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Published on 07.20.06 by Brent Trahan

Windows XP Powertoy Image Resizer

Learn how to use the Image Resizer powertoy to quickly and easily resize images on your computer.

22.pngHave you ever tried to e-mail your high quality digital photos to family or friends?  If you don’t resize them to make their file sizes smaller it’s almost impossible to send a bunch of photos via e-mail without filling up peoples inboxes or even getting the e-mail sent out in the first place.  This guide shows you how to use a free Windows XP Powertoy called Image Resizer that does a great job at easily resizing batches of images for you.

Download the Powertoy

Microsoft offers what they called Powertoys for Windows XP free of charge.  You can download the Image Resizer Powertoy here.

Once you’ve downloaded the Powertoy, install it on your computer.

Using the Image Resizer Powertoy

To resize a batch of images open the folder those images are located in and select all the images you want to resize.

There are a few ways to select multiple images: 

If you want to select all the images in a folder click edit at the top of the window the images are located in and select Select All.  You can also select the first image of a list, press and hold down your Shift key on your keyboard and select the last image in the list.

You can select a batch of photos in a folder with your mouse by picking an empty space next to your photos and click your left mouse button.  While holding down your left mouse button drag your mouse over the photos you want to select.


You can sporadically select photos from a list by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click each photo you want selected one time while holding down the Ctrl key.

Once you have the photos you want resized selected right click on any photo that’s selected and click Resize Pictures.  You should see a window similar to the screen shot below.


Click the advance button at the bottom of the window to see all of its options.

Under select a size you can pick what size you want your photos to be resized to.  If you want to change your photos to a size that is not listed check off Custom and type what size you want your photos resized to.

Check off the option to make your photos smaller but not larger if you might have photos selected that are smaller than what you are resizing them to.

By default the image resizer resizes the images and saves a new copy of the new resized image leaving the original images untouched.  You can check off resize the original… to over right the original photos when resizing.

When you’ve selected what size and options to use click OK.  Depending on how many photos you are resizing and a few other factors you might get a pause.  After the pause you will see a new list of resized images in the same folder the original photos are located.  See the screen shot below.


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