

    any help?

    • lola says:

      Help! Every time I start the computer, I keep getting this black screen on my windows vista laptop. I tried pressing the F8 button but the laptop just keeps making this beeping noise ! I have NO idea what is wrong with the laptop & now I’m going crazy ! Can someone please help me ?!?!?!

      • Brent Trahan says:

        The beeping sound is your BIOS trying to tell you something (probably hardware) is wrong with your laptop.

        What is the model number and make of your laptop?

        What is the pattern of beeps (3 beeps pause 3 beeps, or one long been, so on)?

        • larry says:

          i have same problem with my laptop only that my documents apperars and if you close the my document only black screen and a mouse cursor no other keybord functions are avilable no window cmd or anything can you help me thnx

        • brian says:

          its memory failure thats why it beeps like that if u have 2 or 3 sticks of memory take one out at a time ans see if it does that but u need to keep one in to see which one it is . otherwise it cld be all of the sticks if u have more than one installed.

      • Tony K says:

        if you hold any key down or push too many times during boot up you will hear the beeps. you should push F8 right after bios screen and before you see windows logo. in many cases Last Known Good doesnt help and you should boot from windows CD and start repairing.

    • Mcrave says:

      I have the same problem, I read around, it suggests that there might be a hardware problem but I didnt want to go all the way to the service center to get it fixed without exhausting all of my solutions, I have the exact same problem, the ‘_’ blinking at startup and 3 beeps continuously and a blank screen. I removed and reinserted my ram cards but it still behaves the same.

      If I hit the F12 button it starts up fine. But I have to hit F12 everytime I startup which is not what I wanted, so, reading around, and I tried a solution that strangely enough worked. I removed my batteries, pressed the power button for 60 secs, then insert battery and it has consistently start up ok now. I’m looking for an explanation t this.. it’s bothering me a bit, but I’ll get my hardware checked out just in case as it is still under warranty.

      • Daniel says:

        i have tried what u said but it still comes up with the black screen what should i do???


        • Mcrave says:

          Sigh, that solution didnt work for long, I had to give up and send it in to the service center. They had the motherboard changed. It is a hardware issue in my case. Much luck with your problem.

    • kazz says:

      i got my computer today and it keeps doing that and it wont let me into the loggin screen or anything :/

    • jasmin says:

      Its did the same to me but once you hear the beeping sound you can stop hitting the f8 button

      • keithon says:

        u lucky mine doesn’t boot at ALL. I wrote that already. Only the power light. No beep, only a black screen. My hd maybe gone.

        • Tarek says:

          I’ve got the same problem after the acer splash screen a black screen pops up with ‘_’, and it’s pissing me off I can’ t get to safe mode so I can’t even back up all the important documents on the laptop.

    • max says:

      same with me, all i can do is press f2 to go to settings as soon as i start the computer.

  5. Brent Trahan says:

    Did you boot using the Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) option Josh?

    • Aleks says:

      We are also having this same problem with Vista. We have tried a few of the suggestions on here, but we do not have the option to boot using the last know configuration….it does not appear on the list of choices. We can only boot in safe mode, which works….but we cannot start up normally. Help!?

  6. John says:

    I had the same problem. Realized I had blank DVD rw in the drive. Ejected and all was well. must have stalled trying to boot to DVD.

    Just thought I would share


  7. Chris says:

    Thanks bud. I came across this issue after I tried to do a disc check. works fine now. you Rock!

  8. Vaugn says:

    Tried a lot of fixes that didn’t work and then started to worry that I would have to reload Vista or that there was a hardware problem. I not only had the black screen while booting up but the system would also hang at times when using it. After trying the Last Known Good Configuration suggested in this article, all of the mentioned problems were solved.

    • sflfjkdsfoj says:

      Remove the battery and ac adapter and press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, then insert the ac adapter and battery again and restart the PC.

      This worked for me

      • LL says:

        strangely this works for me too

      • Rich says:

        This worked for me on a slow, Gateway netbook with Vista Basic. Freakin’ magic.

        • Himanshu says:

          Thanks for this solution. I was facing same issue for 7 days, when I saw this solution, I thought how it can work, but I tried and its working fine now. Thanks again!!!!

      • citywriter says:

        Just tried this and it worked! Thank you so much! My question is…why does this happen, and what is it related to? Thanks so much again!!

        • johnB says:

          citywriter, completely powering down your computer will help the computer boot from ther very begining, simply sutting down a computer and then powiering it on again will start the boot process somwhere in the middle. if you ever have a problem with booting or windows vista try just holding the power button off for 60 seconds and then turning it on again.

          • tmh says:

            I have a similar problem but it happened like this:
            i was using my laptop; its a dell and it relitivly new, it then started to shut down and then restart. But when it restarted is showed the dell logo then went to the black screen with the flashing _ .I tried using the F2 and it sends me to a screen that give me these options

            Dell Inc inspiron N5030 (thats at the top of the screen and the screen is Blue)
            it then shows a list of settings general, system configuration, security, performance, power
            management, POS behavior, wireless, maintenance

            I have tried all the things posted but it stays on the black screen
            The 2nd option is F12

            it shows: a black screens and a list
            Internal HDD
            CD/ DVD/CD-RW.
            Onboard. NIC

            BIOS setup

      • ChrisFM says:

        Thank you baby Jesus and thank you “sflfjkdsfoj”!!! I was about to head out and pay $100 for a simple diagnostics of my laptop but searched for a resolution. It worked!! I was extremely skeptical since the name “sflfjkdsfoj” looks suspicious. lol sorry But I figured what did I have to lose.

        “Last Known Good Configuration” repair that is suggested on this page did NOT work. The battery removal trick did.

        For anyone who is having a similar issue, my Toshiba laptop running on Windows Vista would show that it was booting, then right after Windows would have normally booted, I would get a completely black screen, as if the laptop was off. My cd drive would eject, and I had already tried the “Repair Windows Automatically” option. Neither worked.

        Again, THANKS “sflfjkdsfoj”!! I really hope this could be of help to others!!


      • madels says:

        I tried this suggestion but the problem still the same. anymore suggestion?

      • Katie says:

        Omg thank you soo much!!!, i was frekin’ out, i have my laptop for bout a year now and i started pissin my pants when i didnt load on
        Much Love

      • NYC says:

        THANK YOU!
        I was so sad. The computer repair firm wanted $125 just to “take a look” and they weren’t even sure that they could do that today.
        Thank you!

      • Roz says:

        This didn’t work for me. =(

        In fact, nothing here has worked for me.

        I’m gonna have to buy a caddie and see what’s up in another computer.

      • TechChicki says:

        This friggin worked for me. Awesome tip. I appreciate this. I ran a bunch of utilities to try and fix this and nothing worked. Resetting the cmos and power adapter to the motherboard was a damn good thing I didn’t think of. Thanks a bunch.

      • jacob says:

        What if it is a desktop, just the ac adapter?

      • spencer says:

        what is an ac adapter

      • megan says:

        Not for me :( I tried

      • josg says:


      • josh says:


        I have tried holding 0, f2, f12. all of it and even the hold power for 60 seconds etc…. PLEASE help and give step to step directions please

    • Tina says:

      I cannot believe this worked! I was ready to give up and I read this…and my computer is working fine now! Thank you!!!!

  9. Dakiddddd says:

    black screen (vista) mouse cursor flicking on and on and you just cant do anything? nope!! if you end up in with limited usuage (where you can only use internet then you might be o.k) solution = internet explorer, file (alt F), open file,(then if you’re smart you can get something out of it)ehem- open file, now if u have a crack (yes pirate i’m talking to you) you can try and run it or download one that might work while you have the internet,if not find command prompt(cmd) type explorer.exe !! O.K O.K so that didn’t help? You sure? —again, OPEN FILE, browse, computer (left pane) on the search bar type menu, click accesories, look for RUN or command prompt, type explorer.exe, well the fastest way is = ctrl+alt delete,start task manager, new task, type, explorer.exe and voila.

    the fastest way is = ctrl+alt delete,start task manager, new task, type, explorer.exe and voila.

    NOW EVERY TIME you start your computer when you’re mouse is flicking after the loading and all with the black screen OR WITH ANY OTHER MESSAGES, you ctrl+alt delete,start task manager, new task, type, explorer.exe and voila—works every time and no time limit.

    the fastest way is = ctrl+alt delete,start task manager, new task, type, explorer.exe and voila.

    • LBaal says:

      Omg! I love you so much I could kiss you! This was the only thing that worked. XD Thank you Dakiddddd!

    • Terri Panchaud says:

      Thank you for this tip!!!! :):D


      Luv you bunches


    • Kamal says:

      THANX A LOT Dakiddddd :)

    • Ctrl+shift+esc is faster in vista says:

      Ctrl+shift+esc goes directly to taskmgr in vista and xp (in vista, ctrl+alt
      +del gives you an intermediary menu)

    • Tamcan says:

      I tried all the suggestions here, – cannot type the explorer.exe in the task manager because it wil not come up. I tried going through the motions anyway – as I am very familiar with this particular trick – but no die. hardware reset – NOPE no dice, already boots to disk first..still…no dice..anyone got anything else to try??

    • jorlya says:

      Thanks, it worked for me….
      I really was concurned about the files and pictures in my laptop…but now it worked and I successfully copied them to a safer place…now I can format the laptop
      Thanks, again…

  10. si voodoo says:

    I had this problem and found out that the screen is black because windows thinks there is a projector or other monitor attached, just plug in the projector and your desktop is there!
    Change the settings back to a single momitor and you may be fine.

    good luck, vista is shit!

  11. J J says:

    Solution here,,,
    Windows Vista DVD . It works!! Choose the repair option and Start Up fix.
    I have just done the Start Up fix. It’s working fine.

    If you don’t have original Vista DVD. You can download the recovery and boot CD image here. Its a ISO file.It has 120 MB


    • vistadied says:

      My vista disc is not even going to the windows screen wtf its driving me nuts

    • Benjamin says:

      I am considering buying the download but I am not sure if that will even work for me. My vista computer has had problems freezing or crashing in the past but now it is at the point where after the first 2 screens, it just stays at a black screen with a blinking dash at the top left corner. I can go to the setup by pressing F1 before it gets to the black screen, but F8 and F10 won’t work so I cannot go to the safe mode option or the windows recovery.

      Is my computer just fried?

      • Brent Trahan says:

        It’s really hard to say without taking a look at it Benjamin. There can be too many things that would cause this to happen to discus here. I suggest taking it to a computer repair shop.

  12. matt says:

    I was getting the black screen at start up before the login screen. I followed the F8
    ‘last good config’ instruction and it booted fine.

    Thank you.

  13. Dave says:

    Thanks partner! My cat walked on the keyboard during a windows update and froze the PC. Your fix worked though.

  14. Anas says:

    it doesn’t work !

  15. Lee Connor says:

    I have tried all the above, and still get the black screen after the boot up screen runs. This is a Gateway Laptop and has been running without any problems since last Christmas. Any Suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lee

  16. Alan says:

    Does this also work with !!0xc0190036!! or any other problems like this?

  17. Elisa says:

    It’s still not working for me. The black screen shows after I have logged on. The mouse is there, but nothing else is. Ctrl Alt Dlt would not show up either. It’s like this with all the Safe Modes too. I’ve also tried resetting the bios defaults. I will try booting from the Vista CD when I find it…

    This happened after I ended windows explorer. I’ve done it a million times in XP, and after I restart, everyhting’s fine. But now with Vista… argg….

  18. Beau says:

    Really really weird because I clicked F8 previously and it just like stayed hanging at the main screen… but now it worked, and I booted properly thanks so much dude!! :):):):) I seriously love you!!

  19. Okay, If you try this and it doesn’t work, probably the problem is not with your windows vista OS at all. If your computer Laptop or PC, has a NVIDIA graphic card, it is most likely that your VC is the problem. You see many NVIDIA cards even though they say they are compatible with Vista they aren’t, so when your video card NVIDIA needs to communicate with the OS (like for controlling the fans etc.) your OS does not respond to you VC requests. The best thing to do is to change your NVIDIA card for a newer one or one of a different brand. I fix computer for a living and that is how I fix the windows black screen of Death!!!! For those of you who uses Dell or HP waranty plans you’ll see that what they do is change your video card to resolve this issue or your motherboard if you have a Laptop. If it helps you please leave me a nice comment in my Website macrofix.net

    • Terri Panchaud says:


      GREAT tip!!!

      I posted my hints and tips b4 seeing this post.

      My friends agree with you 100%

      They are heavy gamers and have a loveéhate relationship wioth NVIDIA graphics cards.

      Luv you bunches


    • sally says:

      please help i was stuck in rebooting mode and then finally got through windows in safe mode then i went to set it back to factory setting as i dont have anything worth losing anyway then when i went to put the disks in to restore it got stuck on black screen that says starting computer for first use and then a message pops up sayin cannot restore because wasnt shutdown properly what can i do computer only a year old its an emachine with windows 7 cant shut it down properly as it just always goes to this same thing did i screw it up by trying to reset please help

  20. Murdoc says:

    I don’t think switching brands would helpp.

    the 2 main manufacutures of video cards are ATI and Nvidia. The rest are just adding special cooling or bundled software.

    You have t check and see if your nvidia card model works with vista (they do have a requirement of pixel shader 2.0 minimum requirement and a 128mb video card) so all the old Geforce (Geforce 5 series and before that) will not work.

  21. Walter says:

    I’ve this problem!
    I’ve black screen after auto-login in vista business. I’ve Fujitsu Siemens PC with the original license and i’ve GeForce 8700GT Video Card.
    When i arrived to black screen i’ve the mouse pointer but i can’t make nothing (ex. CTRL+ALT+DEL, WIN+R, WIN+E, CTRL+ALT+ESC). I’ve attend 10 minutes but the screen remaining black.
    I’ve disabled “restore point” and so..when i click (in F8 mode) the voice “LAST CONFIGURATION … ” the black screen is always with me :)

    help me please, i’m very desperate!!

    PS I’ve tried to restore vista and i’ve make CHKSDK, i haven’t other idea.

  22. Alvin Nguyen says:

    Hi, I have a same problem above which is the black screen not booting up. My problem started when I inserted the Windows Vista disc in to upgrade. After the completion step, it turned all black. I have to manually turn off. After that I got black screen problem. Any suggestion will help? I want to get out of this situation.
    Thanks in advance.

  23. Alex says:

    Hi, try to turn S.M.A.R.T to OFF (Disabled) in BIOS. Since last “blackout” – Nothing could bring vista to complete boot up.
    Now vista boots up w/o problem. No doubt vista checks this feature accessibility over BIOS at boot up, in order to verify “health” of the hard disk to proceed boot up with reliable data access.

  24. pk says:

    hi everyone,

    help! i’ve been reading about vista blank screen with interest. unfortunately, nothing seems to work in my case. i have tried last good configuration, restore, repair, either with the built-in recovery (by pressing F8) or by a bootable recovery disk. any other idea?

    mine is a toshiba laptop on vista 32bit home premium.


    • vistadied says:

      did you ever get a fix for this I’ve done all of the above as well the disk was supposed to I guess go to the blue windows screen nothing its pissing me off I have a Toshiba Satellite A205

  25. Luis says:

    Hey There.
    This is a nice way to do it but I’ve tried everything..
    f8, f11 , ESC and still doesnt work…
    Everytime I try to do anything it just stays in the black screen with the white pointer..
    I tried this Last Good Configuration and it just stays in there or sometimes it “restarts”

    Sometimes this msg pops up
    “windows has detected an error during start up”
    I select
    Fix ( recommended ) and it just reboots and it doesnt do anything

    Please help me I am 16 and I kinda dont know what to do right now..

  26. Dawn says:

    Worked like a charm!!

  27. wister_the_real_one says:

    ive been trying but i cant acess the last good known configuration i press F8 but what appears is the boot devices so really dunno what to do can you explain better how to access the last good known configuration so i can try this because i have the problem that it goes all black after loading the windows just before login menu but it works just fine in safe mode

  28. jon says:

    the fastest way is = ctrl+alt delete,start task manager, new task, type, explorer.exe and voila.

    this works…

    • Dan says:

      Jon, i tried your method and it worked a treat until i shut down my laptop and booted it up the next day only to find the “black screen” was back, is there any way of making the change permenant?


    • morgan says:

      DUDE HOLY CRAP! MAN IVE BEEN SEARCHING HOW TO FIX THIS FOR HOURS! i cant thank you enough. my parents were gonna kill me!

    • Johnchang says:

      Hey Jon
      I tried your method and it works like a charm but unfortunately it’s only a temporary solution – at least in my case cos the next time I log into my PC the same thing happens!

      After I log into my user account, the ‘welcome’ screen appears and stays there for awhile until the black screen comes on with the ‘Document’ folder open. I can navigate my PC by using this folder but the screen remains black as ever….extremely annoying and frustrating!!

      Anyone know a more permanent solution short of sending the darn thing to the dealer for repairs?

  29. david says:

    tried that and it didn’t work still have a black screen with a white pointer. what do i do nothing seems to work. please help and my computer came with vista on it so i have no cd.

  30. Jorj says:

    I’ve got the same problem – Hangs before login screen at a blank screen with the cursor. I’ve tried everywhere and it seems this issue hasn’t been resolved yet. My PC isn’t under warrentee any more so contacting Dell is out of the question. Everything I’ve seen here does nothing to help, but I can’t find the Vista disc so I haven’t tried that. I’m gonna try mounting the .iso onto a blank disc then try that.

  31. Russ says:

    Dear Brent Trahan,

    Thank you very!
    You saved several hours (maybe days) of my life.
    Have a good one!

  32. Jgraham95 says:

    im guessig most people dont realise that there could b numerous reasons to why the blank screen hangs for a prolonged period of time.

    more than likely if last known configuration or a format doesnt reslove the problem its a hardware issue

  33. Jonathan says:

    Guys be more precise when does the black screen occur? before or after boot up? before or after the vista logo and start up sound? before or after logging in? all of these things totally call for different fixes! If we don’t know exactly the fix recommended will have no effect!

    • Joey says:

      Mine happens after the it is loading. but the funny thing is that my Vista logo is not even there when it should be so its just a loading bar. Please help i already tried the last known good config.

    • linda says:

      Mine is before the logo comes up.

  34. Rich says:

    I have the black screen before it even boots up. No cursor, No bios, no nothing. Tried pressing the F8 buttons but nothing. Before this black out, had a ‘OC error” last week. I’ve never overclocked my pc. I replaced my mobo battery and it hasn’t booted since. My dvd drive blinks like it’s hung up or something. I tried my old ATI VC and my old monitor, but still have the black screen. I built my pc in 2005 with xp. I upgraded with a full install of vista. It’s been working fine for 6 months. Any recommendations would help at this time.
    Rich in Mesa,AZ

  35. Anne says:

    It won’t work it won’t even load to the log in screen it just sits there blank and before that it beeps and the F8 thing doesn’t work cause you can’t see it any help?

  36. xiel says:

    i have acer aspire 4925 with vista home prmium… after acer logo , black screen is shown…. startup repair doesnt work… how can i do to fixed this problems???

  37. Gary says:

    Minw is hanging on a black screen right after I log into my user account. It will show the mouse but that’s all. I figured out before I read all the posts that my task manager works and if I End Tasked exploer.exe that was running during the boot and then run a new one from task manager my desktop appears. I’ve got other problems too but this is my main one right now. I tried booting with the ISO file and it booted to the disc ok and I tried the repair. It basically said I had a messed up start up and if I wanted it to repair it. I cicked ok and it did some quick stuff and rebooted. Same problem still after I logged in. This is on an Acer Aspire 5570Z but I doubt make and model really matters. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  38. Kat says:

    The typing in atl+clt+del and going to da start task manger thing worked jon, thanx!

  39. Tre' says:

    Dakiddddd & Jon, the ctrl+alt delete,start task manager, new task, type, explorer.exe and voila, worked liked a champ. Thanx.

  40. naman says:

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx buddy……………….u saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. MARCIO says:

    YOU SAVED MY LIFE BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Tim Q says:

    Use http://www.ccleaner.com/

    to clean your registery

    Worked for me.

  43. morgan says:

    i sigm in at when i start up my computer but then the screnn goes black and the “my documents” page opens. i can move my cursor and click and open things. but my wallpaper doesnt show up and neither does the shortcuts. only black screen and “documents”.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. teddlesruss says:

    Same problem – get the “windows failed to boot” select screen and it goes to black screen the mouse cursor appears works for a while then freezes. Same in safemode except it gets through loading drivers to crc check then goes to black screen and then the cursor freezes. Friend brought me this PC his kid had been playing something then all these error windows popped up and the kid, in a panic, pulled the plug, and it never booted after that. Thing is, the mate has a lot of business files and software on the damn machine or I’d just reformat. And it’s a Dell Dimension E520 desktop. Seems to be a common enough Vista stuff-up from the look of these comments, sure there has to be a solution.

    I’ve tried all the tricks to suspend loading possibly dodgy drivers, and the Dell recovery CD gets video going in graphics mode so it’s something in the native Vista installation that’s gotten corrupted, but what and how to get at it is a bit of a mystery…

  45. radina says:

    HALLELUJAH! i did the f8 trick and it didnt work at first.. went through all of the tips above and just as i had lost hope and went back to try it again, my start up login screen appeared!!!! thx guys.. :)

  46. Help says:

    Does not work for me.when I press f8(rapidly) but nothing happens. And before it would beap but since I did not know the meaning of it , I would just restart my CPU. But now no sounds is coming out but it is stuck at the black screen(normaly boot goes like this: Hp logo , black screen with _ at top left ( stuck here) , load screen and then log in page.)
    also pressing alt+ctl+del would just restart the CPU….. Please someone

    Sorry I am using my itouch so it’s hard to type…

  47. TP says:

    I have the same problem. After bootup(which can take a considarable time, and dont come to tell me i have a crappy comp: quad procc, ddr3 ram, 500 GB ultrafast HDD…), after the booting logo, it hangs up in a black screen with cursor. I do have a backup thumbdrive in my comp and vista ultimate 32-bit. Safe mode, last know config, nuffin works.

    Tomorrow, when everything goes fine, i should get the vista disk and win 7 disk, so when everything goes fine, i can do the backup and put win 7 on it. If not, a full format and win 7…
    along all my music and pictures and games…


  48. Chris says:

    I have had the problem for a week now and when I try to boot into vista it stops at the bar moving left and right and looks like it will never load. My brother told me that AVG might be the problem but sdo not know how to get into windows to uninstall it.

    • Viper says:

      Chris, mine is doing the same thing. It is hung up with the green bar moving left to right continuously. It ran for over 12 hours until I stopped it to try the F8 last good configuration. It didn’t work.

      Does anyone know how to fix this? The only thing that happened before the hang up was that the power went out before I could dig the plug out of my backpack. Next time I booted up, it hung up at the screen with the green bar moving left to right with the words “Microsoft Corporation” on the bottom.

      Please help…I really need to get this thing going again.

      • Pravin says:

        Guys.. i too am stuck up with the same problem here.. Help needed.!!!
        Black screen with Microsoft Corporation green processing bar in Vista..

        • Elmo says:

          I Also Have The Same Problem I Originally Had A blue screen that said “Umountable Boot Volume” an After Trying Every Possible Option Tried To Boot Into The Vista Cd An Was Asked To Enter Some Commands In the command prompt regard the bootrec.exe. after i entered one of the commands the screen froze so i turned it off, now when i turn it on i no longer get the blue screen or am i able to boot into the vista cd, it goes to the microsoft corporation green processing bar in vista than hangs on a black screen.

          Im At My Wits end trying to fix this thing, is there really no one out there with a solution to this?

          • vistadied says:

            I think vista screwed us all I am using puppy linux to access the net but I have done all of the above and NOTHING that stupid disk doesn’t even do what its supposed to do its supposed to go to the vista screen still goes to the BSOD

  49. nataliee says:

    My computer is Only 3 months old. It’s a gateway laptop. I went away for the night. I came home & my laptop started up normally. When it got to the login, & I clicked my name. It froze. I let it stay there for a min or two. Then finally just shut it off. I rebooted it. & Then a black screen with the mouse cursor came on. I tried pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Nothing happened. I then restarted the computer, In safe mode. The same thing happened again. So I rebooted it once more, Pressing F-8. Happened again. This is my work computer. It has all my school things on it. It a 350 Gb. I put in my gateway recovery disk, & Tried the (advanced) answer. It took awhile. Now it’s saying Restore Partition. I need as much info as possible if this dosn’t work. Please? :( You may E-Mail me on my public one. [email protected]


  50. GURLDJ says:

    Tried system restore on three different dates…the earliest date seemed to work for me…

  51. hollister says:

    HELP…i tryed the f8 and it still is black….i dont know what else to do i have a acer with vista….anyone know what else to try …..

  52. tngtrekkie says:

    My fixed worked………
    – Vista boots ut fine in safe mode. In normal mode, I can hear the boot up sounds and HDD light indicates it is processing but nothing on the laptop screen, all is black screen not even a cursor and desktop is not seen anywhere.
    Fix I did:
    1. Start Safe Mode (backup all important files to HDD as I was planning on re-installing if system restore did not work).
    2. Perform System Restore (I had windows update 2 night ago and my system restore only had one restore point to choose)
    3. PC boot in normal mode, I can see windows logo and my desktop screen.. yohoo.. however, after about 1 minute windows screen goes blank and I am back to my blank screen problem again.
    4. I connect s-video cable from laptop to my TV and I can see my desktop on the TV screen. So I press ‘Fn’ ‘f4’ (HP laptop) to toggle between the diffrent display modes and finally I can see the desktop on my laptop screen.
    5. Did a re-boot and after booting up, my PC is back to normal no black screen.

    A thing to note is that I had not used the other display modes before like output to s-video so very strange how my pc was kinda stuck in this mode. The fix is just to do step #4, but I just describe the whole process here in case someone has exactly the same problem.

    Hope this helps

  53. RED says:

    I have a problem with my laptop, everytime i play game like warcraft i got black skrin. My laptop model is aser aspire 4925. Need some help please

  54. HomedogYo says:

    Ok I am having the same EXACT problem because mines wont show…..BUT have you ever waited atleast 2 days and then try again.Pobably you should let it rest a lil before you turn it back on heres some was that ive learned how to do even though mines still black for about 2 weeks now -_-
    1)use a hair dryer and heat up the laptop,then trying to boot it
    2)the f8 thing
    3)the f12 thing lol
    4)you could just keep pressing the start button and get lucky
    5)get a boot disk or a cd that you got with yo laptop

    Might just be so much memory loss but try these and see what works theres lots of probls like LCD failure and crap but its better if you dont spend money and tr y solutions first.

    NEVER ASK VISTA TO REPAIR IT FOR $200-400 because it might not work after wards lol ask them if you van get it repaired for free if you got hp laptop and your warranty is only a year passed

  55. Meh says:

    How long do u need to keep pressing F8 ?
    Help plz cuz need my schoolproject.

  56. Kinny says:

    Thanks for the tip. It seems to work for me so far. Fingers crossed.

  57. Eddie says:

    If I turn on my computer I get the Dell screen with the F2 and F12 on it. After that it goes to a black screen with the white cursor in the upper left hand corner. I am using the analog video cable at the moment. My video card went out about 6 months ago. I think I have a hardware problem. How do I tell what the problem is, if it is hardware? The desktop is 2 years old. Dell wanted me to reset everything to factory settings before I could send it back to them. I don’t want to lose some programs that I don’t have disks for. Any suggestions?

    • Joe says:

      Eddie has your problem been solved yet? My computer boots up with the Dell logo, then at the top right it say press either f12 or f2. The f8 thing won’t work and neither will the battery thing can anybody help me. Please, if you can email me at [email protected]

  58. sflfjkdsfoj says:

    Remove the battery and ac adapter and press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, then insert the ac adapter and battery again and restart the computer/notebook.

    This worked for me!

  59. Nicholas says:

    Hey. I’ve been reading everyone’s responses and so far nothing is identical to the issue I’m having. I have a Gateway Quad core running Vista Home.

    My computer will not boot up. The monitor stays black and the power light on my tower blinks on and off. It sounds like the hardware is starting up, but I cannot seem to make my computer actually boot up. It’s acting like it’s booting into Hybernation mode.

    I have a lot of really important documents that I need to get off my computer so can anyone help me fix this problem???

    • Brent Trahan says:

      Try unplugging the power from the computer for a little while and try booting it up again. That works for me.

      • Nicholas says:

        Thanks…it also worked for me. But now I have a different possible problem. I keep getting this security warning pop up for a file I’ve never seen before.

        has anyone ever heard of this? What is it and how do I get rid of it? My virus scans, malware scans and spybot doesn’t pick it up and I can’t actually get a trace on the program/file.

  60. charlotte says:

    Hi all
    I have been reading all of the above post but nothing seems to be working with my problem.

    I have a Dell Dimension E520 with Vista (this is all I know sorry, not great with computers!)

    I had previous problems due to my ITunes not responding and my Internet Explorer and I have fixed the ITunes problem. I downloaded the newer version if IE via Safari and seem to be downloading fine until I had to reboot my computer.

    I did this and since then I can get pass the Windows Logo, I have a blank screen with the cursor. I can hear noises from the machine.

    I have tried, safe mode, F12, F8 restore back to trusted point (or similar cannot remember)

    Nothing seems to be working, not sure what to do next should I take it to someone that knows a bit more about computers? I have been searching for answers on the problem and had to borrow my friends Laptop because I could not last any longer.

    Any suggestions would be great!

    Thank you

    • Brent Trahan says:

      Try booting your computer in Safe Mode. Restart the computer once the desktop loads in Safe Mode.

      I recently had this problem and it worked for me.

      • Mihiri says:

        I have a DELL laptop with vista.
        It had this blanck window problem.
        I tried alt+ctrl+del , start task manager, new task, start explorer
        It worked
        But then I did following:
        boot in safe mode with command prompt
        once loaded type explorer.exe
        once desktop and task bar is loaded restarted the laptop.

        Now still I have this blank window after login prompt and unfortunately alt+ctrl+del brings up a window with several options like change password etc…but no Startup Task Manager.

        Please help me.
        I am in an urgent situation
        Thanks a lot in advance

    • Dave says:

      Charlotte, I have the exact same problem on the same computer. Did you ever have any luck? The very first time I tried to run in safe mode, it worked, or at least it took to me to a system restore window (not whole screen)with some other options as well that I don’t quite remember. I ran system restore, but it ended up returning to black screen with enlarged cursor. Did any solution ever help you?

  61. Biplav says:

    After typing my Windows Vista password I would get a blank black screen with just my pointer showing. The cursor could move around, but nothing else (i.e. ctl+alt+del) worked. I tried everything mentioned on this thread and still no luck. Eventually I just removed my hard drive using a Hard Disk Enclosure Case (costs less than $10) and saved everything from it on another computer. I then put back my hard drive in the laptop and pressed F8 as the computer booted. One of the options after pressing F8 is “Restore Dell Factory Settings”. After selecting that option, the laptop was good to go. But obviously I had to re-install everything and transfer all my files back from the other computer I had saved them on.

    Warning: if you choose to “Restore Factory Settings” you will lose everything – all your files, downloads, programs you installed after getting your laptop like MS Office, Photoshop, etc. So only do it as a last resort and after saving all your hard disk files!!!

  62. Ella says:

    When I turn on my laptop all I see is a black screen- which means I can’t get into safe mode etc. However after that everything loads perfectly fine such as the desktop shows up and I can use all the programs. How do I get the startup to show again?


  63. tomo says:

    i have a fujitsu siemens amilo laptop. I started it saturday and would run up to the microsoft corporation scrolling bar and then just stay on a black screen with the power light staying green. When i try loading in safe mode it shows all of the files and just stays on please wait, if i try last know restore, it does exactly what it does when i start it. Please help asap! Thanks

  64. sharon andrew says:

    Toshiba satelitte A 500-15m running vista Home premium i have had a black screen for the last 4 hours after trying everything that every one has been saying nothing was working but i have to say i have been very patient with my laptop and not throwing it out the window.i have left my laptop on while i try and find a solution i have found thatdevice went from a black screen to my load up page where it say windows vista at the bottom it has now gone black again with my hd light flickering so it kinda started working then back to black again im going to try and turn off again as it appears to be getting closer but not quite hitting the mark now on start up this is how it is TIME 14.50PM
    1, LOGO
    Still slow mind but i will persue with it and try and restore it so my answer would be have a little patient sif all fails i did and im back up for now good luck all xxx

  65. Kathy says:


    I don’t know if i should i try this too.. Because the “downloading bar” appears, and then its just black with mouse, but when i turn off and on the PC manually after this, it’s fine. So i always have to turn the PC on 2 times.

    Should i try this method?

  66. Kathie says:

    Hi! I got a Acer Aspire X3200 with Vista 32 bit.

    I’m not sure if I should try this or not.. but here’s what happens:

    – I turn on and hear the “beeep”
    – I see the “downloading bar” appear and finish
    – Then black screen with only the cursor BEFORE the log-in

    BUT i tried to enter my password into a black screen (hehe) and then i came to the background! But nothing else appears then the background. I cant do anyting more. So i turn off the computer and turn it on again.. THEN it works normally. I’m tired of turning it on twice everytime.

    Should i try this?

  67. tommy says:

    Hey, I have done everything that you all said and it still wont work.
    -i hit the power button and then the toshiba screen comes on, then the load microsoft bar and then a black screen
    I tried booting it up in safe mode, last know good configuration,and all i get is a black screen with a mouse.
    -crt-alt-del does not work all of the options on the F8 screen wont work


    • Digs says:

      Same problem..wife’s Compaq Presario v 3500 Vista laptop crashing everytime it starts…used Start>F8>last known good config> and am now sitting and staring at a blank dark screen that has been doing absolutely nothing for the last 12 minutes..

  68. ONIX says:


  69. ONIX says:

    tomy i have the same problem somebody help us!

  70. Lamb says:

    I’ve tried f8 but no cigar. Symptoms- I turn on the computer and the monitor is completely dark, there is no text or cursor- she just looks dead. I know its not, I hear the fan running and the typical symphony at boot up… she keeps trying to “talk.” I see the lights all come on right and my computer responds otherwise- i.e I press the eject button to release the disc drive and it will go. But the screen will not change. Its like sleep mode without the screen saver, but nothing seems to snap her out of it. Is there something I’m doing wrong with the f8 key? I usually tap it repeatedly, But I’ve tried just holding it down as well for really long periods of time- nothing seems to make a difference. There’s got to be another way. I even tried sflfjkdsfoj’s ac adapter and battery solution… nada. What’s wrong? This computer’s been really well taken care of and relatively young.

    What should I try next?

    P.S I changed the resolution the night before this started. Of late I’ve been hearing horror stories about the mess it can sometimes cause. Is it related?

  71. Lamb says:

    P.S i don’t think I can do the ctrl blah blah scenario either, I can’t see anything, the screen is jet black.

    • Wes says:

      The same here, screen is just black. Pressing F8 or F11 doesn’t work. Hard disk led flashes once but then doesn’t flash anymore. Power led is on and laptop checks dvd drive. But when i insert the windows vista repair cd, the screen stays black en laptop does nothing.
      Changing RAM doesn’t work either.
      There is power on the USB ports because my cell phone charges.

      I have spend hours to search for the solution but nothing worked.
      If anyone has the solution. Pleas let us know.


  72. Sway says:

    I have the basically the same problem. I would log on and the only thing that I can see is my Documents. I tried the F8 thingy.I tried Ctrl+Alt+delete. New task, Explorer.exe. It Worked great for a few seconds.. Got my Desktop and everything back but Then I got a flash of a Blue screen and now the whole screen is black.

  73. Bob Saget says:

    Ok, I log on and all there is..a black screen and cursor.
    Then I click ctrl+alt+delete -> new task -> explorer.exe and voila.

    Nows what I’m confused with!

    An error comes up saying..

    explorer.exe – Unable to Locate Component
    This application has failed to start because BROWSEU.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem

    I’m guessing explorer.exe and voila is control panel.
    Ive installed Vista os x and I think thats whats jacking up my Laptop. PLEASE HELP!

    • mmashburn says:


      You could probably download the BROWSEU.dll file and manually replace it. I am not sure where it goes but you could do a search for it on another working computer, then copy it to a flash drive, go to the non-working computer, and paste it where it needs to go. I believe you can get to a file browser from the control-alt-delete screen

  74. Melissa says:

    Hi, my computer is an HP Pavilion dv6-1211sa Entertainment Notebook PC. I get the black screen with the white cursor at the top left as well. It did blink the first several times it did this, but now it remains still. I have had to turn off at the power button and switch on again to resolve this.

    HOWEVER, this problem is sporadic. It does not happen all of the time. Windows may boot normally for a few days, then one day it stops after the HP logo, black screen with the white _ cursor at the top left. Hold down power button, it switches off, push on again, boots fine. 2-5 days (occasionally a day or so longer) and the same happens again.

    On Christmas day it did not even reach the HP logo. Power off button, switch back on. It asks to do start-up repair (recommended) it says. Did this. For two weeks, it starts up FINE with no issues. Then, the issue occurs again on Friday 8th Jan.

    I’ve been in touch with HP rather a lot about it and they’ll only replace the hard drive if it was the issue. I’ve done the hard drive self tests that they say to do first to determine if it’s a hard or soft failure on the hard drive. If both pass, it’s apparently not a hard failure. I did this with mine. Both passed. The only methods I’ve yet to use are reseating the RAM and system recovery. I bought this laptop in October 2009 (bought on 9th, delivered on 28th). Aside from this OCCASIONAL booting problem, the computer appears to be fine besides Vista’s little hissy fits with programs “not responding” sometimes. I’ve heard that one from several Vista users.

    Can anyone give me any more information on this? Like I said, it’ll boot fine, then on another occasion this issue arises. I know turning off at the power button can damage the hard drive over time, so I DO want to try to get this resolved once and for all.

    • Melissa says:

      Does anyone know what this is at all?

      I’ve done a system recovery now (with HP), but on Saturday 23rd January the problem occurred yet again, but it occurred on the restart when the update “Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista (KB978207)” had been installed.

      Two people I know who are IT technicians had a look (the case was not opened so the warranty is fine), and said it’s posting on boot up, the memory test was fine, it detects the hard drive etc and even they can’t figure out why it’d be occasionally hanging on the black screen with the white cursor at the top left of the screen. This is before Windows starts loading, and they said turning it off at the power button would not harm it at that point in the boot up because it’d not have accessed the hard drive at that time.

      Is this just something I’ll have to put up with? It boots fine when I turn it off at the power button and then back on again, but may have the issue again days or a couple of weeks later.

  75. Drfadosky says:

    Pls help me out I have tried the F8 stuff, also ctrl+alt+del, I have also remove d battery & ac adapter and press power button 4 1min. All didn’t work. What can I do.
    My laptop is hp 6735s 350GB, 3GB RAM.

  76. Terri Panchaud says:


    My problems started with Nortons 2010 updating itself.

    A week of trying to system restore and last known configuration.

    I wa sable to press f8 to get to safe mode with networking option and access the internet and check my solution and response from Norton iot was a corrupt download!

    Iwa able t uninstall nortons and reinstall wit hthe links providd took only 15min tops and VISTA is working again!!

    I was about to do a COMPLETE system restore to factory condtions and reload all of my programs ewtc….saved me hrs of frustration.

    Luv you bunches


    P.S. I have NVIDIA graphics card on my mach and i have heard that they can also casue problems hardware and software drivers…so far my system is working great..my friends not so luck ywit hthe same graphics card hope this helps.

  77. Michael says:

    hi im having this problem when i turn on my comp it starts making these beeping noises and the screen is blank can anyone help me with this please?

    • Brent Trahan says:

      That beeping sound is probably your computer’s BIOS trying to tell you something is wrong with the computer’s hardware. Check with your computer manufacturer and find out what the beeping means.

  78. Darix30 says:

    hi darix here..

    i had it that when i logged into windows 7 the screen went blank and just showed a explorer window at my documents..and i had to cntrl alt del…end process of explorer.exe and then File>new task…type c:\windows\explorer.exe and the desktop would load up with the other programs.

    i downloaded malwarebytes program and restarted windows in safemode…got it to do a quick scan and it found this about explorer.exe…

    Registry Data Items Infected:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell (Hijack.Shell) -> Bad: (explorer.exe rundll32.exe ihrv.kko jpcmqa) Good: (Explorer.exe) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

    and this..

    Registry Keys Infected:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\{19127ad2-394b-70f5-c650-b97867baa1f7} (Backdoor.Bot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
    Registry Values Infected:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\userinit (Spyware.Zbot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

    and this…

    Files Infected:
    C:\Users\darix35\AppData\Roaming\sdra64.exe (Spyware.Zbot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
    C:\Users\darix35\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\update.exe (Trojan.Downloader) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
    C:\Users\darix35\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\updater.exe (Rootkit.TDSS) -> Quarantined and deleted

    C:\Users\darix35\AppData\Local\Temp\2491.tmp (Spyware.Zbot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
    C:\Users\darix35\AppData\Local\Temp\674A.tmp (Spyware.Zbot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

    now i can just login and it goes straight to the desktop…wooohoo

    hope this helppps

  79. Sam says:

    Hey guys I had the same problem as a lot of you. After the windows loading bar the screen goes black, it flashes 1 or 2 times then stays black. No cursor, no blinking line or anything.

    Tried everything here and didn’t work.

    What I did to get it working in the end was to keep pressing Ctl+Alt+Del over and over while the windows bar was loading and through into the black screen. My cursor then apeared so i kept pressing it and eventually the Ctl,Alt Del menu came up.
    I ended explorer.exe and started it again. Now my desktop is back.

    I’m not sure if this will end up being a temporary fix or not but hey it’s a start. i’m going to try update to SP2 and see how it goes.

    I hope this helps some people

  80. Sam says:

    Also to try (thanks to sigma_08):

    What you do is take out the battery, then disconnect all power to the computer so it’s not able to retrieve power from anywhere.
    Then you press the ON button and hold it for exactly 30 seconds. (can’t be less or it won’t work)
    Then you get the AC power cord and plug it in, and turn on the power supply so the light glows. (the battery MUST still be out)
    Then you switch on the computer and it should work.
    After that you just shut down the computer and put the battery in again and switch it back.

    • Dr Winner says:


      Symptoms: Visa Home on emachines laptop – boots okay then goes to black screen with cursor and disk activity but nothing else

      I had tried everything else F8 / Bios / Last known good config etc etc etc – battery out and I can see the screen again , phew !!!

  81. Sam says:

    If all else fails you may decide to do an upgrade of Vista (because an upgrade or fresh install is really the only way to fix it once and for all to make sure it won’t happen again).
    But to do this you must boot into windows first. I got around this by booting into safe mode and uninstalling SP2 once I did this, windows booted fine. but i didn’t risk trying to shut down and boot again so I did an upgrade right then and there. Problem is that you can’t upgrade with SP1 install, so i had to uninstall that too. But now it’s all upgraded and patched up to SP2 again and is working fine.
    p.s. if you don’t have SP2 installed then you could try uninstalling SP1 to get it booting again. Not sure if that will work though.

    I hope my above posts have helped anybody.

  82. ctap0121 says:

    i tried this but when i start pushing F8 a bunch of times it starts beeping whenever i push F8 or any other key and doesnt give me any options.

  83. Joyce says:

    Just tonight, my vista hp laptop randomly shuts down. Sometimes it reboots, sometimes it just hangs at the black screen (periodically). I have to manually reboot the laptop. That time my laptop was hot, but I had a fan underneath it. I didn’t know this would get worst. So I was using it watch video online, then it give me this black screen, the power was on. Then I reboot it, and get online. I think after 5 mins, it give me black screen again. Then I tried the fn + f6, and chose similiar to that “boot to last best known config”. I still have same problem. Then I tried to do system restore point and reboot. It just reboots then hangs, then restart by itself, then hangs, then reboots. Several times. Sometimes it shows me this blue screen when it hangs, “hardware Malfunction. Parity Check/ Memory parity error. System has halted.” I shut it down for a while. When it cools. I restarted it. It works till now.
    Oh, recently, I did a virus scan with kaspersky, then installed audacity software, then this morning some vista updates. I restore point to a few days ago. I guess that evntually solved the problem?

    I was gonna format my laptop…..I’ll report back if problem comes back.
    The reason I’m posting is because I find this post very helpful. Just want to let people know what other problems I also encounter.

  84. DoryClare says:

    My computer shows a black screen with white cursor before the login page comes yup. I tried startup repair but it didn’t work. I also tried to to get safe mode w/ n w/o command prompt but it showed a black screen as well. i looked at the regedit for a bad log but it had a good log (explorer.exe)

    If anyone else has another solution to this problem please share it asap. Thank you.

  85. Darren says:

    Josh you first thread said I am pushing f8 but I am getting a White flash and a beeping noise. The reason of that being you either have a windows xp setup cd in or you are pushing the wrong button. Try f10

  86. Darren says:

    Oh and josh. If my last comment disnt work, remove ALL PORTABLE MEDIA such as floppy disks, USB memory sticks and cd,s when booting

  87. ENITSIRHC001 says:

    I tried everything here., thanks to all
    though only SYSTEM RESTORE worked HA!
    how about that :D
    Still thanks to aLL :D

  88. Dara says:

    I have a Gateway Desktop DX model, only 2 years old running Vista. Have had problems with it off & on – always been kind of touchy. Two days ago It was kind of hanging up after coming out of standby & I had to do a restart due to a McAfee update that required it, and it never started back up. I did a hard boot but nothing but a black screen. Occasionally I can hear the Vista chime as if it started, but can’t see anything. I checked my monitor and when it comes back on after turning off displays Gateway splash screen & rgb bars, etc. then goes into standby. I have tried the F8 suggestion & nothing. I can’t get anywhere to do anything! It’s hung up before at various stages of start-up, but this is totally new. I even tried to run the start up disc, but nothing.
    It sounds like the video card – Nvidia GE Force, naturally – from what I’ve been hearing here and elsewhere. I think I will have to bite the bullet & take it into Geek Squad have it fixed. Most likely I will have to upgrade to Windows 7 to deal with some of the other issues so it won’t be so touchy…if anyone has anymore suggestions on how to get it to boot, I would appreciate it, if even to assess what kind of damage might be have been done trying to get it working and back up some stuff…thanks for the info.

  89. Schermann says:

    I have had this problem for months and solved it last night!

    Vista would boot up right through until the desktop showed up and then NOTHING!

    I found that my WINDOWS EVENT LOG service and WINDOWS EVENT COLLECTOR service were not working but were still trying to startup in ‘Automatic’ mode!

    So I started ‘services.msc’ and ‘disabled’ both services while making sure that the WINDOWS ERROR REPORTING service was still set to automatic.

    My Vista now boots up quick smart and with no more blank screens!

    Enjoy, SC

  90. Schermann says:

    Re: Windows Event Log Service will not run Error 4201
    Posted: 01-20-2009, 09:21 AM

    *The Fix!!* (found this on ”Failed to connect to a windows service’
    problem? – TechSpot OpenBoards’
    (http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic97813.html) post #12)
    Try this…

    Start computer in *safe mode*.

    logon on to *administrator*.

    Click the start button

    Search “*cmd.exe*”

    Select it and then “*ctrl – shift – enter*” to allow elevation request

    Type in – “*netsh winsock reset*” press enter

    Then *Restart* your computer

  91. Schermann says:

    [b]Vista Hangs At a Black Screen When Booting Up after logon! [SOLVED][/b]

    I have had this problem for months and solved it last night! :police:

    [font=Verdana]Seems to be missing VISTA registry entries stopping dead ERROR services but in their attempts to start they hang the system![/font] :pcSmash:


    Vista would boot up right through until the desktop showed up and then NOTHING!

    I found that my WINDOWS EVENT LOG service and WINDOWS EVENT COLLECTOR service were not working but were still trying to startup!

    So I started ’services.msc’ and ‘disabled’ both services while making sure that the WINDOWS ERROR REPORTING service was still set to automatic.


    The fix is here…

    Hi guys,

    After doing many researches, I believe this problem is because we changed the permission of a folder incorrectly, the RtBackup folder which is under C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\WMI\RtBackup .

    I solved the problem by rebooting the system–>safe mode–> go to RtBackup folder —> delete or rename that folder–>

    –> go to another folder –> C:Windows\System32\Winevt\Logs –> delete or rename that folder

    Reenable those disabled services and reboot; FIXED!

    I hope this works for you as it did for me!

  92. Schermann says:


    I have given you the solution above your post!!!

    Just do it and it’s fixed.


    • JC says:

      I have tried every solution given and nothing works. I have a DELL latitude D630. Windows starts and I see the bar moving and BEFORE the logon screen or when it should be the logon screen there’s nothing but a black screen. After a few minutes the white cursor appears. There’s no desktop no start button, no nothing, does the same thing in safe mode, the same thing after selecting last good configuration, same thing after the 60sec power reset. Any hope???

      • Kyomi says:

        This is exactly what I have. The first time this happened, I tried Last Known Configuration, and it ran Startup Repair. After that, it tells me that I’ve plugged in an external device that may have caused the problem (only thing I plugged into my laptop prior to this were my earphones). Then it says that it cannot be fixed by Startup Repair so I needed to manually fix it. However, after rebooting, it worked fine. Now I have the exact same thing happening with the same Startup Repair message and rebooting does not work. Instead, as JC said, it just hangs at a blue screen with a cursor. Could it be a hardware problem? By the way, this is BEFORE log on, not after. It’s the screen leading to Startup Repair to be exact, but instead of going into it, there is just a cursor lingering on the screen.

  93. Dara says:

    @ Schermann

    Sounds great and I would try it if I could even get that far, but my screen starts off black & stays that way. I never see anything, so I can’t start in safe mode, I don’t see the cursor at any time. I have tried the F8 or F10 and will here beeping, but nothing else happens and I never see any flash of anything at all.

    It used to hang up at the Vista log on screen or at the welcome screen, or at the transition between entering password and seeing the desktop. But now, there’s nothing. If I could ever get the F8 thing to work, some of these other suggestions might help. At this point I don’t have much hope any simple fixes will work for me if the OS Restore disc can’t even get a response. I think I have a graphics card failure combined with a Vista quirk. Once I finally get it fixed, I’m upgrading to Windows 7 – Even though I basically like Vista, I’m tired of fighting this :( Oddly enough, my laptop with Vista works fine – never any issues…

  94. Schermann says:


    You need to get a ‘Windows 7 Ultimate Live CD’ or Bart PE disk!
    Anything that can get you into the file system to delete those two folders, that’s it.


  95. Jerrod says:

    I’m having similar prob. I start comp. goes straight to black screen with start options start normally, start in safe mode…etc either one i pick it ends up going to a blue screen for about 2 seconds explaining some problems with windows and bam it’s starts all over again back to black screen then to black screen with start options. Please someone help me I’ve got important info I need off this comp.

    • Elmo says:

      Hey jerrod i had the same problem,
      the only way i was able to fix mine was becoz nothin on google seemed to work, tried runnin a diagnostic test on my hard drive with seatools, it failed , so i just ended up replacing the entire HDD an doing a clean install of windows. my advice to you would be to get an external hard drive enclosure an just try getting your files off it that way. id only recommend replacing your hdd only after youve tried repairing your computer with your windows cd failed, and if runnin a diagnostic with a hard drive diagnostic programme like seatools failed, and after extracting all your files and reformating your hard drive and doing a clean install fails, than its likely you need a new hard drive.

      hope this helps anyone

  96. Jerrod says:

    Hey Elmo thanks for the info, I will look into seatools and I’m looking for a windows vista cd so I’ll keep a post going till I get this fixed.

  97. Jerrod says:

    Would any body know the procedure for edit boot options screen so I can test with seatool and repair, because I can’t even access windows.

  98. Schermann says:

    FOUND IT!!!


    …just run the script and it’s gone, COOL!

  99. jerrod says:

    Hey Elmo I can’t even run a disc to use seatools how were you able to do this?

    • Elmo says:

      go into your BIOs screen and make sure your boot options are set to boot from cd rom first, than use your windows cd to repair your computer, if you dont have a windows cd i suggest you go to this link and burn the .iso to a cd.


      repair your computer, if you are having issues to repair your computer or the windows automatic repair says they cant repair your computer, than maybe you want to run a diagnostic test on your hdd with seatools or sumthing to make sure your drive isnt failing or sumthing.

  100. Deuce says:

    I’m having the black screen with flashing underscore in top left issue
    (before making it to windows logo but after boot options) and the solution to take out battery doesnt apply to me as I have a desktop, the way I get into windows is by cold restart after first failed attempt then using the last known good config but that resets crap I had previously just changed like settings and junk so I need a real fix for this.

    • Deuce says:

      I have found that with my specific motherboard it has a CMOS button on it that will reset my motherboard this fixes my particular issue but I have found if you have a desktop on your motherboard is a small silver battery about the size of a half-dollar coin if you remove this and unplug the power supply (do this while computer is off) then hold the power button down for about 30 seconds this will drain all power from the capacitors and when you put the battery back in and plug it back in the bios should be reset and should fix the loading issue.

  101. Harlan says:

    Okay well today i went to start up my computer.It started normally but when i signed in i got a error. The error said explorer. exe- Application error The application faailed to intalize properly (0xc0000022) click ok to terminate application. afterwards multiple more errors come up saying Microsoft mobile pc presentation adaptability client has stopped working, Windows calander has stopped working, windows explorer has stopped working. As if that wasnt enough for some reason all it signs into is a black screen. there is no start menu and the taskbar is completely gone. i was able to access things through the taskbar but all of the things i have tried have failed.

    things that i have already tried:
    1. I tried to system restore, didnt work.
    2. Went into safemode to see if i could find the problem. was unable to and i tried to system restore from there also.
    3. i have tried pressing f8 and started it at the last known point on advanced, like what had been suggested. but it did not work :<
    4. pressed f12 and looked through the system but did not find anything
    5. i even decided to do a run on my computers memory to see if there was anything wrong with it but nothing was detected.

    Im not that adept when it comes to computers, any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  102. Why does a black screen appear on the window vista computer? A aspire 5510? What does it signify.

  103. kris says:

    hi people, I really need your help. I have used last known configuration to undo changes ‘windows 2000 professional’ at work, but now I have a bigger problem. I am unable to view my software in a normal mode everything appears large on screen.Half the software buttons are hidden on the monitor.

    What can I do to view everything normal

  104. Adriaan says:

    Another solution which worked for me:

    – Launch Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
    – Go to processes and shut explorer.exe
    – File > New Task
    – Enter ‘explorer’ and hit OK


  105. Carmina says:

    hello,everyone. I really need help to fix my laptop. I was using my laptop perfectly fine until, I accidently stepped on the cord and the laptop shutdown. So i then proceeded to start it up and I put my password in to sign in. It was loading normally and then a black screen appeared and I could move my cursor. The screen showed no wallpaper, desktop, nor icons,just a black screen. Im really freaking out, its been like this for 3 days now. :[ Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    *The computer is a hp pavilion notebook and it is Windows vista.

  106. jensen says:

    Hi, When i start up my pc it goes like this
    *Microsoft Corporation loading screen*
    *black screen* (no cursor, nothing)
    I’ve tried everything else from system fix to last config stuff ans nothing works!! pls help

  107. Radclaw says:

    I have the same problem with windows xp 32 bit. It shows windows loading bar then black screen with nothing no cursor. I have fixed this before using last known good working configuration before. But a month after black screen appears and this method does not work anymore. I also tried taking battery/jumper out didnt work. I think it has something to do with video card radeon x850xtpe. When i uninstall the drivers it works, but when i install the display driver or ati catylist i get black screen again on boot up. I read something about ati drivers having no signature and does not boot because signature is not verified by microsoft, but pressing f8 does not give me an option to disable signature check on boot. Anyone with same problem using windows xp 32 and ati radeon video cards, help would be appreciated.

  108. jensen says:

    How can you uninstall your driver if you cant boot? And i got the disable signature button but it doesnt work

  109. shane says:

    hi, i turned my laptop on to find that windows vista was just constantly stayin on the loading screen… it would show the green bar loading but would just stay doing this.. it gives me to options, launch startup repair (recommended) or start windows normally. i have picked both these options and it still stays on the black screen with the loading bar.. any1 help?

    • Cody says:

      I had the same thing happen, here is what I did.

      Press F11 when you restart your computer until you get to a blue screen with the option for a system restore point. Go through the steps to restore your computer to an earlier date, it may take awhile to go through the process but it will restart your computer and go back to the same blue screen, then click no until you hit “finish”

      It will restart your computer and it should work, at least it worked for me. good luck

  110. Tin Tin says:

    My Nvidia GeForce 7300GS card decided to not be compatible with Vista after 5 months of using it with no problems.It kept crashing and getting the DREADED nvlddmkm error. Then i got all these weird looking patterns all over my screen. It’s NOT my monitor,it’s not a virus and it’s not my mother board or RAM issue. I have tried every fix possibly known to man(even called Nvidia corp and they sent me an email with troubleshooting ideas..ALL FAILED) before I decided to finally take out the card. NOW..My computer(desktop)will not even get passed the Mobo screen..I have a ASUS P5GZ-MX series motherboar. I have tried the “jumper” fix to no avail and even removed the battery and reinserted the battery.Nothing. I am so lost and sad here and really don’t know what else to do. If only I could get into my BIOS somehow??? Life would be good since I do have my original Vista install disk and keycode.

  111. Dara says:

    Now I know why none of the things suggested here worked; I took my desktop to Geek Squad and my fan had failed, overheated and melted my graphics card. It’s currently being repaired…hopefully I’ll have it back by this weekend.

  112. vina says:

    how do you know if it works?

  113. Johanes says:

    Hay, When i try to start my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo, i only get a black screen, the laptop starts and i can hear the fans etc going on but the screen is just black.. sometimes when i restart like 30 times+ i can make it start as it should but sometimes it wont start correctly even after 50 times trying to restarting..

    Any suggestions what i can do or what the problem is?

  114. sagar says:

    only way i found useful was go to controlpanel and go to problem and solution and check solution for the issue and install small file of 540kb and reebot it and say abra ca-dabra and _________

  115. kazz says:

    i got my computer today and it keeps doing that and it wont let me into the loggin screen or anything :/ what do i need to do??

  116. George says:


    Like solving the all-in-one problem of inaccessibility to Windows:
    -Safe Mode
    -Last Known Configuration
    -Windows error ‘Hardware Problems Detected’
    -Restore point
    -Windows disc installer for Startup Repair
    -Blank (black) screen

    Please people, answer with accurate reply before answering the next question.

  117. Celine says:

    Hey, I tried the f8, it works. But the next day I turned my computer on, the cursor on the top left corner returned again. I had to do the f8 solution again. Is there any way I can make it permanent? So that, I don’t have to keeping pressing f8.

    Please help.

  118. Janine says:

    OMG…this is insane that there is no fix for this. I have tried every option under F8, F2 and F12. I am currently re-installing Windows from the OS disk. I can’t believe that no one has figured out how to fix this problem and what caused it. I’ve seen people say it’s a virus, hardware problem, software installation problem, but nobody really know. I have spent two days serching the internet. Many fixes say press CAD but if you have a black screen, it isn’t an option. Once the black screen comes up, you literally can’t do anything except do a hard shut down. I have so many files for work and pics on my laptop and am afraid they’re all lost.

  119. anos says:

    hope it works

  120. Ryan says:

    I’m not sure why this worked, but here’s how mine was fixed. I’m running Vista by the way… I tried all system restore points and nothing worked. I tried to restore to last good configuration and that didn’t work. I restarted in safe mode , then in the command prompt ran CHKDSK (check disk) and then restarted , and it works now.

    The last time I had this problem I remember having to change my resolution by starting up at a low res and eventually I could run in high res again. Windows sure is buggy…

  121. James says:

    I just bought a VIEWSONIC 27″ monitor and I got the same “wondows error recovery” message with black out screen and booting problem.

    I suspect it is the video card incompatibility. Now even if i connect my old monitor back to my CPU (vista OS), it wont work. My CPU has gone hay-wired.

    Viewsonic is kind enough to want to change the monitor. I hope it works but then again, i think itz the configuration and the compatibility.

  122. Melissa says:

    i have the same problem as everyone else black sscreen after the toshiba screen n when i press f8 it keeps beeping loudly and i am now worried it is the motherboard thats f***ed up. someone pls help me. any advice available is highly appreciated. and oh i am using a toshiba laptop that’s 2 years old and i will need to check the model number. Thanks so much

  123. Gordon Freeman says:

    I have the black screen with a white mouse boot problem. I can not access any Graphical Interface, using ctrl alt delete or any other methods.

    It is the same if booted in safe mode and last known good configeration does not work, repairing using the vista cd does not work, resotring to a previous point with the vista disc does not work, running cmd prompt from vista disk and repairing using chkdsk c: /r does not work. If I could only access explorer or msconfig I could fix it. Leaving it alone doesnt work either. HELP !

  124. Jct134 says:

    Just to post about a laptop I am working on to repair for work..
    Very similar situation with a twist…

    The OS is Windows XP Pro, and it boots through the post screen, then sits at blank/black screen with cursor on left upper corner… and just sits there..

    Now the interesting twist, if I press Control+Alt+Del, the computer reboots, re-posts, and continues to boot normally..

    I have tried 3 different hard drives, and even re-installed XP pro as well..
    and it boots the same way EVERY TIME! (have to press Ctrl+alt+del)

    I did try to remove the hard drive, and it goes to the “no operating system found” (or whatever the message is)..

    I also concluded that if I boot to Floppy, or CD it boots right up
    perfectly as well!

    SO I am concluding that this (for me) error must be related to the hard drive controller or the Bios..

    The system is a Gateway Laptop M675


  125. F.Beanal says:

    Hi, I’m having a problem. The Windows Vista logon did not appears on the screen. What I have to do? I tried to press F8 then go to Last Known Config. but it did not resolve and the logon screen for user and password did not appear on screen of laptop.

    Please I need help!!!


  126. fix-m23 says:

    I have a similar problem, where vista trys to repair itself then says there is a problem with an external device but there are no external devices connected.

  127. natandmikeyx says:

    i turn my laptop on and it just goes black and the mouse will not move iv tryed wot i av read above but nothin has worked can any1 help?

  128. John says:

    Friend of mine had the same problem and asked me to fix it, did last known good, nothing. Did a system restore to an earlier date and its was fine. God I love my Mac no of the problems Microshit have.

  129. Vistahangblackscreen?? says:

    bad luck for me:(… doesn’t work for me:(.

  130. sherry says:

    hi..i have a black screen..i have done each and everything possible. nothing seems to help..how can you go to this mode and that mode if your stupid computer wont mode..lol..it is frustrating…last is did was update aol 10.0 rebooted..still messed up ..tried system restore..thought it worked…said error ..will restart…all i get is a black screen… cant go into safe mode..any kind of mode..no ctl alt del..f8 f10 f.. everything…hp wdws vista…which suchs vista or aol..can anyone plz plz help me .. thank you so much! Merry Christmas and God Bless Our Troops…and God Bless America! i am using my husband email since i cant access anything but a black screen… so any help would be really helpful… thank you

  131. jayden says:

    when i press f8 thers is no Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) option to pick just these

    PO-WDC WD6400AAKS-22A7BO
    Generic USB SD Reader
    Generic USB CF Reader
    Generic USB SM Reader
    Generic USB MS Reader

    thats the onnly options i get i cant make head or tail of it

  132. Josh R. says:

    SO im basically having the same issue, tried doing the f8 trick and that didnt do nothing. When i turn my laptop on it will go to a screen asking me to start windows normally or goto startup repair…if i pick either the computer just hangs and doesnt do anything….someone please help !!!

    • Ridvan K. says:

      Your problem might be the same as mine. After trying some fixes, I realised that I wasn’t having the same problem as described by most people here. Windows wouldn’t start, i would get a choice between starting normally (which would cause a restart), and startup repair(black screen). Safe mode would give me the cursor on the black screen, and last good config. wouldn’t work.
      I think that this isn’t caused by stress on the laptop or some hardware issue, but it is more likely a software problem in a windows file.
      I used an Ubuntu Live CD to backup all my data to an external hard drive. I’ll probably format now, since the data is what’s important.

      I think this doesn’t exactly fit the topic of the thread, but either way it’s a nice thing to know. Ubuntu live CD is a good way to retrieve your data without using windows, if you have a software problem. If you need more info just google it.

  133. Ridvan K. says:

    Man, I have the same problem. I just don’t understand how only a few people have actually said how they managed to make it work. 80 percent of the comments are “help me” comments, none of them reply back. Nothing works for me right now. I can’t get into safe mode. I think I’ll try heating it up next, or do the battery removal trick once more to see if it works now…

  134. OLU says:

    yaaaaaaaay!!….removing battery and pressin button for 60 sec and dat perfectly worked for me!

  135. Melissa says:

    hi there,

    After much reading i decided to post my problem here.. i face the same issue and mine is a toshiba satellite pro m300 laptop and one day it turned it on and it just starts up with the toshiba logo then goes black with a blinking _ on the left. i hit the key f8 as advised and it just beeps 3 times loudly. i am really worried now as i have tested my ram it’s fine. could it be hard drive problems?motherboard? Thanks in advance


  136. fifi says:

    um… excuse me, im having a problem wit my laptop…
    this problem occurs randomly. when i was browsing through the web, the window froze. i could not move my mouse or type anything… after that, the window turns black…. please help……

  137. Kinan says:

    Hey all, I’m having the same issue:

    The laptop boots up with black scrren and the cursser on the left side of the screen before the HP logo.

    I did try all the usual tricks (F8—Safe mode Or Last known good conf), Removing the batt and pressing the power button for 60 sec, Vista startup disk “repair, system restore”, check disk, another CRT… all didn’t work.. please help..

  138. Jamie says:

    hey i have a HP 6735s and last night while using it, it just turned off. So i turn it back on, and it does the HP invent logo with the option “press esc key for start up menu”

    and cam do the following

    f1 system information
    f2 system diagnostics
    f7 hp sparekey
    f9 boot device options
    f10 bios setup
    f11 hp recovery
    f12 network boot

    if i leave the computer to just start up without pressing the esc key
    its goes to a black sceen with a white ” – ” in the top left of the screen and wont go any furter.

    any advice would be greatful
    and hopfully a method that wont invole me formating the hard drive as i have on my college/Uni work on he and have no other back up as my hard drive stop working a couple of days before( dont think this is linked)

  139. Jamie says:

    ps i cant run in safe mode,as nothing happens when i press the f8 key

  140. Matt says:

    I have the same problem to i have a acer aspire 5536 and im stuck on the Black screen with the blinking ‘_’ i cant go into safe mode or any other mode ive tryed putting my vista recovery disk in changing the boot option so the cd boots first.. NOHING ive tryed everything listed here and just wont work it has a brand new hard drive and keyboard fitted at pcworld soo i just dont know!

  141. Jeff says:

    I’m starting to get this issue with Vista on an HP DV 9000.

    Recently I got this problem where my screen goes blank, then get something in the taskbar about display driver failed, and has recovered. Then not too long after I got the “blue screen” of death.

    Started it later, windows wouldn’t load. Stuck in blank screen. The F8 thing did work. And my laptop came on fine the next day, turned it off. then in the evening the blank screen on start up showed up even before the Bios or windows logo came on.

    The f8 thing didn’t work this time, neither did the battery removal. I tried both several times. The only thing that worked was ctrl/alt/del on start up for a startup repair.

    Not sure what’s going on. My laptop HAS had it’s screen repaired twice. But I don’t think it could be that again.

  142. james says:

    ok i have a dell inspiron n4010 and it only loads my desktop background and a mouse cursor . first it goes to the bios then i cant press f8 it just beeps then it goes to a black page then goes starting loading files
    then the starting windows then dissapers and wont let me log in and just end up with my desktop back ground and a mouse cursor nothing but that no alt control delete either tried the whole diagnosetic idea but it let me with disk – block 402456: intturp request and i have no idea what to do … please help

  143. Giigii says:

    My computer wont go in safemode and nothing just the screen goes black and says blinking white words on top the configuration dont work please help me Im dying

  144. Giigiii says:

    Please help my co
    Pitee dont work just turns on normally them says white blinking words on top on a black screen f8 dont work neither the configuration advance thing help me Im dying pelase help !!!

  145. keithon says:

    acer 5535-5452 laptop, vista home prem sp1. 2day won’t boot at all. only power lights and black screen. it will not reach the bios and won’t anything, so i can’t can’t use my rescue disk. the hd light will not flash, maybe the hd gone or ram.

    • Kynan says:

      i’ve got the same issue and although it definitely isn’t solving it, and it probably isn’t helping the laptop in general, if turn off the laptop (hold power button down) and turn it back on, there’s a chance it will start up. My laptop I have to do this 5 – 10 times before it finally starts up.

  146. ben says:


    I am having a problem with the my Dell Inspiron 1545 loaded with Win Vista. I am getting the black screen with a cursor blinking on left top corner.

    I tried all the solutions provided here and all were in vein. After the Dell logo I am not getting anything. I am able to go to BIOS but no OS

    pls help


    • keith says:

      Ben, maybe the ram or hardrive or vista update. Is the hdrive light flashing? If u can open it and dust it out. Or see a techie.

      My machine worse it won’t boot at all, black screen only.

  147. Kynan says:

    Hi, my laptop has had tonnes of problems from the start, overheating, touch buttons not working, web-cam not working, however recently the first 5 – 10 times I start my laptop up, it just hangs at a black screen. No _ no writing, no nothing. Sounds like a lot of you have the same issue. I’ve recently done a system restore, I’ve restored it to its factory settings, and STILL it won’t start up without trying at least 5 times to start up.

    For those that cant get it to start up at all, I press the button down to turn it on and when I realise its not going to get past a black screen I hold the power button to turn it off again.
    Another thing I’ve noticed is that the problem doesn’t occur if I restart it, or turn it off and then back on, only if I turn and boot it up after it has been turned off all night or for quite a while.

    For those interested my laptop is a HP Pavilion DV5 1111-ea.

  148. ShAdOw 11121 says:

    I’v tried and entered almost everything but when i enter it gives me nothing except my antivirus warnings after i downloaded dream screen

  149. Samantha says:

    Hey, i tried out your technique and ir didnt work. I have a HP laptop everything i start it up the keyboard lights up and the fan starts running however the screen stays black, just blackness please help. hopefully i dont have to take it in.

    Cheeeers :)

  150. G.Z says:

    hi ALL. I have got Acer aspire 5536 with same problem as above black screen with white cursor that can be moved around. This happens after the startup, bios etc and after the microsoft windows than it gets black screen.

    I have almost tried all the options like
    safemode, f8, restore points (It says there r no restore points at all), popping off the battery
    but it wont work the black screen will come again.

    IS there ne way other than that??? as its freaking me out..:(((( I need HELP!!!!!!!!

  151. Starr says:

    My Acer Aspire One Netbook has not gotten past the black screen with the white line at the top left hand corner since March! I brought it to a computer service stor and payed $100 dollars to have it fixed, and it only worked for about a week and then it got stuck on the black screen again. I have tried toaking out the wire, battery, pressing f8,f10, and all the other f’s but it only beeped. I can’t get to the last configuration screen. Help!!!

  152. Skipper says:

    thanks for your help… but it didnt worked man… i run last known good configuration but the problem exists….
    then i tried this guide
    it solved my problem…

  153. Sarah says:

    There have been so many replies to most of these but i have tried them all and cannot afford to get my laptop fixed. Not magic at all!!!

  154. Ann says:

    Keith, Mine is doing the same thing. I had the motherboard replaced but I think its just the computer in general. I have a feeling I will be paying for a new one.

  155. Phil says:

    Im having a problem with my windows vista desktop computer. Its a hp pavvilon and when ever ii start it it shows the hp f8,f10,f12 and the other one but when i want to do a system restore, or last known configuration or anything except f10 it wont let me and then it shows the crtl+n thing for raid then after that it goes black screen with a little underscore on the left top side a bit down blinking and its white. Can you please help me

  156. Karen says:

    I have a similar problem but with the added complication that the keyboard also doesn’t work so can’t try f8 or safe mode. PC was on then suddenly went black. I thought there must have been a power cut but when I switched back on again it had a black screen with the Advent Intel logo on but nothing else loaded. It has the options press DEL to run set up, press TAB to display BIOS Post but as the keyboard is also dead these don’t work.

    Any ideas? Thanks, Karen

  157. YMC says:

    I’ve got a $5000 Asus Lamborghini VX2S notebook – it was working fine until I decided to turn on the Vista (ultimate) Sleep function.

    Now the screen is totally dead or asleep.

    I turn the notebook on – the power buttons lite up and the HD starts going. I don’t hear any warning beeps. But there is NO screen. No bios screen. Nothing.

    I turned off the power. Pulled out the battery. Left it out for a week. Pressed the button for 30 seconds. Repeat.

    Vista still thinks its in Sleep mode.

  158. Saraj says:

    I can’t get into safe mode without it getting stuck on the load screen. I tried the trick with holding the power button for 60 seconds, but I don’t know how to restart. I have a dell inspiron 1520 with Windows Vista home premium 32 bit.

  159. ecp says:

    i have a sony viao vgn something laptop. after i did a system restore on the 15/8/11 to 9/6/11, the screen appears to be black, with just the cursor showing in white. i switched it off and started the laptop again, but all i get is a black screen after a few seconds. when i switch it back again, it says recovery error and asks me to choose one of the safe modes or start windows normally. i have chosen all of them, but after a few seconds the screen is again black. i tried pressing f8 after switching off and starting again. i have taken my battery out completely throughout these excercises. can anyone please help to get my laptop started properly with desktop etc. thanks

  160. Alex says:

    Ive tried EVERYTHING listed and right when i press restart from last known point my laptop just sits in black screen after it loads windows. Idk how to fix this or why it happened but this is starting to get annoying. I just did a disc check because a random aol fiel was corrupted and now i cant use my computer. Please help!

  161. Zdehc says:

    Thanks dude.. :DD you help me alot .. :DDD

  162. :( says:

    My vista laptop boots up says acer, downloads something for moment and than black screen with flashing _ comes. I tried holding down and just repeatedly. Nothing helps. It just beebs first 3 times than little break than twice than once and than it ends but nothing coming. We didnt get any cds with comp. What can i do and is it even possible to fix this?

  163. james says:

    T-T i trun off my pc after freezing and now it tell me was not shut down right so it say it says start normally so it that but it keep going bck to the recovery screen how do i fix this ? plz im loosening my mind help me some one plz thx in advanced

  164. zach says:

    hey guys, i get the black screen on reboot problem only after doing a “restart” from within the windows menu. i am running vista.

    when the computer shuts down, then starts the restart process, it gets stuck in a black screen mode, and it sounds like the fans and HDD are running furiously, but never makes it to the windows login screen.

    i usually just hold the power button down until it shuts down, then i press the power button again, and then it makes it past the black screen to windows start up screen. this is mega annoying. i’ll post back if i can find a fix.

    going to start here:


  165. zach says:

    holy cow, i just fixed the issue!!!!!!!!!!

    here’s how i did it (credit goes to the author at this link: http://www.backspacetab.com/black-screen-after-starting-windows/)

    Run System File Checker

    Running your sfc scan, all corrupted and missing system files would be replaced in your system and of course, black screen after starting Windows would disappear. To run sfc, perform the following steps.

    Click on Start | All Programs | Accessories
    Right click on Command Prompt.
    Run as Administrator.
    Click Continue.
    In command prompt type “sfc /scannow”

    now, when i reboot from within windows, i don’t hang at a black screen anymore. yay!

    • PunchBuggy says:


      How can we do this if we can’t even get passed either the hanging of the last driver loaded,black screen with blinking cursor or in my case the green bar going from left to right and says microsoft corporation under it?

      I have tried all of the options in this thread to no avail. I have an ACER Aspire 5610z. I was told by some “tech guy” at a Future Shop that I need to hook up this laptop to another monitor. Then when I turn on laptop and if I see what I have been seeing on my laptop on this monitor then I have a monitor issue,BUT if I see nothing on monitor it’s a video card issue.

      Anyone out there have any confirmation of this as I have googled different questions and nothing is working and no mention of doing this trick.

  166. ABCD says:


  167. Kathy says:

    Worked like a charm. Thank you so much.

  168. Chief says:

    I can’t even get my Gateway laptop running Vista 64-bit to even boot-up. I hit the power button, and all I get is the black screen. I get lights, but just a black screen.

    I do the F8 thing, and it works, but i have to do it all the time.

    What is the answer to this problem??

  169. Anastasia says:

    If you have a laptop running Windows Vista, or in this case better said not running… Mine would freeze at the black screen with the windows loading. I closed the computer for a few minutes and when I reopened it the Recovery Manager opened. From there a chose the option for the backup system and then recover it to the last known well working configuration. This is the only way my Windows Vista booted again.

  170. zach says:

    well, i thought i had fixed things but no… jeez. the only way i got the stinking thing to boot yesterday was last good configuration. i’m scared this computer is about to bite it. it’s about time for an upgrade, as I’m on a 2007 vista machine. i was hoping i could ride it out until windows 8.

  171. THANKZ IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! :) Gateway E-Series E-4100

  172. johannalyn says:

    this did not work on my laptop but it was worth a try : (

  173. jason says:

    Ok i need somwon to really help me out here i have a toshiba satellite L30-10Y and the screen snapped of on it the laptop cut out and soo i plugged my computer screen into it but when it went to log on it got to the bit were u put ure password in i typed it in it tried logging on but all of a sudden there was a blue background but no white writing and cannot get it to work anyone have any ideas be so gratful

  174. John says:

    Hey i seem to be having problems with my windows vista desktop. I tried going into safe mode, but it gets stuck when it loads DISK/disk. I tried last working configuration but it gets stuck at a black screen. Trying to go into recovery mode also brings me to a black screen. Normal startup gets me stuck at a black screen. Could someone provide some solutions? Thanks

  175. Whispering Sand says:

    Interestingly this might be a hardware/ driver issue. Whenever I tried to start up my laptop it would go to the black screen with the progress bar and go no further. Windows repair/ windows reinstall got further but ended up with a black screen and a cursor.
    However when I took out my hard disk and stuck it in a different laptop it booted first time. My windows installs had all been successful. Puzzled I put it back in the original laptop, which wouldn’t boot up. Swapping it back again, it still boots first time. So it must be the hardware on my original laptop.

  176. jesserock says:

    I had the same issue after a fresh install. I couldnt find an answer so tried installing from scratch on an unallocated partition and eureka! Loaded no problem!! Hope those still in the dark see this and are able to get their issue fixed..

  177. jatin says:

    did not work
    still stuck at the black screen with the mouse pointer.

  178. magicguySean says:

    had same issue black screen on boot safe mode worked did the F8 tap then the last know good config and it worked


  179. brian says:

    Tried f8 but goes bk to blk screen enter password can send pic of both screen if u email me

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