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Published on 02.16.07 by Brent Trahan

Windows Vista Upgrade Adviser

Before you upgrade your computer from Windows XP to Vista you need to use the Windows Vista Upgrade Adviser to make sure your hardware and software are compatible with Windows Vista. This guide walks you through using the Windows Vista Upgrade Adviser to make sure your hardware and software are compatible with Windows Vista.


Windows Vista was rewritten from the ground up and is very different than previous versions of Windows.

When upgrading your computer from XP to Vista it’s very important that you check to make sure the drivers and software on your computer are compatible with Windows Vista. You don’t want to get surprised with drivers or software that stop working after you upgrade.

Install the Upgrade Adviser

  1. Insert your Windows Vista upgrade DVD with Windows XP running and wait for the install Windows window to open.


    Click Check compatibility online to start the install.

    Note: You’ll need internet access to install the upgrade adviser.

  2. You should be sent to a website similar to the screen shot below.


    Click Download Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

  3. Click the Download button.


  4. Click Run when it asks you what to do with the file.


  5. Click Run again to install the software.


  6. If your computer is not up-to-date with Windows Updates you’ll be asked to install the most recent version of MSXML. If you don’t get asked this, move down this page to step 15.


    Click Download and install mxxml6.msi.

  7. You’ll be taken to a website. Scroll down to the bottom of the site and click Download next to msxml6.msi.


  8. Click Run when asked what to do with the file.


  9. Click Run again to install the software.


  10. Click Next.


  11. Accept the agreement and click Next again.


  12. Click Next.


  13. Click Install.


  14. Click Finish.


  15. Click Next.


  16. Agree to the license agreement and click Next.


  17. Click Next.


  18. Click Next.


  19. The software will install. When it’s done make sure Launch Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is checked and click Close.


Using the Upgrade Advisor

  1. Once the Upgrade Advisor is started it will look like the screen shot below.


    Click Start Scan.

  2. The scan might take a while to finish. When it’s done click See Details.


  3. The next screen will give you an overview of any problems you may have.


    Click See Details to see exactly what needs to be tended to.

  4. The next screen shows you any system, device, and software issues you may have and what you need to do to get them fixed.


At this point you’re on your own.

If you have any system or device issues you should check with the manufacturers of those devices for updated drivers. If you have software with issues check for updated versions of the software.

Good luck!

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