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Published on 05.18.07 by Brent Trahan

Zooming In Internet Explorer 7

Increase or decrease the size of websites in Internet Explorer 7 using the Zoom feature.


This guide shows you how to make the font size and images of websites larger or smaller using the zoom feature of Internet Explorer 7.

What is Zooming in IE7?

Zooming is a way to enlarge or shrink how a website looks on your screen.

When you zoom in or out it enlarges or shrinks the font size and zooms in or out of images.

Note: Zooming in or out of a website will probably distort the website a little.

How to Zoom

Using the Zoom Button

The zoom button is located in the status bar located all the way at the bottom right of Internet Explorer 7. It shows 100% by default.

If you don’t have a status bar enable it by clicking Alt on your keyboard while Internet Explorer is open and in focus, and then point at View at the top of IE7 and select Status Bar.

Click the Zoom button to increase the percentage by 25% at a time. It will zoom to 150% and then revert back to 100% the next time you press it.

If you want to zoom to a higher percentage click the down arrow located on the right of the zoom button and select the percentage.

You can zoom to a specific percentage by clicking the down arrow and then click Custom. Type the percentage and then click OK.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Ctrl + or Ctrl – on your keyboard to zoom in or out of a web page in Internet Explorer 7.

Every time you press Ctrl + or Ctrl – it zooms in or out by 10%. Click the Zoom button to go back to 100%.

Using Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and roll the mouse wheel up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

The web page is zoomed in by 10% every time you roll the mouse wheel up or down. Press the Zoom button in the lower right corner to go back to 100%.

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